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Credo (NA)
: There is currently an issue. We're working on getting a fix to you right now actually :)
: >Also, do club chats still maximize on login? Because that's horrible too. I believe not, clubs now have their own tab but they aren't enabled yet.
in the one i am testing, they still do show up(maximise) first thing, and i agree there kinda annoying
Anonimly (NA)
: I agree with most of this, but I would like to add in one thing that the old client does better, that is mastery selection. In the old client it is much faster to pick through your masteries and adjust them to the team comps. I was third pick on red side when I noticed this, and clicking through my masteries took from my lock in until the last person on blue side was locking in and I knew what I wanted in my masteries, the client is just slow. I later discovered you can use the scroll wheel on the mouse for faster selection, but it is still not as fast as the old client.
Emestie (EUW)
: Feedback. 16 things that were better in old client (my opinion)
-I agree with **almost **everything he (Emestie) said - Play: So in the new client, when you are choosing what game mode, map, co-op, other, it does not seem consise; in that i don't think the layout is... simple for lack of a better word. For example, you have to go to another window entirely to choose ranked, draft, or blind. In the old client, they were all in a line, in a flow chart sense, which meant you could open the client and, with relative ease and speed, you could be in a queue waiting to play. -The friend list: I do not think that it should be open all the time (un-shrinkable), mainly because some people, i don't know the numbers, probably do not have friends on lol, and for those who do, they mainly use it for checking to see who's online, chatting, spectating, and inviting them to games. This, in my opinion, is a good reason to have the chat be customisable to the individual user's preferences. -Mastery page: In the old client, you could change mastery pages, mastery's themselves, and adding/removing pages much easier than you can in this one. Also, it seemed a bit cleaner with them all in a line, so you don't need to click and scroll. Maybe you could add the titles in a vertical line down the left side? Also i saw somewhere that it might be a good idea to implement a drag and drop system to customise where on the list each page appeared, for ease of access. -Profile home page: I think this is mostly personal, but i loved the feature where you could rotate through the game modes and see your rank for each one. The main one being norms, mostly because it shows what rank you could get up to(i am lower rank in ranked than i am in norms-bronze/plat-) from where you currently are or were, kind of as a motivational thing. -Rune page: No constructive criticism this time, just wanted to say i loved the feel of the new one so ye i hope this helps
: {{champion:104}} You sure you aren't adding anything else?
: {{champion:111}} Literally wears a diving suit?

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