: Everything I hate about League of Legends
regarding nunu changes, I like the answer the Rioter had in this post: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/qgPXfKtQ-nunu-is-a-perfect-example-of-why-people-bitch-about-the-balance-team
Rexxiee (NA)
: Dont see on how the azir nerf does anything to his kit being fundamentally broken.
I believe Riot actually was keeping a close watch on azir's strength after they had made the changes to nunu. For obvious reasons the two of them would make a good combo, and it was expected that nunu may make azir a must-have ban in pro play.
: The issue I have with vision is that it's so limited. I'd much prefer to spend gold on wards and have more than one/two out at a time than fall prey to some gank because they went completely around my one ward, regardless of how well placed it is, to fist me from behind. The catch-up experience is a plague that I'd rather not address, since I get pretty heated about it. I'll just say that if you fall behind, you deserve the loss. Plain and simple.
> I'll just say that if you fall behind, you deserve the loss. Plain and simple. Sorry if this **heats you** to much :) But there is the idea of teams having to _consistently_ do well to secure the victory. Sure, falling behind should definitely grant you a lead, but how much should that lead benefit you towards the victory? I wouldn't find the game very fun if it ended right at first blood, or the first objective falling. There is a certain level of _skill expression _ in being able to climb back out of a deficit that you, or your teammates, may have created. I also believe that one should consider that, if balanced correctly, a late game champion should usually fall behind. With what you said in the quotes, then all champions would have to have similar strength throughout the entire game. I'm not seeking to say that your completely wrong though. Obviously a lead should be capable of being used to ones advantage to further secure a victory. This is how many early game champions such as {{champion:80}} have been balanced. One core aspect that we need to make sure of, is that the player can then use the advantage the champion pick gave them to secure the lead for their team past early game. If the player cannot secure this lead, then wouldn't that mean that have not played well?] Again, Hopefully this isn't going to be too much of a "heated" discussion as you worded it. I may be thinking of "argument" as a bit different then some people though. https://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_h_cohen_for_argument_s_sake/transcript
: ADC main's opinion: First Turret Gold promotes snowballing, and makes getting an IE even easier. {{item:3031}} has too much power behind it, whichever ADC gets it first wins the rest of lane. ADC build diversity is basically non-existent. Why are tanks killing me faster than assassins? Runes in general I HATE. I don't feel like kiting matters to the game anymore. I don't feel like im engaged with my supports, atleast those that arent my friends in discord screaming profanities at eachother (its more fun than it sounds) Unrelated but Important: My support main friend used to play DoTA 2, and said the following, which after playing 100 hours of DoTA 2, I agree with: Dragon Pit and Baron Pit shouldn't be on 1 distinct side, as it creates an inherent imbalance.
> First Turret Gold promotes snowballing, and makes getting an IE even easier. I do agree that First blood turret gold is bad for the game's design. I might start a new discussion on it somewhere else though, but to touch on it here: What I find inherently bad about it is that it eliminates the strategy aspect of taking towers. IMO,taking towers should be more about opening up opportunities for other objectives and options to be pressured, and should not grant so much gold. For example, If the opponents bot lane turret falls I can use this to my advantage in many ways. * I can roam mid and try to pressure there * My team can lane swap with top and we can go for that turret. * we can keep the marksman bot while I ward deep into the enemy jungle * we can use this fallen turret to pressure things such as dragon * my jungler can react to the fallen turret by pressuring rift herald when we either send 2 top, or if we keep 2 bot and the enemy jungler goes to gank. This is the kind of advantage that I want from turrets, _Strategic openings_ **not** _A gold advantage_ Now don't get me wrong, 150 gold to the team is a long standing bonus for taking towers and it gives a team an edge over the other. Its also good to have gold on towers to keep enemies from pressuring on specific point on the map and giving up objectives elsewhere in return.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: what top needs is fervor,but riot only listens to pros. The pros told riot that toplane should be a jungle camp that teleports bot at 7 minutes for turret fb and to gank and riot listened.
