: Can someone please tell me why they find this meta fun?
Because everything is viable. Can't really think of a single champ that's horrible in this meta (except Yuumi). I don't understand the oneshotting complaints... that game has been like that for at least 2 seasons. you realyl should learn to have better positioning and decisionmaking by now.
: The fact that we're going back to 1 rework : 1 new champion release makes me sad.
Lol. The past couple reworks have been nightmares to balance, or at least some of the most anti-fun. {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}}. At this point I’m thinking more reworks will equal more problems rather than less.
Terchio (NA)
: I don't ban because I'm not here to pick my opponents' champions. I'm supposed to work with what they've decided to take against me. I don't expect anybody to follow suit, but I also don't enjoy that playstyle. My enemy should not be forced to pick their second-best (by luck) just because their best isn't favorable for me. I'm supposed to work my way around the pick. I'm supposed to team up and figure a composition to beat it. I don't expect people to enjoy my bans. But it's also not their ban. I can make it their ban, and I used to before the new banning system. However, all I get are teammates who flame the non-banner instead of contributing. It gets old. I'm not that kid who says he ain't playing anymore because I'm facing another Yasuo. My bans reflect that. And finally, bans only contribute to skewed stats nobody can agree on in the first place. You have champions banned in 60%+ games, and expect to get legitimate stats on their health through it. These champions are then balanced around said power vision. It's allowed some of the worst balance choices in the game to happen. Not to say my little non-ban will really turn anybody into a believer, but I'm not inclined to contribute.
> My enemy should not be forced to pick their second-best (by luck) just because their best isn't favorable for me. I'm supposed to work my way around the pick. I'm supposed to team up and figure a composition to beat it. No you're SUPPOSED to do whatever you can to help your team win. Using your ban is increasing your odds of your team not getting shit on by a champion that counters you or them, regardless if you, Mr.Badass, think you can play around them. And based on your track record of going **on-hit/tank, fleet footwork, flashless Elise**, your team's are going to need every advantage they can get...
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: How long have you been playing the game without any punishment?
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: If you could delete one champion from the game, who would it be?
: Winter Showdown pass+
Restart your client, click the checkbox and itll work.
: What is the scenario for a proper Cull's usage in the post 8.23 League?
: he is saying to do one of the selections of buffs not all of them
If you really want to make Zed betterearlier, give him some energy back on takedowns so he can actually be useful in a midgame teamfights and skirmishes. Then he can have presence without making him any more cancer to face in the laning phase than he already is.
: Possible ways to Fix Zed
buff... zed's... poke and all in? The champ thats already fantastic at poke and all in? Cant tell if this is a joke.
Weirding (NA)
: Jax is always a solid pick. He has never been "bad" at any point, but there have been times when he wasn't the best choice for his given roles and thus overlooked. Remember that Jax is one of the few true hypercarries in League. In addition to having great mobility and excellent defensive options, his damage output potential scales WAY past almost every other champion in the game. On top of this, he has easy-to-use, point-and-click abilities and always-on passive buffs that allow his pilot to focus on the action instead of having to hit skillshots; the only skill you really need is the ability to orbwalk well. He's a lane bully and his jungling ganks are brutal. His hybrid damage means that you can't stack just one form of defense against him if he is doing well. Heaven help you if he has a Lux, Morgana, Thresh, Pike or Blitzcrank on his team who can hit skillshots. He can absolutely delete anything other than a tank in the space of a root or hook.
: Oh No...
No shes a lesbian so she can't.
: Can't wait to see how utterly shit Riot makes the game this season with the "Soon" excuse
> [{quoted}](name=TechSupportLoL,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TPaXKKw8,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-18T15:04:14.046+0000) > god I want a League alternative DotA 2, HotS...?
: I made it all episodes of Your Lie in April without crying, I demand RP
neither did I bro. I watched it intentionally trying to cry and it just didnt happen. Maybe im heartless after all...
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Zapzya (OCE)
: Which two unrelated champions would you like to see interact?
: Why does Akali have natural sustain?
Hate to interrupt your guys' circlejerk but have any of you actually played Akali? She gets poked out by just about everything and would be unplayable if she didn’t have that little bit of sustain in the laning phase, not to mention lategame she’s made of paper and needs some healing to actually survive in fights.
Zardo (NA)
: This "go next" mentality is REALLY getting out of hand
Im tired of playing fucking matches that dredge on for 10-20 minutes longer than necessary when im playing ADC and just get oneshotted by everything. If I go to a teamfight and die instantly in the backline, let me out because thats not going to change for the rest of the game and were gonna lose. I'll always play it out in ranked, because everythings winnable in ranked but holy shit stop wasting my time in norms.
