: What's the most random comp you've won/placed with?
I have a lot of fun with hyper carry fiora, all though it doesn’t always do well. I’ve yet to place under top 4 with it though. Generally speaking, she’s pretty easy to 3 star as not a lot of people pick her up. Add in her super high attack speed and it’s pretty great. For items, I’ve done shiv, bloodthirster, and guinsoos on her and it was good, and also shojin, bloodthirster, guinsoos for lots of invulnerability. Can easily swap out bloodthirster for something else if they’re running red buff (my go to replacement would probably be defensive In that case, so phantom dancer or dragon claw depending on the majority of other comps).
: Why does she have an assassin mod is a more apt question. Void now is actually both Void + Assassin + Brawler. Now you don't need some other species to make a team. You go full Void, turn Rek Sai and Kass into Assassins, and watch them slaughter everyone.
Is reksai viable as an assassin? I haven’t tested that myself but theoretically speaking if I had a kaisa I would do triple void assassins (kaisa khazix and kass) and leave reksai and cho for brawler frontline to decorner, then most likely build towards six assassin (probably eve, zed, rengar) and leave gnar for the final unit for wild bonus for rengar + some more cc/displacement Although now I really wanna try assassin cho just for the fun of it. Will it be a mistake? Probably but wish me luck
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: > [{quoted}](name=tires,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=dJRFgPEu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-17T20:15:49.517+0000) > > The hextech effect happens prior to the start of combat, so items disabled that have a “start of combat” effect will not proc when they are no longer under the hextech effect. > > So locket, zekes, and zephyr are completely nullified (outside of their base stats) by hextech effect. > > It sort of happens in rounds, similar to some card games. > > There’s pre combat (hextech effect). > Start of combat (where items mentioned apply, guardian/noble/imperial buff, blitz hook, assassins doing their jump etc). > Then combat Actually, Blitz hook isn't start of combat, it takes him a second. I've been running Demons since pretty much day one and often you can get the proc on him before he fires it off.
Oh that’s interesting! Good to know, thanks for the clarification.
: Is + 21 LP gain for 3rd place normal, below average or above average?
That’s a pretty good amount for 3rd place. It sounds like you’re still climbing in ranked (just from what I’ve seen from your posts before on here and whatnot, also love your username bc it reminds me of Tera). Once your mmr stabilizes, the lp gain starts being more minimal. For example, a 3rd place game for me is roughly 8-10lp. Basically it just means the game thinks you play better than your current rank, so it’s bumping you up the ranks more towards people of a similar skill level.
: has anyone done a statistical probality cost for getting a 3 star hushtail little legend
I got a 3 star Hushtail (the standard one, not even a fun variant) after spending 100$ on eggs. Was it worth it? Nope Because before I even rolled a single Hushtail I got all of the Paddlemar 3 stars, and that’s when I knew it was rigged.
: Maybe you have seen it, so ima ask. I noticed if it hits my Locket, even when it comes back "online" the shield doesn't pop due to start of combat. Question: have you seen hextech interact with Zephyr (or whatever the banish item is) or any other start of fight items?
The hextech effect happens prior to the start of combat, so items disabled that have a “start of combat” effect will not proc when they are no longer under the hextech effect. So locket, zekes, and zephyr are completely nullified (outside of their base stats) by hextech effect. It sort of happens in rounds, similar to some card games. There’s pre combat (hextech effect). Start of combat (where items mentioned apply, guardian/noble/imperial buff, blitz hook, assassins doing their jump etc). Then combat
Ellusive (EUW)
: TFT Season 3 Eggs and drop rates...
I also noticed this with the series 3 eggs. I bought a total of 35 eggs, and I got all of the 3 star turtles before getting any of the Hushtails whatsoever. I actually like the turtles a lot visually, but I can’t stand using them because when they take damage the sound they make is kind of unappealing.
Xhandel (NA)
: To me, its the peak of stupidity and i dont know who the hell is on drugs on riot to propose this and who was high enough to approve it for thesting. Lets separate the thing. 60% damage over 45 seconds: First of all, the limit time before urf is 30 seconds, if you get hit either by red buff or morellos, you will be with grievous wounds for the entire fight, urf time included. Second, right now, morellos and red buff do 20% damage over 10 seconds, that is 2% per second, 60% over 45 seconds is 1.3% per second, that is NOTHING, and to finish: Third, The healing will be reduced to 80%, this means 20% healing for items, if you look at the incredibly low damage explained on the sacond point, you will realize that the opponent will have enough healing to counter that effect. My current conlcusion: If they change those 2 items that way, i'm pretty sure no one will build them, those will be the new sword of the divine pre 9.16, dead items waiting 2 weeks to be addresed again. Its funny that they said they dont want red buff and morellos to be tank destroyers, when, right now, is the only way to deal with tanks unless you get a jinx or a draven.