> The pros told riot that toplane should be a jungle camp that teleports bot at 7 minutes for turret fb and to gank and riot listened. When was this said, and where? A link would be nice :)
Nymzo (NA)
: I want to give my two cents about the support part. > [{quoted}](name=tseihei,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ArAE2csq,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-30T10:16:06.696+0000) > > _So what changes have happened?_ > Well, **A lot**. From Season 3 sight stone being introduced, we began the concept of supports having more than just warding and team fight Crowd control duties. Supports in season 3-8 have really all been summed up into one thing: > {{item:3504}} **Support are more about itemization, and less about macro play.** And I believe this can be translated in another way. > > ****Supporting is more about helping your team mates directly, through buffs, heals, shields, crowd control, etc; > {{item:2056}} as opposed to helping your teammates in more indirect ways, such as vision, objective control, and strategy.**** > > Supports have been continually pulled away from vision, where in season 3 for example, you could place an unlimited amount of wards in accordance with your allowance. Since then, the game has continually added and changed support itemization to give supports more of an impact through **enabling their teammates actions,** at the cost of macro play such as vision (caps and ward limits have gone down and green wards can no longer be purchased) > > So for supports to remain in a balanced state, we had to cater items towards them. As a support player, I can honestly say that the current support itemization doesn't make me feel as though I am expressing skill, I just feel like I'm pressing every heal and shield I can into one person. I agree. Before support was the role known for having less income and being less item dependant which means it was all about champion pick and personnal skill along with a few mandatory things like warding. But since pre season 7, it did a full 180 degree on itself: with metas that force support to rush said item or you are at great risk of being useless and of losing the game. Hell I'm not even sure if we have that much less income anymore with everything being cheaper and with a few runes. All of that to make the role more appealing for autofill players. > I believe support would be a much better balanced role if we placed more focus on objective control and strategy than enabling teammates. > Something similar to skarner's capture points on the map is something I would love to see for supports. (which could be gated to supports through itemization) > We also have a very modular runes system now, where we could come up with some very interesting ways to enable supports to participate in map control. ( which has been done with things such as zombie ward) > > {{item:2055}} To make a more specific point; > Supports should be given unique ways to interact with the terrain, towers, and epic monsters. > and Enabling teammates should be a task left for their abilities, not items. That however, I will have to disagree. Your idea is similar to the one of someone who suggested ''shines'' two years ago being avaliable through the map for supports and I called that idea bad too. Skarner's capture point are terrible design by themselves. Only he get a big bonus for capturing them, the rest of his teammates and his enemies get a little bit of gold and ''well he doesn't have them so... that's good for us I guess.'' But if he doesn't have them under his control, he doesn't have a passif. The shine idea was in my opinion terrible for multiple reasons: it gave little almost invisible bonus and it encourage snowballing since there's no way the support in the team that is behind will ever be able to approach them without being spotted and murdered (since they were all outside of the base somewhere I expect your capture points to be). Your capture points in a nutshell would basically a big shiny trap for supports when they would have to isolate themselves from their team basically giving assasins a walking bag of gold on a silver plate. And guess what, you should never isolate yourself from your team. We don't need more focus on objective control, you warded and dewarded the area. There you go, you job is done now go back near your teammates. Instead, Riot should focus on making the **champions** more unique. Personally, I have yet to see a support with a unique mechanic like Kayn's passif or Orrn's passif. I also have yet to see a shapeshifting support, all the shapeshifter are dmg dealer or... one tank {{champion:150}} at top lane. Hell how about a ninja support that use energy (no {{champion:98}} does not count he wasn't designed to be a support). I could go on forever but I think you get the point. > _OK, but what does any of that really have to do with game balance such as assassins and top lane game control?_ > > With supports having too much of their power poured into buffing/healing/shielding, it makes whomever they define as the carry near invincible. The sheer mass of added stats that marksman have available is atrocious. {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3190}} aery, +{{champion:117}} e,r,w+runes healing. IMO, no one should ever expect an assassin or burst ad/ap champion to do well with all of this. > If an adc dies to an assassin, someone messed up. > Either the support didn't react in time, or the adc was out in a place they should not have been. _And yes, I am implying that all of these items and abilities are reserved for the marksman_ > > {{item:3147}}{{item:3814}} So assassins have become unplayable because of support changes, or have at the very least required items to counter support changes that should never have been added in the first place. > So if we shift supports away from buffing, with some other tweaking afterwords, we can bring marksman back into line, making solo lanes applicable towards the end result of the game. Again for another time as I said in many threads, you guys do not want to change supports, you want an Enchanter rework. All you just said only applie to Enchanters, I have yet to see a Catcher doing this shit or even a goddamn tank.