: PETITION to give the LEGENDARY Lunar Eclipse to Diana and make it into a VS Event
Diana got Infernal (2016) , Bloodmoon (2017), and Dark Water (2018) which are all 1350 skins Leona's last skin was Barbeque in 2016, which is a 750 skin. Leona deserves a little solo love. Anyway it just doesnt make sense logistically, Riot would have to build a 1820 skin from the ground up, on top of building a ton more lore, icons, borders, loot, etc. on top of the VS. event im sure thats already underway. Also VS. events are between champs in the same role. Yas and Riven are both hypermobile AD skirmishers. Garen and Darius are both immobile juggernauts. Leona vs. Diana doesnt work.
: Free skin for helping me pick my off-season champion! (details in post)
Dammit I missed the deadline. I know you already sent the skin out but I'd really like to make an argument for maining one of my favorite champs in League: ASol. Why should you main {{champion:136}}? Well, he's everything that you want in a champion! > I've come to enjoy the map pressure and out-play potential of both champs. The skill cap seems to be relatively high too, as I feel like I ALWAYS have room to improve with the champion. Aurelion Sol has THE HIGHEST map pressure of literally any champion. He basically has a TF ultimate on a 40 second cooldown, and tons of movement speed to roam to other lanes without it. In fact, you're not even really supposed to be IN your lane for most of the game. A good ASol is one that doesn't even have to be mid. You can just fly into bot like a goddamn legend, stun both the ADC and support at the same time, and slap em with your balls over and over til suddenly your team is up 10 kills by 10 minutes. There's always new trick to learn on ASol, since there's a near infinite number of ways he can manipulate his stars to produce the results you want. Comboing stun times, stun sizes, ult ranges, star positions... it's all a little mini game that constantly changes with every champ you're facing. Plus every so often over at r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains somebody will come up with a new cool build or mechanic that improves you gameplay SO much. > Keep in mind im looking for champs with high skillcaps, carry potential if played well, and outplay potential. My usual champs are ad fighters, but I think picking up an AP champ would benefit my climb ASol's skillcap is very high, maybe not Riven or Lee Sin level but he is without a doubt one of those champs you can tell the difference immediately between a good one and a bad one. I'm sure you can tell from the 2 or 3 you've played against haha. Carry potential? Well, there's a reason theres many, many Challenger ASol mains. His solo impact on a game is nearly unmatched, and he's good into basically everything. When I mained Ekko for a while I kept running into a wall anytime a tank got even slightly ahead. But on ASol you can deal with everything through itemization an outplay. ASol's outplays arent necessarily the flashiest or coolest; nobody really says wow that was a sick ASol play but you are constantly outplaying enemies by weaving in your Qs, ults, and positioning. IF you get good at ASol, winning teamfights through outplays is like breathing. And last of all he is an AP champ, which you're looking for. P.S. He's never banned or picked so you should be able to get him consistently every single game.
: So the legendary lunar eclipse goes to leona...
Diana got Infernal, Bloodmoon, and Dark Water while Leona got squat.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Ban Rate shows something is unhealthy for the game/champ, not how powerful they are.
I wish they would just let control wards reveal Akali so I can actually fuckin play her
Ralanr (NA)
: After watching this music video, I have one thing to say about Akali
Woulda been cool is the neon outfit would go on when she in her W
wolvius (EUW)
: Do you mean the one in champ select lobby near the lane filters? If they did remove it that's so scummy, everyday i wish there was one like it for aram.
> [{quoted}](name=wolvius,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2kGKd3Hx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-02T18:55:13.942+0000) > > Do you mean the one in champ select lobby near the lane filters? > If they did remove it that's so scummy, everyday i wish there was one like it for aram. yes.
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D4M2X0 (EUW)
: full AD = high chance of winning, full ap = autolose
Bruh so true. When im playing AP its like as soon as they get a SV or AH i just cannot do damage anymore.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: Would you look at that? Aurelion's winrate is below 50% now!
so you take 50 hp off a immobile laning-phase based mage that's weak against assassins, in an assassin meta? And his winrate plummets? Go figure. lookin forward to the TWT nerfs btw. {{item:3070}} {{champion:136}} {{item:3070}}
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: If your main could have any skin line which would it be?
Moody P (NA)
: i miss when i could be tanky because i had tank items
Bruh I buy a Randuins just to counter the Yasuo and ADC but then between conquerer and infinity edge I get shredded regardless. HP the only viable option now. Also can we tear this more towards AD? On th flip side when I’m playing a mage it feel like one MR item just elimates all my damage even with Voud Staff. Abyssal, Spirit, and Adaptive feel soooooo bad to go against.
