: Qiyana prestige skin costs world tokens
Yeah, I just found out as well. So stupid. I was not going to get the pass so with the couple hundred tokens I got from the missions I just bought an emote and some orbs. Definitely wish I could take my points back and get the LV skin. I would even spend my 100 prestige points for the skin if that was an option as all the other skins are kinda meh/for champs I don't play.
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: #i think **Hechtech Gunblade {{item:3146}} is bugged atm** i saw Hextech Gunblade 3 times in 3 different games and **every single time it healed basically nothing** (and yes : in all these situations the champs were not full HP or almost full HP xD) : - i had Akali with Gunblade -> she landed a crit with het ult for ~4000 dmg but healed almost no HP back - she only healed for around 100 HP or something like that but she should have healed 1000 HP! - i had Gunblade on a Blademaster (i think it was Aatrox) -> he went absolutely ham on the enemy team and landed a crap ton of autoattacks (with the Blademaster buff) but he healed basically nothing - his HP bar was barely moving - my friend had a Brand with Gunblade -> he used his ult and completely bursted down a couple of enemies but once again: he healed almost no HP at all **it feels like Hextech Gunblade only heals for around 2.5% of of all damage dealt and not for 25%** maybe you guys should take a look at the item
Yeah, earlier today I thought it would be good on graves as he was 3 star and had a red buff and titanic hydra and he would auto 3 people and he healed for probably 40-50 dmg even though he was doing 300+ dmg to 3 targets meaning he should have healed for at least 225 dmg.
: You're one entitled kid aren't you? Kick rocks and sit down. The game has barely come out and you want things to be perfect.
I mean I don't care as much about things such as replays and that sort of addition but do you not think that we should have match history or at least a tracker of your wins? It would be very simple to implement and would greatly improve the experience. I do not think that a match history is asking too much.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: once ranked gets introduced i'd assume they would give us a match history It's still in beta many things are not yet implemented or turned on take a chill pill the mode has been out for a week
Yeah I know it is in beta and they are still developing it I just feel match history was something we should have had at the start and I made this post just to see if it was coming and how others feel on the topic.
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: Runes Reforged: World Around Runes
I need my magic penetration runes that are not just {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}}
Droel (EUNE)
: Will we have normal missions now that ending of vs event is here?
I would like to know as well, but I was able to craft my reign of chaos icon.
: Having trouble logging in
This same thing is happening to me. Please help!
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