> That however, I will have to disagree So I take it you disagree more with the approach of "shrines" and such being used? I certainly can't disagree with the idea that skarner's shrines are just not very well designed, but was really just trying to use them as more of an example of a unique _concept_ that could be looked into A better way to look at how I want more unique ways for supports to interact with the environment would be things such as Ivern. Which I believe really plays into your point of how support **champions** should be unique. > All you just said only applied to Enchanters okok, I happen to be an enchanter main so my viewpoint may be pretty _biased _ towards the changes that may come into play. It has only been 1 patch without the {{item:3309}} , which would have been in combination with {{item:3190}} {{item:3109}} with Guardian keystone. Tanks like {{champion:113}} will often times build a locket through the game just because it scales so well with her health. Maybe thats a bit off point though being that she is a jungle champion. What i'm really trying to touch on is the "protect the marksman" items that supports have been given, rather than giving supports more unique ways to pave their own victory through actives like {{item:3312}}
: New support items not as fun
It was changed because sight stone was an item built every game. The hope was to save supports the 800g of buying that, but of course adding the sightstone wardplacing active to the support items meant that the other actives would not fit in well. The intention from Riot is to re add the old actives such as the one from Frost Queen's Claim back in ammended versions of the items.
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Mordius (NA)
: When is this item suppose to upgrade?
You must buy {{item:3097}} for it to finish the quest.(as it states in your very well cropped picture) :) After upgrading, it will continue to earn you gold in the same way as before(if not more) Although it doesn't currently have an indication on how much gold you've earned once the quest completes. _**Riot Please!**_
: Support mains speak up!
Um. Ive been player support since before rivens release (pretty far back) **Pros** Keep in mind, as [phreak stated in his patch rundown](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNwzrto2UGI)(around 36 mins he starts discussing his view of the support changes. Keep in mind this was before the patch was released so he may have altered his opinion on some things), upgrading these into {{item:3069}} {{item:3092}} is **NOT** worth it unless you value that 4th ward at like 800 gold. With this, you also don't have to spend 800 gold for sightstone, you just get it at the same cost of the old coin/fang path. --- This means that **supports actually got a huge buff.** Now you can simply get your 500g item and go straight for the rest of your core({{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} etc for example.) Sure there may have been some lost power with items like {{item:3312}} not having their active here atm, but honestly, **It should have only been built by you in specific cases.** ( such as wanting to disengage, or catch people out) {{item:3306}} was the same way, where its purpose was for one use, hard engage to match champions that needed the ms. If you're teammates wouldn't need it, it wasn't a necessary item. --- Remember, Old supporting with {{item:3311}} meant that you had to get 500g back from the item to pay for itself+800g to get to sightstone.( unless you were to rush sighstone, which would cost ~1175) The current item, is only 500 total, and your already at 3 wards. One point you mentioned was that, yes, you do not get 3 wards until you back after the quest completion. But consider that you had to go back in the old system to get sight stone anyways. **Currently, you can almost always have 500g by the first time you back/die.** **But it used to be that you needed at least 800g to get sightstone**, and if you had 700, you either had to buy something else and wait another 5 minutes with poor vision, or wait for 100 gold. --- **Cons** Alright, so that was all the good stuff. The part I don't currently like about the support changes is the loss in early item choice. **Support builds feel very similar throughout most games**, with backing occuring as soon as it may be convenient for my marksman to get vision items and start towards {{item:3107}} /{{item:3504}} . The other con that I really have in mind is that going from {{item:3098}} to {{item:3092}} /{{item:3069}} can be a total noob trap. The combine cost can be atrocious compared to, as Ive mentioned before, what you get out of it.(mostly a 4th ward.) But the pros do stack against the cons I would say. --- In all, **I would consider the changes positive.** Although I do hope that in the next patch or two we get some other itemization mix up from the standard {{item:3222}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3504}} that has become apparent in this patch.
