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: Remakes should not use up a game of Autofill protection unless you are the reason for the remake.
I mean if you remake an autofill game, you're still protected the next game, so I think it's only fair that a remake game uses it up also.
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: well take a minute and consider why solo players would leave DQ in the first place. hint: ALL benefits of DQ goes to premade, despite solo players are the ones required for the system to function and gets the worst experience.
Well of course there'd be players leaving DQ if SQ existed, you can't please everyone and some people like SQ better for reasons that I'm not gonna assume. And I'll never understand why people talk as if solo players get completely bent over by DQ, that's honestly just ridiculous.
: "SQ nd DQ can't co-exist because no one would play DQ"
That's not even half the story, Ghostcrawler explained it very clearly on a freaking HATE POST of all things. There being less solo queue players would raise DQ queue times astronomically, and that creates a vicious cycle of people leaving DQ because queue times are getting too high, and as a result queue times get even higher. So no, what you're saying doesn't prove that solo queue is superior to dynamic queue, as much as you might want it to be.
Rozair (NA)
: Everyone just ban zed until he has a 100% ban rate
To be fair, his win rate went down by a solid 2-3% after patch 6.11, leaving him with 47%. And if you're gonna argue that he's banned most of the time, he still has a fair 6% pick rate. He's notably weaker than before, I think he's fine.
Alytrox (EUW)
: In the future changes of masteries
It's to make it feel like you "gained" something when you level from 0 to 30. Yeah, it's kinda stupid, but there's no real point in changing it now.
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: Seems nice. Is it going to be a weaker AoE than Tiamat, similar to how Echoes is a weaker Luden's? Not being able to control the Crescent seems to be a fair trade, too, I like this!
Well it doesn't make sense to lose power for finishing the item, so the AoE is the same as Tiamat.
: I don't like it simply because it doesn't have Tiamat's burst. It would make the item objectively worse for AD assassin junglers. Unless it read "Every 8 seconds, your next basic attack deals 60% to 100% of total Attack Damage as BONUS physical damage to nearby enemy units (closest enemies take the most damage)
That's what I meant, poor wording on my part. Nice catch!
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: damage nerfs to a combo mage's main spell is not compensated for with utility.
Yes it is, do you not see ahri since dfg removal?
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Lissoul (NA)
: @Riot do you actively discourage morde from building spellvamp
Mages can't and won't build spellvamp for a long time because Vladimir exists, simple as that.
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: Zed and Lux abuse TLD and get slaps on the wrist but Karthus and Swain get nerfed hard for DFT
They're not abusers, they're using TLD the way it was designed. Swain and Karthus got toned down because DFT pushed them over the top.
: I'm pretty sure nerfs are not supposed to "Feel good".
Nerfs don't have to "feel bad" necessarily.
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: I think annie is very balanced!
I mean you have 38 MR, ofc she's gonna 100-0 you.
: Is this considered fair and balanced by you RIOT? isn't your actual MMR, it's an estimation of your MMR. Besides, do you really think Silver 5 is THAT much better than Bronze 1?
: @Riot; Lee's ultimate should not be a snare, mini stun, knockback and full stun in one
> [{quoted}](name=Dominick Destine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mBlP9GzF,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-05T20:39:15.161+0000) > > Lee's ult has a snare, mini stun, knockback and full stun all rolled into one. Aren't all 4 of those the same thing? Plus, if the CC didn't start when Lee first casts his ult, it'll turn into GARBAGE because it'll be impossible to kick them in the direction you want.
: I need to vent.
So you just compiled all the QQ that's been on these boards for the past few months? Thanks, I haven't seen all of this a million times enough.
: Can we stop banning mundo, kench, and jax now?
Something's wrong with Riot's API so ban rate statistics aren't up to date and/or they're not there. Besides, why do you care what other people ban?
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: atleast zed has counterplay, ever heard of malzahar?