While the healing is nice to not be completely shut off, it’s still kind of an issue. If all of this were implemented as is, bloodthirster would only heal for 8% of attack damage (40% of ad, then 20% of that from grievious). So if you throw bloodthirster on a hypercarry Draven who crits for 500, he would only heal for 40 from it. While that’s enough to overheal the damage from the burn itself, it’s nowhere near helpful if he’s taking any other form of damage. If any other champ was attacking him (even a 1star Elise would do more than 40dmg), he’d be essentially nullified. Theoretically I can see on hit healing still working in the right comps (blademaster or gunslinger specifically), but you’d have to rely on the front line to last through the entire fight.
: How do you guys feel about permanent Grievous Wounds?
I don’t understand what the point of it was. I’m happy to see the heal reduction go from 100% to 80% sure, but at the same time they also announce nerfs to a large number of healing mechanics (the only ones I can currently think of that aren’t listed are Nidalee’s and Warwick’s)? Seems counterintuitive to what they’re trying to achieve. In an attempt to break it down more, I’m gonna do a lil math (pray for me this isn’t my best subject). Let’s assume you have a Vayne with 1000hp (just for an example). She also has a bloodthirster. Now if she gets hit with a grievious wound from either item, she’d be taking 60% of her hp (600) in damage over 45 seconds (coming to 13.33 damage per second). Now just for the sake of simplicity, let’s assume her attack speed is a flat 1.00, or one attack per second. With bloodthirster equipped, she’d heal for 40% of attack damage, and then that amount is reduced to 20% due to grievious. Meaning just to negate the damage from the burn alone, she would have to hit at minimum 166.67 per attack every second for 45 seconds. This is solely to keep her health even from the burn, not heal up any additional damage from any other source whatsoever.... I appreciate the direction they were trying to take on the oppression of grievious but I don’t really think this will be the best way to go about it. If they do end up implementing it, I’m assuming the best way to counter would be running 3 star lulu and hope extra hp from lulu ability + the small amount of hp regen that gets through the grievious would be enough to survive.
: Item Mechanic Suggestion
I like this idea, only because I’ve been stuck getting 5 cloaks in a row from carousel + pve rounds and it really really ruined my game lol
: I think OP is referring to the PBE update where you can get full items dropped off the minion rounds. Not the carousel changes.
This is live on regular server as well, not just PBE anymore. I got a full luden drop off raptors, was kinda shocked.
Kshaway (NA)
: Next Big Class: Ascended
Being able to have full cc immunity before first carousel is extremely overpowered. Even if you’re not lucky and don’t get a 3 cost unit (in this case renekton) before first carousel, most people have one by round 3-1. Full cc immunity in general is just overpowered as a concept. I can deal with losing my items for 8 sec but this is a lil much lol
: Nah. They're going to care because of how Jinx works with the 8 second potential full disable of a team, vs a thinner card pool of the champs they used to want. It's REALLY hard to both spread out to prevent team item disabled and insulate yourself to Blademasters/Gunslingers. Guardians can't do their job when you spread out a team, and Zeke's, Solari can't do theirs either. What the result is: Aatrox or Jinx can just take out line after line just because you didn't want your items disabled. Assassins can fit easily in between your team and take out your mid/back line. Some champions the only defense was a tightly knit team comp. Hextech makes it impossible to do so.
I totes understand that, but if the only defense for some champs was a tight knit team comp and you’re trying to force said comp in a meta that it doesn’t work in, that’s not adjusting your playstyle to what’s happening. I’m not really trying to argue bc I’ve seen you on the forums before and really value your thoughts bc you make good points super often! I’m just a bit iffy on this because I’ve found hextech relatively easy to adjust to personally (maybe it’s just at my elo though, which is high gold/low plat depending on how well I can make my brain work on a day to day basis lol). I haven’t had much issue with spreading and assassins because assassins still aren’t super viable in the handful of games I’ve had opponents run them against me. Generally when I see multiple opponents running hextech, I change my positioning to counter them as much as possible with a 4 man front line and split carries. Sort of like a sideways [ shape if that makes sense? And it seems to be really effective, even against blademaster/gunslingers. Splitting the items between the carries also helps due to only one of them getting canceled out by hextech and the other still being able to be a carry. If running guardians you still get the trait bonus on your front line which helps, and can still locket the front line if you run that item. It might not fully solve the problem but it’s the best chance of getting through with minimal losses that I’ve found so far.