iBubster (NA)
: Playing LoL through USB Flash Drive?
because USB reads and writes a lot slower your patching would be a lot slower and so would your loading speeds (getting into game) Also, you would run into issues of the computers the game is running on needing certain files and dependencies, such as direct x (the league installer has you install such things during the league install process). Without such things, the game cannot run. Most library/school computers will not have these installed by default because these computers don't really need to run games. in other words, the only truly _portable_ version of league would be if you installed windows onto a flash drive, and then league into that. This would only work if the computers had low security, and you would be able to restart, and then choose your usb as the device to boot into.
: [Connection] Keep disconnecting from lobby and lobby chat
Same issue, when in lobby it disconnected. Has done this during 3 lobbies. A full repair from the client did not help, and pings to google within command prompt are going through without latency spikes or missed packets.
: What champ was released closest to the time you started playing League?
sometime before riven was release heh Which would have been on patch v1.0.0.125 Sept 14, 2011 :)
ZJD123 (NA)
: Riot does not take Elo boosting seriously
1. This post belongs in player behavior 2. Tickets submitted to player support will always have an automated response the first time. It will only be addressed in almost every case by a real person after a few more responses.
TheLoamy (EUW)
: FPS issues and weird game behaviour.
Just an FYI, gameplay is more of a thread for balance topics in game, for people to discuss potential nerfs/buffs etc. This topic would fit better to[ Help & Support](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/osqw6G4M) where Rioters often respond to these threads with common fixes. I would go ahead and make another thread there now so you wont have to wait for a response _hopefully _:3 Honestly sounds like an app in the background just eating up resources and trying to tab you out to push ADs and stuff in your face. [Adware](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adware) Try scanning your system for viruses and such using a scanner such as Malwarebytes. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ You could try to keep task manager open while you play a custom match(if the results are able to be replicated in customs) to see if any applications are hogging up resources during the times you are lagging. If that doens't help, I would again look for help in Help and Support area.
: Feature Request: Can we please zoom out more?
Actually, if you have 2+ monitors you can "extend the screen" past the normal range. When you do this though, it actually makes things a bit wonky, as you get a really bad **fish bowl** effect. Towers actually look like they are at a 45* angel and such when they are on the second screen, and the same thing would happen when you start moving the camera around. During the map update where Riot recolored the entire rift and all the champions, they actually addressed issue with the camera angel/positioning because of this fish bowl effect, and moved it to its current location to lessen it a bit. I know some people have asked for xerath to get an ult function similar to jhin though...( I don't play either of them really so nothing I'm really involved in.)
: No item punishes an entire class of champions as hard as adaptive helm punishes sustain mages
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7yCZA2dzhA 35:19 phreak talks about the buffs to adaptive helm. Granted his opinion probably means more than mine, he actually shows the stats as to that adaptive helm isn't that great.