Wait, so zed has counterplay and talon doesn't now? I swear it was the other way around on a zed QQ thread.
: To All The People Who Have a Main
{{champion:157}} I don't know about other people, but I just never get tired of this guy. Especially now with S6 changes, item diversity for Yasuo opened up a TON, instead of the Shiv -> IE -> Bork/BT he's been stuck to since forever. His E alone is an ability you can never really get down perfectly, never mind the rest of his kit. He also is a decent champ to learn different parts of the game with. His Q and E make wave management really easy, which is one of the most important fundamentals of the game and translates to pretty much every other champion. How gank-prone he is makes you ward and keep your eyes on the minimap all the time. Honestly, even if I go 0/6 in lane the rest of the game is still enjoyable because you know exactly what went wrong and you can better yourself from it. Oh yeah, all the QQ I get is also a plus.
: So this is what we're doing now? Nerfing Sterak's because Graves abused it?
It's not just graves, squishy carries in general are building it because of how brokenly good it is against burst. Literally every AD champion you can think of can build it and do well, that's why it's getting nerfed.
: > [{quoted}](name=WlND WALL,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UBuMLruT,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2016-02-11T03:24:30.172+0000) > > The difference is, both of those have actual purpose in the game. TT has a ranked queue, it has a set-in-stone meta, and it has an actual reason to be in the game because of its playerbase. Similar stuff goes for ARAM, heck it even gets featured game modes and events revolve around it, like the Bilgewater event or the Poro King mode. Dominion has NONE of these. In fact, it's a negative to the game because of how overrun it is by bots. It's also not worth the resources to keep updating it and balance it. Balancing dominion could take just as much as it take to balance SR, as it's essentially a different game with the same 129 champions. So pretty much, the only reason dominion has existed for the past few years is because people play hide-and-seek on it. Which is obviously not enough for riot to hire a team and to continue supporting it. It's as simple as that. and now all those bots are going to go to ARAM and TT and since Riot did not care one bit about them overunning Dominion they will not care about them doing the same to those modes either. Sorry but it doesn't matter, Riot gives no damns about Alternate modes. It's not worth the effort like you said so in 3 years tops i assure you that we will have nothing but SR while the rest might comeback as feature modes at best. It's as simple as that like you said. Enjoy your ARAM and TT while they last, Riot did not bother trying to fix the issues of Dominion and let it get this far out of control and with TT getting an update maybe once a year? it won't look like it will fare any better when bots start going there and ARAM is not that far off either
TT and ARAM have enough of a playerbase for riot to care about. They have the resources to pretty much get rid of bots completely. It just depends if those modes are worth enough to Riot for them to maintain them. So tbh, it's up to them. As far as I can tell though, those modes aren't going anywhere.
: > [{quoted}](name=Admiral Crunch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UBuMLruT,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-11T01:26:08.565+0000) > > Yeah totally, just like every other game that's managed to make it that huge before them. After all WoW is totally barren, CoD doesn't sell at all, EA Sports games never make a profit! > > Riot removing one thing that a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the playerbase ever sees sober is totally gonna lose them everything! After all it was all Dominion that made them 1.6 Billion last year! > > ARGH RAGING FOR NO REASON! ARGH! sorry but what? CoD is essentially the same game every time with something new added to spice things up and have people keep buying them. What else are you going to buy if you are a sports fan and don't want wacky things in your sports game but something as close as possible to said sport? tell me another franchise of sports games that are close to the actual thing without the need to add stuff that you will never find IRL. WoW keeps launching new expansions and whatnot every once in a while while keeping things relatively similar... i can't think of anything that it got rid... then again i don't play WoW so i could be wrong. There is a reason why people keep buying and playing those games. Dominion is being scrapped because Riot couldn't give a damn about it and guess what? they don't give a damn about anything BUT SR. With how things are TT and ARAM are very easily going to be scrapped in the near future since all of the issues that plague Dominion now will go to one of those modes which in turn will have people stop playing those modes and since Riot won't give a damn they'll just wait a little and then come up with a similar excuse just so they can scrap the mode all the while sucking SR's dick. While the rest of the game goes up in flames around them since they can't be bothered to hire new people (although they keep saying how much they are growing every year... NICE JOKE RIOT!) to actually work on the alternate game modes
The difference is, both of those have actual purpose in the game. TT has a ranked queue, it has a set-in-stone meta, and it has an actual reason to be in the game because of its playerbase. Similar stuff goes for ARAM, heck it even gets featured game modes and events revolve around it, like the Bilgewater event or the Poro King mode. Dominion has NONE of these. In fact, it's a negative to the game because of how overrun it is by bots. It's also not worth the resources to keep updating it and balance it. Balancing dominion could take just as much as it take to balance SR, as it's essentially a different game with the same 129 champions. So pretty much, the only reason dominion has existed for the past few years is because people play hide-and-seek on it. Which is obviously not enough for riot to hire a team and to continue supporting it. It's as simple as that.