: if you only could use 6 champions
{{champion:136}} For when I want to tryhard and carry {{champion:141}} Becauses he’s my favorite jungler that never gets old {{champion:222}} For when I want to pop off {{champion:202}} If I want to have fun {{champion:45}} For if I don’t want to have to think and get easy kills {{champion:432}} best support, and diverse as hell. You can bring this guy into any lane, with any build, and make it work, all while having fun with it.
: [10/9 PBE update]: Time Warp Tonic Nerf
As an ASol main, I want to cry. First presence of mind, now this. {{item:3070}} {{champion:136}} {{item:3070}}
Yara0 (NA)
: So if champions with 1-3 dashes deal more damage then champions with no dashes then whats the point?
: Seriously, Riot we need more Ezreal tier VGUs.
{{champion:8}} Holy shit plz give one to Vlad, his kit is great but holy hell is it ugly.
: Ok... I'm realizing why StormRazor is a degenerate item.
The other day I was ADC, my support got hooked twice by a Thresh, Jinx got 3 kills off of him, and got storm razor first. For the rest of the game I got 4 shotted by Jinx.
: Changing the game around the 0.1% of the community (LC$) doesn't feel OK...
I don’t get why pro play just doesn’t get a seperate patch from us.
: Life cycle of a Star Guardian
: Who's the most balanced champion? And who's the most forgotten champion?
TBH {{champion:141}} is very balanced. He's strong but I've never gotten super frustrated when I'm up against him. It's pretty easy to put a muzzle on him if you know what you're doing and cripple his mid and late game. Forgotten? {{champion:60}}. Don't think I've seen one this entire season.
T3rminus (NA)
: The long-standing meme of Wood being the "trash" tier is exactly why they didn't call it Wood tier.
: Should the new Iron Divsion have it's "material" changed?
Rαy (EUW)
: As a Pyke player: please do not buff him
He's already an extremely strong pick one you learn to play him. He has a ton of damage on top of being one of the most slippery champs in the game. Recently I've picked him up and been absolutely popping off because you can make plays with the rest of your team too, not just your ADC. So if they feed, you can go support somewhere else and make shit happen. His pull distance is pretty crazy too. Definitely doesnt need more buffs... people already hate him now he'll have a 100% ban rate.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Unpopular opinon: I don't watch it, I don't care about it but now I hate it
Riot: Buffs the shit out of flashy one shotting oppressive champs to try and get them played as worlds and make it interesting to watch. What actually happens: The oppressive one shots champs are TOO strong, so all the pros play conservatively as fuck to avoid getting shit on by flashy one shot champs. Guess what happens when you buff Pyke? You don’t get flashy Pyke plays, you get Pyke picks and people fearing for their lives around him and not making plays to avoid getting shit on.
: The Recent Ziggs Augment Nerf
They nerfed it because when you do the mission it gives you an odyssey gem which gives you tons of free shit. They want to make it hard to do.
: Riot, people arnt getting sick of league. they're getting sick of the balance team.
You know who needs a buff? [insert champion with 50% winrate and 15% playmate who’s in a balanced spot]. Let’s just break them cuz why not this is genuinely what goes through the balance teams minds and multiple, even dozens of people agree. What the fuck?
Taikobou (NA)
: Solution to Odyssey missions: Add a PLAY button on the missions
Why not just go into the r/LeagueOfLegends discord and find a match in 3 seconds with the odyssey game finder
: i want the odyssey augment system as the rune system.
Agreed. Runes leave alot to be desired. If you could customize each champs spells to fit your playstyle that'd be amazing and would increase diversity SO much both in terms of meta champs and meta builds. I don't eve think it would take that much to implement it, the coding would be relatively simple and not everything has to be super creative. The only problem would be the sheer amount of balancing they'd have to do with it, but say if they implemented it preseason 10 they could just throw out hotfixes frequently and get everything sorta balanced before ranked started up again. Overall I think it could work. Dota 2 just added in a sorta similar system. But I don't see it happening :( I'm gonna miss support Yasuo and full AD armor shred Jinx
Sukishoo (NA)
: Championship kha'zix
Source for this? Where’s the victorious skin?
: Odyssey Kayn's transformations to Rhaast and Shadow Assassin aren't Purple and Gold?
As much as I’d love alternative colors, people already cry about how it’s soooo hard to distinguish between the forms with his regular skin already. All of my friends complain about it.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Sona definitely needs an animation rig update
I don’t get why they don’t just use the animation rig from DJ like they used the Elementalist rig for Lunar Godess Lux
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