: nasus need so nerfs
bruh, you really said NASUS needs a nerf xd
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: All plates are 160 gold, split between all players who are close enough to hit them. All lanes have the same chance of CS and Kills.. It's just there is more action in botlane because 40-80% whereas you are looking at 20-60% in top lane at any given time. Botlanes though have to share exp, and tower gold. CS gold generally gets funneled into one player. Top lane actually comes out better on gold given the factors.. but at the same time, tank gear is more expensive.
But Include jungle assistance, junglers can tax EXP and turret plating, and when my bot lane gets killed, they lose the minion wave, EXP and Gold, so now, the enemy jungler is ahead, their ADC is ahead, and their Support makes the kai sa an unkillable monster and what can a 4/0 Renekton do, vs Sejuani Peel, Lulu ult and polymorph and Kai sa E invis and Instant Re-placing on R?
: Garen Dodges abilities whilst spinning
2lipps1 (NA)
i really never report someone for Verbally Abusing Or giving up, i report people for Cheating Hate Speech, and Inting, even if they are not doing any of these things, its just a higher possibility that riot see's my reports cause they take Racism and Cheating seriously
: What are you getting at?
Top lane can get fed off one kill, ADC can get fed off 2 kills possibly even 3, and Turret Plating is much easier to get in bot lane, Bot lane is broken role and all these ADC crying about how ADC is useless are wrong, bot lane decides the game in every time. Nerf Bot lane
: can someone please help and tell me how to take off my acount 14 days ban ??
Why are you even mad, its 14 days, its not like you ACTUALLY want to play this game lmfao
: > [{quoted}](name=YOU NWAH,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vdRdo4GX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-07T16:33:05.168+0000) > > Siege Minions choose targets somewhat randomly, and small, random pathing differences add up. Pretty much. Knocking a minion off path can change the entire outcome of the battle
> [{quoted}](name=Sylias Ravenmore,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vdRdo4GX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T16:35:03.001+0000) > > Pretty much. > > Knocking a minion off path can change the entire outcome of the battle Its complete RNG, its like if you want to dodge left or right when someone is trying to hit a skillshot, its the point of life and death
: What's your point?
do you not play ranked? or have you been gone since season 7?
: Shoutout to that entire season or so Riot spent Nerfing the Unholy Fuck out of Raka because:
Hotarµ (NA)
: God, the amount of salt in this post is unreal. The _real_ reason is most likely due to emergency server maintenance, given that the other servers (EUNE, EUW, Turkey, Russia, etc.) are all still up and running.
Who the fuck has a computer in Turkey LUL
: Why does no one play Zilean
Fuck zilean dont bring him up to people keep forgetting about him
: So by the time you had won lane, everyone had fed 20 deaths? I'm not telling you to carry them. I'm telling you to assist them. If you had won lane so easily, you would've had plenty of opportunities to do that.
Dude, you've been playing aram for the entire season.
Nithke (EUW)
: You're 7/1, did a perfect laning phase, survived everyganks
True, I feel like top lane cant do anything nowadays, why the fuck is their no 5 minute turret shield in bot lane but there is one in top lane Bot laners get soooo much more gold 80 gold per plate, CS and double kills, Bot lane is such a snowball lane that they just kinda spin out of control, top lane ONE person gets fed, but in bot lane up to 3 people can get fed if you count the jungler camping them, its just so bullshit, nerf bot lane.
jeapa1 (NA)
: i dont have bugs
this is fucking hilarious
: Can we talk LP gains and losses?
: Honestly, who the fuck likes playing TFT?
Same, i played tft like twice I won once but i was bored As F from the second time i played it, actual ResidentSleeper
: The Reporting system is flawed and easily abusable (and frankly so are its advocates)
Hey man, i got L9'd in D4 promos 2-2 needed one more win and this game was looking good, i was winning mid, jungle and bot we popping off, and jax top lane was getting fed, jax ended up triple killing us and we lost the game, i told the guy hes a r%%%%% for giving up when his team was doing well and he should uninstall the game because he is a complete moron and a dickhead. Perma Banned :)
: Any skin involving lulu lux zoe and yuumi
> [{quoted}](name=Takane Enomoto,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=F2lAZYyT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-07T17:32:21.973+0000) > > Any skin involving lulu lux zoe and yuumi you naming those champs gave me cancer
: > [{quoted}](name=twidledidle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MeklXKYW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-29T17:44:35.103+0000) > > why are you posting this on the boards and not riot support? LULW First time using this... no need to be rude.