: My ability to transition is completely gone
If you’ve dropped two brackets because you can’t build the comp you want, why not stop trying to force the comp? Like if it’s not working (which it really sounds like it’s not), continuing to try to run it is just self sabotage.
: why the hextech complaints ?
I’m convinced it’s just due to people not wanting to adjust their strategies. The majority of negative threads I see about tft have always been like that. But especially since it’s so new, people haven’t learned how to deal with hextech and just wanna complain that they’re op instead of mixing up their playstyle to counter them. Give it a week and nobody will care.
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: Winning in Silver is unsatisfying.
I mean, I dunno. I see synergies and can kinda imagine what people were thinking but like can’t say for sure because I can’t see the itemizations. But 2nd place was 6 yordle, 3 sorcerer 3rd was 6 knight, 2 guardian 4th was 4 glacial, 3 yordle, 3 elementalist, 2 gunslinger 5th was 4 wild with what I can only assume was hyper carry tristana? 6th was 4 gunslinger, 2 guardian, 2 glacial + Pyke for cc 7th was 4 knight, 2 guardian, and I guess Aatrox carry? And 8th was 6 assassins. I mean it kind of makes sense. Sure they’re not like meta comps but at least they have some kind of synergy and aren’t just random junk lol. I feel like games like this are pretty common up to plat, at least from what I’ve seen.
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hypnoso (NA)
: Incentive for playing Normals TFT
Normal games are good for practicing new comps against the meta without worrying about losing lp if it all goes poorly (this might just be me tho cuz I get bored running the same few comps over and over) or just getting an idea of the game before taking it to ranked. Plus some people don’t care about ranked - even in summoners rift - and prefer normals of game modes cuz it’s much more relaxed.
: TFT ever coming to mobile/tablet?
I read this article a while ago, and was skeptical about it happening: https://www.google.com/amp/s/kotaku.com/riot-games-to-make-mobile-version-of-league-of-legends-1834951496/amp It’s very vague and came out prior to tft, however the descriptions they use seem like it could very well apply to tft. This paragraph in particular stands out: “A source with knowledge of the upcoming mobile game told Kotaku that it “plays differently” from League of Legends, although it retains the hit MOBA’s general appearance. “The game is not a 1-to-1 port,” the source said, adding that it has different items and runes and, potentially, fewer characters. “The gameplay is built for mobile.” The only key difference is the mention of runes in this supposed mobile game. But considering the article came out prior to tft launch, runes could have just been scrapped from the game mode or be something coming at a later date. It makes me think that something is in the works, it just isn’t being discussed openly.
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.15B notes
Are the Elise & Twisted Fate buffs only for tier 1? Or will they scale into tier2/3? I.e. Elise was 40/72/144 ad per tier before. Is it just the first tier getting an increase in ad? That doesn’t really seem to help make her a viable pick. In comparison, Fiora only has 40ad at tier 1 but her attack speed is 1.00 compared to Elise’s 0.60... please make my spider queen more useful.
koshkyra (NA)
: What are you supposed to put on evelynn
I saw someone running hextech/shojin on her the other day and it was a nasty combo cuz she kept doing tons of damage and healing back up to full. Not as much of a hyper carry as Rengar but still pretty viable and less contested
Cräfty (EUW)
: Teamfight Tactics' ranked update... Are they for real? Like... REALLY?
Wait what? Losing at 0lp while at challenger immediately demotes you to diamond 1? That seems extremely harsh... what were they thinking? Being demoted three full ranks for one loss that is insane
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00godlike (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=tires,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=BcIfvwdn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-06T19:31:12.914+0000) > > Yes but it took me a long time. > > I.e. when I hit plat iv I lost like 7 games at plat iv 0lp before they actually demoted me back to gold. I’m not even talking minor losses. Like 8th place in multiple games lol That's a bug that will be addressed. When it does - when you start a game at 0LP and you lose (they didn't define what a loss was - assume "negative LP result?), you will be demoted.