: Soraka - Which Abilities Do You Max First?
alright e is good against people who may play agro against you, as it keeps them from casting as you already know Say you're going into a blitz lane, you may wana grab e at lvl 2 as he may try some _cheesy_ hook. Outside of grabbing it early at level 2 for anti-engage, it should be left at 1 point. w max is good for hard early trading, as the cooldown goes down quite a bit with levels. Correct me if im wrong, but I do believe that the **HP cost** is static(meaning that it costs 10% of your hp at each use.) This would mean that t1 w is very inefficient as you may actually begin healing for less than what the health cost is. Generally this means that I max w first, as I want the lower cd heal in combo with the higher amount per each cast. I will usually go w first( and heal my jg during leesh) and grab a point in q second. 1. I leave q max for 3(with ult primary, and w secondary.) Q maxing is for agro play, with could pan out well if the enemy doesn't have a very effective way to engage on you. One example of this would be if you are playing raka into an {{champion:81}} +{{champion:40}} lane. Even then, you would have to plan to be agro from the start( and most likely be building {{item:3303}} ) The isssue with this is that: * you are putting yourself in a position where the enemy is going to see your build and know you are going to be agro as raka( not much for her to escape with) A smart enemy jg will take advantage of this and gank you when you overextend, which to get most Q's in as raka you would be. * you aren't going to get as much gold as {{item:3301}} will grant anyways. If you have a boring lane like janna/ez, you could go something like scaling ap runes, and just play defensively. so in general, I go W>Q>(situationally e or w. e can help against engage, but if your adc has been poked you may wana take w)>e/w, whichever you didn't take before. So by level 4 you'll be at: * 1 point in q * 2 points in w * 1 point in e From here, at level 5 I take another point in w, at 6 I level ult. From here on, max ult first, points in w when possible, if not q. Once everything else is maxed, go for e.
PooWho (NA)
: How to get higher fps on laptop?
This belongs in Help and Support section :) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/osqw6G4M
: Can we add some sort of indicator to when Veigar's e is about to end?
Lets face it, pretty much all of veigar's visuals need updating. His model is still pizza feet, his w has lackluster visuals (I've heard many say they can't see where his w will hit vs not hit,) the hit box on his E is kinda awk in pretty much the same way as well (really bad around the pillars of it specifically,) his ult visuals really don't make it _feel_ like some kind of super executing nuke, but rather that I'm throwing water balloons at my enemy.
Razyelx (EUNE)
: Who wins the race?
vote :other {{champion:236}} wins...
KoKoboto (NA)
: Can y'all buff Athene's Unholy Grail a bit
in dev coner for aug 1st thoughts ancient coin was mentioned to get mana nerfs(on the coin drops). https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/wPPZIKpO-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-1 and athenes is kinda a weird item. usually only good for support role later into the game when the ap scaling from mana passive really shines. before then it isn't that great. Usually getting gold gen item, boots, ardent, redemtion, then athenes makes it better.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "Janna is just meta it's fine for her to have 56% winrate."
quite honestly, I don't know if nerfing her would ever really be good. Janna just simply needs an update. her abilities are boring, and don't require much thought process and decision making to use them. nerfs would quickly just make other enchanters overshadow here (lulu would always be picked because she does everything janna does better, etc). Which would only lead to the decision having to be either buff janna again or nerf such other champions.
LankPants (OCE)
: I don't think Janna's that overpowered, she's a little strong maybe, but there's also other factors at play here. The main thing which is making her spike up right now is the absurdity of Coin. She gets pretty much infinite mana in lane and far more gold than she ever has before, of course that's going to break any champ who was balanced around old Coin. The meta has also shifted to favour her more, a lot of champs being played right now are very dive heavy, which Janna absolutely loves. As for why she just rests higher when balanced than someone like Thresh, she's a lot safer. Safe picks like Janna are always going to win more, how often does a Janna throw a game, you have to try really fucking hard to throw as Janna. Games in soloque for the most part aren't won, they're thrown.
^ this Basically Janna is always strong, especially as a counter Janna is even more out of balance due to coin.
: no. Its just after 1 second of being unseen by the enemy team. I had a bit of fun on a smurf with ezreal before it got nerfed.