> [{quoted}](name=M1DNlGHT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MeklXKYW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-30T01:39:18.317+0000) > > First time using this... no need to be rude. not rude, but it doesnt take a genius to get your accounts back through riot support, what can these gold players help you with lmao
: Old accounts
why are you posting this on the boards and not riot support? LULW
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: He's one of the hardest early game bullies top lane that isnt ranged he needs to be garabge late game. or make his early game garbage. Darius is by no means garbage late game except by being an melee champion with no mobility. Him being my first level 5 champion when the mastery system came out because it was spamming him for his broken passive specifically which only got stronger when they reworked him. Melee fighters will never get out of the dumpster if they dont have mobility unless they massively out outstat ranged champions. The heal nerf is just a nerf back to where he was before the last 3 patches the ult nerf is just a nerf to where it was before he was reworked same with the passive nerf and then some (he was still 50% back then) he will still have healing that he didnt have before his rework and his bleed but it wont be another full auto attack every 5 seconds per tick. He wont be able to early game bully people out of lane like he does already but thats the goal. even if it is too much (which it wont be unless you trying to play a nerfed champion as if he never got nerfed then cry about it anyone remember adc2k17 which got most of the adcs back to 48-50% in less than 3 months) if hes too weak buff him from there just dont buff his bleed or healing which is already the best infight healing of any of the juggernauts. Illaoi can get 5% missing healing per slam but Darius gets 12%(i think the buff was more because of the buff but idk the number) on a really low cooldown q. Illaoi can slam more by using multiple spells but doesnt get more healing for multiple tentecles or multiple people hit while darius gets more healing for multiple people hit
You are saying if you have an oppressive and strong early game, you should have a shitty late game? So, Irelia,riven,jax are both good early game and late game and can fuck darius up if they are good players, darius is dog shit vs ashe, cait, kaisa, etc, he is terrible late game, gets pooped by mages
: Darius needs a hard nerf I think his E armor pen should be removed if not only provide 3 seconds armor pen after using E. Bleed Base and ratio nerfed and his bonus ad on the bleed removed He needs mass Cooldown nerfs on every single one of his abilites maybe not early game but yeah later and thus early for later. lastly his ult rank 3 shouldnt lost mana cost or full reset the partial rest it had before was fine. decrease the rest time earlier in the game and increase it slightly late game. they should also revert the heal buff they gave him Increasing his healing isnt the solution ranged burst per second across the game needs to go down. This will leave him weak but no weaker than any other fighter and as soon as ranged mages and adcs lower damage and silly champs like yasou lose silly things like his tower saftey ult his post ult pen and his free shield also make crit damage -30% damage not -10% for 200% crit chance then fighters and tanks will have a place in the game again along with black cleaver nerfs and defensive item buffs/ reverts
This is too much, after playing him for a long time, he is garbage late game, and no competitive status, he needs a buff OMEGALUL
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: It will do that without the evolution.