Ah that’s interesting. I tried googling it while it was happening and read somewhere that you’d only get demoted if the mmr system thought you didn’t deserve your rank anymore So for a tiny second I thought I actually deserved plat because I wasn’t getting demoted lol. Bugs out here crushing my hopes and dreams rip
: Question about Ranked TFT
Yes but it took me a long time. I.e. when I hit plat iv I lost like 7 games at plat iv 0lp before they actually demoted me back to gold. I’m not even talking minor losses. Like 8th place in multiple games lol
Ztoka (NA)
: Collecting the orb
I think it got disabled. I also was able to claim the orb once after the beta pass ended, but have yet to see it again since that time. It might have just been a bug. Unfortunately I spend all my free time on tft and can say that 5-10+ games a day did not make the orb reappear for me
: how does spell power affect abilities like lulu ult?
Spell power affects their abilities in a different way than a normal damage ability. Or at least that’s what disguised toast said in one of his tft vids on YouTube (can’t remember which to source it, sorry!) I believe that it increases kass shield generation amount/mana burn (not sure which is related to spell power and which is ad based), or with lulu it would grant more bonus health. I don’t think lulu works with morello since her ult doesn’t cause damage so it wouldn’t apply a burn (unless the knockup would count for it?) I can test it out tonight if nobody gives a for sure answer since I’m not super certain. But lord knows I enjoy making garbage item builds just to experiment so I can figure it out if nobody lets you know. I did it last night with a double rfc Rengar who had a range of 900 lol
CurS1VE (NA)
: Combination of Items/Champs that are secretly OP
My new fav is 3star Veigar with hextech gunblade + a spear of shojin. Nobody is running yordles this comp really so it’s not hard to achieve. Throw on phantom dancer or something to deal with assassin jumps and you’re solid. With 6 yordles it makes dodging red buff p easy, so the only real counter is morello on an aoe ability.
: how does gunblade healing work in teamfight tactics for aoe abilities?
I believe that gunblade heals for 1/3 of the total damage dealt. Whether it be an attack, a spell, or an aoe. Ie if you put a gunblade on cho and he ults like 5 units for 200dmg each (I’m making numbers up), he would heal for 1/3 of the 1000 total damage dealt. I’m like 90% sure that it’s total damage dealt for aoe abilities with gunblade. I’m not like for sure but that’s what I’ve noticed so far
Dunker (NA)
: You are simply mistaken about Aatrox's ability. He heals for dmg dealt by his ult. Either that, or they very recently changed it so that it doesn't heal anymore. I suggest you look up what Aatrox's abilities USED TO DO before you pretend to know what you're talking about. Your source for cho's aoe being larger is a video that clearly oly shows cho's ult? [EDITED BY MODERATION - ULANOPO] Having a carry hit Kass would do the same as having a carry hit anyone. You're not helping your point by saying he can be focused down by a carry. lmao The heal on lulu is insanely good because it give health based on max hp. Also it can heal multiple times in a single round. Also it knocks up. I didn't say the best arrangements are ALWAYS bunched up. I said MOST arrangements are bunched up. Ionic spark and shiv are not negligible dmg bc they proc multiple times in a single match and effect multiple units simultaneously. Didn't you consider that? lmao Sword breaker is a unit counter. If a unit happens to have an item on it, then of course it prevents the use of that item. You're making a round-about argument and its dishonest.