: The coin actually nets you the _least_ gold of the three, when maxed out. It is more difficult, but if the support has zero downtime on his relic shield or spellthief's edge they net more gold than someone who just picks up every coin. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Gold_income
Yes but this is on zero downtime, which may be easy in lane for most champions, but out of lane when a support roams from bot to mid or is placing wards they aren't procing these things. Often times supports don't get relic stacks off mid to late game anyways. Not to mention mid game its easy for supports to join in on the ARAM(which is supported by the higher mass of tanks due to stoneplate) and get gold that way from coin. **Coin path needs to not grant the bonus gold on assists is all**This alone can give so much gold mid to late game, and it gets a bit out of hand at times. Early game I personally think the mana is a bit excessive, but the item path really only needs a hit on the gold gen.
: Veigar Stun touch-up
When playing veigar it always feels like much more than .5s. Sometimes I wonder if the .5 has gone by, but the game isn't checking enough to see if somebody is occupying the space for the stun often enough so occasionally it may not register someone as stunned even though they should be(similar to how a raka e may not always silence targets coming out of statis and such.) In other news, I believe that veigar could at the very least use some touch ups on visuals. It can be difficult sometimes to measure where his w is at in terms of a safe and not so safe zone. His E can sometimes be a bit misleading as far as how close to the wall people have to be before it will stun. As far as balance changes, his E is fine. If you have flash up, chances are that being caught inside his e is a death sentence(granted veigar has teamates nearby to assist in the damage) as people cant dash through it without getting stunned. Veigars E, unlike many other abilities such as a blitz hook, can actually stop a tristana in the middle of her jump.
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: > RIP old abyssal granting aoe spell vamp. Ehh do you mean Will of the Ancients (WotA) which used to have spell vamp + AP aura?
: will we ever see supports that specialize in helping fighters or mages?
RIP old raka e healing mana. RIP raka/cass bottom lane :( RIP mana manipulator RIP old abyssal granting aoe spell vamp. in all, yes most of these things weren't very good for the game. I think there when things like this were removed, we lost much of a support's ability to help champions in other ways than heals/shields/peal. Maybe a new rune could help with this, or an entirely new champion could be put into place to dive into this idea?
Divewing (OCE)
: Best part about Blitzcrank being meta?
: I didn't realize a 3 minutes was sufficient time to determine that there was no one in a role Riot
: So, I don't really understand this.
I wouldn't know much about this really, but in theory: The ashe arrow could be a rectangle, and kennen actually run into the side of it as the head of the arrow had already passed? again, IDK, but thats what would make sense to me.
Derfel (NA)
: How has lulu still not been nerfed
eh, Lulu has veered away from her identity in that she has became more of an enchanter than before, and less of a mage. That being said, her e being used as a shield is too effective without much of a need to use your q properly. The issue is that Riot wants lulu to be a possibility in top/mid without being broken in solo lanes, while maintaining her as a healthy champion in bottom lane. This means that to buff support lulu, which was needed after she lost her ap buffs from back in season 3, without making solo lane lulu overbearing you would need to make her more of an enchanter. In short, you should add more depth to this post and actually suggest specific changes instead of just complaining about a single champion.
: How to fix the boards "bandwagon" effect.
I agree with the part of bandwagon'ing in the boards both existing and being an issue, but I don't quite agree with the proposed fix. I would rather there be no display of how many upvotes/downvotes there currently are until you do It. So upon entering a post, you see nothing until you up vote the post/comment, then once you do the counter will show again.
: @Riot: Would it be possible to show your ping before you enter a match?
You could always make your own using Rainmeter https://www.rainmeter.net/ <--- program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts_wDOoDAS8 <--- shows you how to make the skins for rainmeter Then this is the script: [Rainmeter] Update=5000 BackgroundMode=2 SolidColor=0,0,0,255 [MeasurePing] Measure=Plugin Plugin=PingPlugin DestAddress= [MeterPing] Meter=String MeasureName=MeasurePing X=5 Y=5 W=200 H=20 FontColor=255,255,255,255 Text=League Game Severs: %1ms
: > [{quoted}](name=tseihei,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IVLLnssT,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-05-12T05:15:50.057+0000) > > The goal of the current ranked draft system was to alleviate toxicity that originated from champion select. > Allowing the last 3 picks to ban allows each player to have equal power, as the first two picks get priority over which champions they want, while the last three have control over bans. These makes for a thing of &quot;if you troll me I have equal opportunity to troll you,&quot; keeping people from trolling in the first place(not always but it has seemed to help from my perspective.) yeah but you do realize that. just because vayne is strong doesn't mean am playing her top lane. roles are pre decided. second of all makes you get counter picked. this is a silly argument that I heard way too many times.