wow, thats pretty dumb
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: > [{quoted}](name=twidledidle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zAlLEFkJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-19T03:30:55.841+0000) > > DARIUS, can heal himself and amplifies with a spirit vissage, HE CAN SLOW YOU BY 90% which is also an aa reset, HE GETS FREE ARMOR PEN PULLS YOU IN AND SLOWS YOU, HIS PASSIVE GIVES HIM TOO MUCH DAMAGE, his ultimate O MY GOD, HE CAN CAST IT UP TO 5 FUCKING TIMES AND IT DOES 1000 TRUE DAMAGE, HOW DO YOU FUCKING THINK THAT THIS CHAMP IS COMPLETELY OK??? Whats your excuse? KITE HIM? HE TAKES GHOST AND HAS PHAGE. DONT FIGHT HIM? STAY UNDER TOWER? HE BUILDS FULL FUCKING TANK AND HE CAN STILL ONESHOT YOU TELL ME WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO NERF THIS FUCKING CHAMPION dude I know I'm late to the conversation, but they kinda did nerf Darius, his q used to have no delay. plus he was mostly made for countering Garen. plus he is counterable, you know he pressed q if he hefts his axe so go near him to absorb less damage, you should have flash ready if he uses apprehend, and w, basically same thing, use flash, so stop whining
I know im late to this comment, but like, If he apprehends you should have flash up and if he w you also flash away, so you are implying that getting hit with any of those 2 spells results in death? If you dont have flash you dont lane?
: Wait so to be clear, are you ulting, then smiting a minion while mid-air to gain five stacks, then dunking? Because if so this is awesome and I hope it never gets removed lol! I'll have to try it sometime
sadly no, you have to deal damage with your ult then smite the minion, i guess it tricks the system into thinking you killed an enemy with your ult and gives you 5 stacks, but you HAVE to kill the minion or else it doesnt work
: You're funny, my main is level 158.
: Oh those, they keep changing the way they work so I'm not sure what they're up to now.
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? LP is the thing you get when you win ranked games, you are lvl 23 so you are not yet experienced with LP, once you start playing ranked, you will understand LP
: First there is no LP there is only BE, second you don't get BE every game, you only get it possibly when you level, but more than likely you get champ shards. If you don't level, the only time you get BE is if it's a mission that gives BE otherwise the only thing you get is XP for levels.
: Riven is fine..
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: Low elo is amazing
wtf do you mean low elo? do you know how many riven mains there are in high masters and in challenger? This is a problem in the entire ranked ladder, she is highest pick rate and highest win rate. She scales into the late game shes really good mid game and a fine duelist for early game
: So basically just make it so casting Wind Slash ends the ultimate prematurely? I mean, I'm for it.
In this case, she cant cast the 2nd part of her ult to snipe a kill AND get triumph and still have all that ridiculous AD
: There was a huge debate about this which many rioters chipped in on, I think the problem lies in spear of shojin being just too good on her, a nerf to that item might possibly tone her power down
there are 2 viable champs that build this item, jax and riven, renekton falls off late game, so he does not count, its not the item, its her kit, you cant trade against her once she gets 45% CDR which is really easy if you got black cleaver and DD which both have CDR components building up to it, she has a stun so even if you engage she stuns you AA you once and once you are out of stun she shields away. This champ has 4 dashes a shield pretty good CC for a bruiser and AOE, like, pls
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: So you got level 2 honor back, meaning you dropped down to level 0 honor, which means you were already on a warning. You broke your warning and then admitted to slurs, this sounds right.
what warning? I had honor lvl 2, and then got banned aswell as my honor dropped because of this one incident
: ***
i said F-word as in the slur, no N word
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: So you think 4-6 second cooldowns with effects that last 2-3 seconds should be permanently enabled every time a champ uses a self buffing ult. Nice to know what you think balanced is.
nerf as in, lower stats, lower attack speed from passive, and higher CD
: It just needs removed, or Jax's Dodge does. Late game it's already a 30% active mechanic, and on Shojin's it's literally Always up. Jax was designed to be killed between the gaps in his Counterstrike. Atm, he has no such window, so it's a broken mechanic.
i just think they should nerf the item and not completely remove it
: Before conquer and spear/Er Jax was never a problem but since riot wants to force things on us that we don’t want and actively tell them to remove but they don’t we are forced to play the game in this state
to be fair, they were all feeding and kha was the ONLY one fed
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: aLL tHeY NeEDeD tO Do wAs cC hIm He iS easily kItEd iN tEamFigHtS that's wHy RiOt buFfs hIm eVerY fEw pAtcHeS I am seriously curious just how much true damage he put out in those 15 seconds. Absolutely disgusting.
It was all because zed got caught and i got 5 stacks on him
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