Why would I look up what an ability used to do? That’s not relevant to the current game nor does it validate your point. I did source the cho ult. If you can prove sejuanis is larger, then I’ll believe you. But so far none of the points you’ve made have evidence to back them up. Please, prove me wrong. If I am wrong I’d like to know so I can be more informed. However your word is not enough. Give me some proof. If you can’t understand that a carry can do more damage than kass can shield, I can’t help you to understand that. I really can’t simplify it any further. The heal on lulu isn’t that good from a numbers point of view because it can easily be out dpsed. You also said, and this is a direct quote from your previous post: > [{quoted}](name=Dunker,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=l4w6u0EK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-03T23:20:05.908+0000) > > > If you've ever played tft, you know the best arrangements (other than assassins) are always bunched together to protect the backline. > Notice the use of the word always in that sentence? The damage is negligible from both of those items because even multiple procs is still relatively useless in comparison to other factors (i.e. nearly any damage dealer at 2stars). I’m not making a roundabout argument. I’m using the words you said to show that I am right. It’s not dishonest in any way. I’m also not replying to this thread further as you’re beginning to use insults and I don’t have the patience to interact with people whose only response to having someone disagree with them is to retaliate with negativity. Have a good evening. Edit: grammar
Dunker (NA)
: Kassadin's mana burn passive remains painfully oppressive throughout the entire game. He doesn't get "focused down" quickly because of his second passive: a shield that regrows everytime he auto attacks. The knock up is irrelevant. Its the heal that makes lulu op. In your opinion a unit that heals itself and other units on hit without items is not a threat? Hmmm If you've ever played tft, you know the best arrangements (other than assassins) are always bunched together to protect the backline. Aatrox does heal based on the damage his ability does. Its incredibly overpowered. Look it up. Its only interruptible if you get to Karthus in the first 5 seconds of the match before he casts it. Cho's aoe is not larger than Sej's. Spitting straight facts here. Kindred's ult is locked in place even if she moved by something like gnar's ult. Shen can move around with his ult active. You're simply trolling if you think shiv isn't good late game. Same with ionic spark. Sword breaker isn't an item counter its a unit counter. Of course units with items aren't going to be able to use them. You're not making any sense.
Kass does get focused down though, because he’s melee and always in a front line. Having any carry hit him negates the shield rather quickly, because unless he’s itemized for extreme attack speed he can’t generate enough shield to keep from getting knocked out by damage dealers, especially because your front line will be the one getting mana burned/attacked by kass. The heal on lulu is not good. It delays an inevitable death. Even a 3star lulu adding 650 health is negatable by any carry hitting what, two to three more crits? It’s a joke if you think that’s worthy of making her a 4-5 cost. Not to mention if you raised her cost it would be nearly impossible to upgrade her as a unit, making her heal even lower (a tier 1 heal on her is only 300 which is laughable). The best arrangements are not always bunched together. That’s the standard arrangement everyone runs but you have to rearrange your team if you’re not seeing success. If you notice you’re dying because of a large aoe and don’t do anything to try to fix your problem, that’s your own fault and not anivia/Sejuani/cho being a broken champ. Aatrox does not heal off his ability: “Aatrox's Ability The Darkin Blade TFT The Darkin Blade Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies inside it. Damage: 250 / 600 / 950 Mana Cost: 75 Starting Mana: 0” Sources: https://rankedboost.com/league-of-legends/teamfight-tactics/aatrox/ https://tftactics.gg/champions/aatrox https://www.metasrc.com/tft/champion/aatrox https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Teamfight_Tactics:Aatrox https://lolchess.gg/champions/aatrox?hl=en-US Can’t look up something that doesn’t exist. Again, no mention of healing on Aatrox ability anywhere. If you can’t break through the frontline to get damage on Karthus prior to his ult going off then you should reevaluate your damage dealers. That still doesn’t change the fact that his ability is strong because he’s one of the hardest champs to obtain via rolling (from a statistical standpoint, 5 costs are hardest to obtain). Cho has a larger aoe ability than Sejuani. Source: https://i.redd.it/cq4owwl57ld31.gif Shens ability does not make him worthy of being a 5 cost. I can agree that he could have his starting mana be dropped but outside of that he doesn’t need to be changed. Shiv and ionic spark are both negligible damage after early game because 100 damage on a unit with 2000+ health is laughable. At that point in the game it’s like the equivalent of a human being bit by an ant. Is it annoying? Yes. Will it be the end of your life? No. It’s a negligible nuisance at most. Sword breaker literally is an item counter though. You just said it yourself. If a unit can’t attack it can’t use its items. Therefore, it’s an item counter.
Dunker (NA)
: Overpowered Units and Broken Items
None of these are that bad. Kassadin is practically useless outside of early game as he can easily be focused down and deleted by any carry within seconds after like level 6. Lulu isn’t that strong. Annoying yes, primarily the knockup, but she’s not that good and extremely squishy. Nidalee is lowkey a joke especially with red buff or morello. Even in full wild comps I don’t find Nidalee to be a threat. Anivia isnt much of a problem if you alter your positioning to not be stacked together. Aatrox just got nerfed. He also doesn’t heal unless you itemize him to, I don’t know where you got that info? Karthus is a 5 cost, of course his ability is strong. However it’s interruptable and a long cast time that can easily be stunned/killed during Sejuani aoe isn’t the largest. Cho’s aoe is much larger. Shen is annoying but not much different ult wise than kindred. He shouldn’t start with as much mana as he does tho, that’s the only thing I agree about for what his ability does. As for the items, I don’t see shiv as much of a problem outside early game. Ionic spark isn’t as op as people make it out to be. And sword breaker is a direct counter to items like hush/cursed blade/heal items (gunblade/bloodthirster) etc.