"makes you get counter picked" Its understandable to see ranked as just a solo adventure, but its a team game and you're supposed to work with your team. Part of that is working together to have good bans that benefit the team, not just yourself. This is again, the idea, but not always what the result is. I don't really understand your first point :l. Maybe I'm just tired, but I don't see where roles and vayne had entered this discussion. I think you pulled that from where I was talking about champion priority? I'm not saying 3 bans is better than 5, as 5 would certainly be better for overall game play and balance reasons. I'm stating that 3 bans were divided among the team not because of gameplay, but for player behavior reasons.Improvement to pre-game Player behavior (which was seen to lead to changes in-game player behavior) was the starting and ending goal of the current draft layout, and that goal was accomplished...
: i know 10 bans are coming, but why do the last 3 picks get a ban instead of the first 3 picks?
The goal of the current ranked draft system was to alleviate toxicity that originated from champion select. Allowing the last 3 picks to ban allows each player to have equal power, as the first two picks get priority over which champions they want, while the last three have control over bans. These makes for a thing of "if you troll me I have equal opportunity to troll you," keeping people from trolling in the first place(not always but it has seemed to help from my perspective.)
: Are we ever going to see Janna nerfs?
Simple: She excels at peeling and disengage. She sucks at engaging She is supposed to be good at screwing over anything within close combat, its just that itemization changes have made her good at doing more than that. {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} are both op right now, which only makes things worse as she can help her entire team instead of just the back line allies. {{item:3050}} Other support items suck, so all around support itemization just needs to be fixed. Being an enchanter, Janna can build such items and use them better than other supports, making her have a higher winrate. **That being said, she does need some nerfs, but not to mid/late game.** Her early game is too safe; You could solve this by either making her E Cooldown decrease by rank, For example Rank 1 is 16s, 2 is 14, 3 is 12, 4 is 11, and 5 is back to 10. Alternatively you could make it so that Janna would need to make trades to win the lane, {{item:3301}} and 3 biscuits means no poke support (what most claim to be her counter,) are never getting her out of lane because any attempted trades ends with a Janna q,w, she shields herself and just autos you twice before backing off. Janna's early sustain issue are also partly to blame for warlords allowing no poke support to really strive much in bottom lane, making it harder for anyone to win.
: Is this a bug?
dmg taken counts minions/monsters, as well as turret damage, and of course champion/item damage. That being said, junglers will very often have the highest damage taken on the team.
: Why do tanks supports generally have a bad laning phase compared to ranged supports?
I mean, naut pretty much crushes anyone so long as he lands the hook and utilizes the shields from masteries. only difference is that ranged supports have a bit easier of a time getting out of ganks.
: Let's see. Mages are good mid, top, support and now 'ADC'. I think that is a sign of something. Jungle clear is the only thing keeping them from dominating jungle.
mid and top are given being that mages are solo laners. And most mages don't even go top because the extended lane length is just too unsafe for them. support has always had mages (annie, zyra, and velkoz have been there for a very long time). Mages have the clear for jungle with the aoe they have, its more of that they can't tank the jungle, and they end up having to back before they even gank making them ineffective at best versus other jungles like vi/lee. (fiddlesticks is the exception being he has built in sustain to specifically allow him to jungle.) So the only thing new brought to the table is the "bot" position, which really only really works for select mages like ziggs because they are **seige mages**. Meaning they bring part of the thing adc was meant to the rift. It also makes sense being that Physical damage is often seen in mid/top/jg in every game. Of course people are going to take something with more magic damage when you have a mid yasou, a lee jungle, and something like jayce/riven top. With lethality the way it is too...