: 6 Knight + 2 Draven. -55 damage all is hugely OP as a wall block for a 900 critter who can only be killed in said game by a lucky Blitzcrank, a Lucky assassin (surrounded) or map large aoes. That -55 damage negates a ton of Red Buff, Anivia, etc...... a lot of effects that do tick damage. It can almost entirely negate Static Shiv if your team has cloak based items. Once Kayle is in the picture, between the front line sustain item/skills and the buff, they simply don't die to almost any build.
Oooo this sounds kind of fun. I haven’t done much experimenting with a knight build in the past. Thanks for the idea!
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GuuMi (NA)
: New little legends and rn-jesus
I don’t really mind the RNG aspect of it, but I’m only speaking from a personal side. I come from a background of MMOs with cosmetics hidden behind loot boxes that I’ve wasted more money than I care to admit trying to obtain. It’s a bad habit but ehh. It’s not hurting anyone but myself lol. I really wish that riot would implement a way to reroll little legends though. Like... I’ve only bought 20 of the eggs (so far, pray for me). Out of the 22 I’ve opened (cuz the bonus +1 per 10), I’ve gotten maybe 3/4 that I like. I wish it were possible to reroll little legends that you obtain into new ones. Just for the sake of trying to upgrade the ones you actually like. Like if you could reroll two little legends of one tier into a new little legend of that same tier, I’d be happy. I’ve got one of the legendaries sitting at a 2star that I want to upgrade but don’t want to risk opening more eggs. I mean in a dream world my ideal scenario would be sacrificing 2-3 different little legends of the same tier to upgrade one of the same tier. I.e. you have a 2star haunting, and you use 2-3 2star silverwings/furyhorns to upgrade the haunting to a 3star. Or maybe disenchant them into some form of essence to use as upgrade material instead? I dunno. I don’t think it’s profitable enough for them but it would be a happy middle ground for a majority of players I believe. At least at that point it’s somewhat similar to the masterwork chests mechanics.
: Okay stop for a second you went too far ahead. Slow down when you read it's okay. I find myself re-reading sentences all the time. Put it this way: There can only be 1 winner that's why it's Free for All. Pretty simple but.. If you bring 2 friends along, then you guarantee that 2 of your opponents are friends. This leaves 5 random people. Okay. So if the 2 friends start buying all the 1G and 2G champions that you aren't buying it does this: The 2 friends get a losing streak, and more gold to spend. The 2 friends make it harder for EVERYONE ELSE to get their Champions because they're buying up all the 1G and 2G champs to keep players from getting them You get all your champs because your friends don't troll you. Your friends BOOST you because they removed themselves from the competition from the start, leaving 5 random people that are struggling to play the game because they can't get their champions because 2 people with hard losing streaks are just buying up all the 1G and 2G champs. You end up winning because your friends lose first, but gave you enough leeway to dominate your opponents all game that don't understand how you got 3 3T champs so quick. **edit** I added "boosting" to the OP, I can't believe I forgot it considering it was the overall point I was getting at..
Ok, but in this exact scenario: What is making it possible for you to get 3stars? Are you solely buying 3+ cost units? Why is nobody else buying them? If you were trying to 3star 1/2 cost units that your friends weren’t buying (because they were purposefully leaving them for you), why would nobody else in your game buy them? Even in a losing streak, if the friends were buying all 1/2 cost units (which there are a LOT of), they wouldn’t have much income. Assuming they lost every match, they’d be getting what? 5-8 gold per round depending on the stage of the game + their loss streaks? And if they spend that every round to purchase champs, they’d be running out of money every round. Not to mention the gold sink of trying to refresh to get the 1/2 cost units once they clear their board.
Toadwart (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=tires,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=ohuqQatd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-03T00:07:18.977+0000) > > Boosting isn’t simple, it’s practically not possible. But you just listed 2 situations that can and do happen where it is possible. So you are contradicting yourself. It's practical and possible.
I did list two ways that it could happen, you’re right. That’s why I said “practically not possible.” It’s not a contradiction, it’s an adverb that means virtually/almost. Apologies if the word choice made it unclear, that’s my bad. I can definitely see the mix up
: Bragging about your Rank in TFT is irrelevant
I’m sorry, I’m trying to understand. How exactly is boosting capable in a game where your opponents are picked at random every round? A party can’t single out one person as an opponent because it’s all random. The only advantage a party could have is saving carousel options for other people (which isn’t guaranteed to help anyway due to the other players + positional ranks according to hp) or agreeing not to buy x champions from x comp so others have a better chance at 3 star (which again, isn’t guaranteed if other players build the same comps or get better rolls). I don’t really think what you said is applicable to how tft functions from a game mechanics point of view. Boosting isn’t simple, it’s practically not possible.
: Braum in TFT with Thornmail & Warmogs is fucking hilarious.
I did this a few games ago with a 2star Braum, double thornmail (it stacks from what I saw) and a warmogs. It’s so much fun but I felt like such an evil person that whole game. He also did more damage than my carries from that point lol
TheGrot (NA)
: How is hextech not op?
It is definitely strong however it is still getting tested and the values might change around still. Who knows, they might not even launch in 9.16 if it’s too rough on PBE. It helps that the item disable isn’t permanent, just temporary (outside of the current bug on pbe). For 2/4 Hextech it’s a 5sec/15sec disable launched in an aoe “pulse bomb”. The 15sec is extremely harsh to counter, yeah. But I don’t think it’s impossible to come back from. If you position well enough, you can even keep your carries from getting hit by it (ie split team up instead of full grouping to keep minimal amount of champs getting hit by the disable)
Toadwart (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WastedHooker,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=LVyAi2Xo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-31T20:40:03.007+0000) > > Did you just fucking give items as a counter to a build in Tactics? Are you going to next tell him to buy it from the shop? And Good luck hitting him at 60% dodge rate. Real Iron comment there Told-wart. Yes I gave items. If you are losing you can choose and build whatever item you wish. Even when I win from the beginning to the end of a match I can still build 2-3 items of my choice every single game. Even at 6 yordles, its a 55% dodge rate, 1 of every 2 attacks hits....build an RFC and every attack hits
Idk how to quote my own post cuz I’m on mobile but “Their comp positioning was like impossible to break thru because the yordle passive kept my draven from getting red buff on the Veigar” I had red buff, I just couldn’t get it to land. This was also pre-9.15 patch so it was 60% dodge chance on their yordle comp. And it was too far into the game to build an rfc on my draven. Same with getting a morello and Morgana.
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: Apparently Riot completly removed any form of rewards in tft
This is something that has been coming for a long time. See the following: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/teamfight-tactics-beta-pass-update
: My ideas for additions to TFT
Wow these are honestly some great ideas in my eyes. The only potential thing I’d like to see different is the cost of singed. I feel like that kind of displacement/cc is super strong for a 1cost unit (in comparison to other 1costs). Maybe a 2cost so it’s more on par with blitz/Pyke/etc? Just a thought though, really awesome ideas!!
: TFT: Kassadin should NOT be a Sorcerer
Oh man... just the thought of Kassadin as a blademaster paired with Aatrox and Draven is so juicy/dirty. I need this to happen
Barkley (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=rxftxKER,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-28T19:26:59.620+0000) > when the only meta builds are demons and/or yordles I'm sorry, what? Lol? Gunslingers + Pirates? Gunslingers + blademaster + Noble? Brawlers + Elementalists with RFC On-Hit volibear? Glacial + Brawlers + Guardian with immortal braum? Wild + Rangers + Phantom? Glacial + Anything? Elementalists + Anything? Ninjas + Assassins? Ninjas + Elementalists? Sorcerers + Dragons + Shapeshifters? If you're trying to build Demons or Yordles every game -- that's why you're losing. You're forcing comps because they're "Meta" instead of using what you're given and playing what you know other people AREN'T playing, and trying to counter what people ARE playing. This isn't a game where you're going to find continued success spamming the same strats every game. You have to adapt on the fly. You have to get creative. Spamming meta strats might get you up to like.... silver-gold. But after that you're gonna get hardstuck until you learn to actually apply some strategy.
Totally agree that there’s more comps out there Although I have had bad luck personally with assassin comps against demon/yordle. Can you elaborate on this a lil so I can get educated pls?
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