RexSaur (NA)
: Can we nerf zyra/malz/ziggs out of bot lane already?
"mages need to be nerfed out of botlane because it goes against the meta thats been in league for 6+ seasons now" Is basically what you are saying You offer no real evidence that they are unhealthy for the game state or that they would be overly oppressive. Personally I don't find zyra or ziggs to be in need to any changes to push them out of botlane.
: If you could design a Support item, what would it be?
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Bullshit. What autofill accomplished for me as a Season 3 player: - I get my non-preferred roles at least 10 times as often as I used to in Seasons 3 through 5\* - 90% of people Alt+Tab out of the lobby, refusing to communicate making trading roles and champions nigh impossible\*\* - My queue times at least doubled compared to what I was experiencing before pre-season while DODGING autofill\*\*\* And I was queueing - still am - for mid/top. _\* - S3-S5 combined I spent 1.5% games as support, while I played literally zero support games in S4._ _\*\* - Though it's only a part of the reason, NCS and Role Selection and possibly Chat Restrictions are to be blamed too._ _\*\*\* - All you had to do was to remake the room at the price of spending whole 3 seconds doing so._
\* Not that I don't believe you, but where did this stat (the 1.5% of games as support) come from? As to address the star'ed in part, It helps to know how many games you _play_ as support, not how many times you get autofilled to it. \*\* The second bullet as far as I'm aware doesn't seem to have anything contradicting how autofill is different than Season 3. Unless you are using the beta client, when someone types in the champion select chat is pulls the taskbar up(on windows) and pulses an orange glow indicating that someone has typed _Something_. So Tabbing doesn't really do much, as well as that people can in no way be as *AFK* as they were in the season 3 champion select being that bans are not on team captain, and rather placed upon the "team" now. Besides, where did you get 90%? Please quote a source for this. And chat restrictions are a very small minority, although there could possibly be a "trade rolls" button implemented? (similar to ARAM champ trade I guess.) \*\*\* Do you have anything, other than memory and perception, to prove that the q times have increased in any way? Obviously most statistics that you pull will not include the time spent in champion selects between lobby times, but Autofill wouldn't be in place if it didn't decrease q times. Maybe I'm being a bit slow to think here, but could you clarify as to "remake the room..* part. As in dodge and remake the game? There would be a 3 lp loss both season 3 and now, and both seasons have the same escalating time-based leaver penalties.
: I'm going to be honest, I think people complain about Autofill too much.
I feel like people who complain about autofill clearly don't remember the draft pick way of ranked calling rolls (**MID OR FEED**), followed by 3 minutes of people trolling/raging to get their roll/champ only for someone to dodge 2 seconds before the match goes to the loading screen. This would then start again, spending a lot more time looking for just 1 match. At least now, people dodge pretty early, and the autofilled people are asking pretty nicely for traded roles instead of everyone raging at each other... Remember people, the largest goal of the current champion select was not game balance, it was player behavior and taking proactive measures against toxicity in games before it began.
: Hate that the balance team only focus on a set of champions and ignore the rest.
many of the champions you mention don't even need nerfs or buffs. (why do you think annie/tf/sion/singed/mao need changes?) many of them have or will recieve/d changes. (both karthus and ww have been set just complete changes to their kits for a while)(talon got assassin reworked, as well as kog'ma's unrework.) and you are missing some, like where is aatrox? The overall idea is true though. Although the real issue being that dramatic changes are made every pre-season, such as in the jungle, making all new balance issues for champions such as fiddlesticks.
: Can we get more champs that interact w ally turrets?
Just the other day I was thinking about a garrison based support...
: Would it be a good idea to make it so we can change our rune pages in queue?
: Make Sightstone recharge wards
supports fall behind in exp because they have to either A: Die to save their carries that make mistakes B: Ward places that take them out of range to receive minion/kill/assist exp I don't really think this would help much with the exp issue.
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