: An Option To Mute Yourself
If you have the self control to mute yourself, you have the self control to stop typing. It really isnt THAT hard.
: That's the problem. Next patch. It shouldn't take them more than a day do a hotfix on it. They shouldn't need to have to put it in a patch. Just fix it and send it out.
Then we're gonna see Katarina W damaging pink wards. Cuz you know, spaghetti.
: I enjoy games sooooo MUCH MORE
You probably should enjoy games more, Yasuo has a 47% win rate and Lee has a 46% win rate. If you win, you enjoy the game, right?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ruin Lance,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9Nj1EzEU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-04T10:17:57.613+0000) > > " {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} and {{champion:64}} " > "cheesefests" > "{{champion:157}} free anti-poke shield" <- that can be popped by literally anything and takes a while to charge back up again, giving you a huge amount of time to poke him as much as you please"{{champion:64}} fastest skillshot in the game" <- {{champion:126}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:222}} need i say more? Could you imagine if {{champion:127}} had a free shield that charged up as she moved around, equivilant of a free {{item:3102}} which is effectively what that is. The community would scream bloody murder until it was nerfed or changed. So why is it acceptable on an AD champion and not on a AP? Oh and before you say "these champs are different", let me remind you that Lissandra has CC, the same as Yasuo's free {{champion:40}} tornado. Yes, its a little more powerful in lockdown but thats because she can't use it every third auto-attack. This topic is me saying, these champions are not fun or rewarding to play against in any which way. If I beat a Zed, I may feel accomplished until he comes back in lane with a completed AD item and destroys me because of the imbalance between AD and AP. I pretty much HAVE to build {{item:3157}} to beat Zed, now convientiantly made one of the most expensive items in the game. Well done Riot.
Are you really arguing that Yasuo's passive is broken because it'd be broken if it was on Lissandra? And did you really just compare it to Banshee's? The only thing they have in common are their cooldowns. Oh and did you just say that Lissandra is the same as Yasuo because they both have CC? And that Yasuo gets a knockup every 3 auto attacks? Holy shit, you're a lost cause, I'm sorry. Also, the community screams bloody murder about it already, even after like a dozen or so nerfs.
Avios1 (NA)
: Not hotfix, fix the problems she has. she has the capability of being able to build tanky while doing %True damage for a significant amount, other than Kench, who does a high amount of % magic damage, I don't see another champion who can do much damage while building tanky.
That's not what I'm trying to argue. I understand that there's issues with her, but how is making the same kind of threads over and over again gonna help? They're not gonna patch her any sooner just because of posts like these.
Avios1 (NA)
: Maybe if something was done about her, there would be less threads on the front page.
What do you suggest they do, hotfix her? Fiora QQ only started like a week ago. Spamming them on boards that they dont read isn't gonna help.
: If your lane opponent is Fiora and you decided to AFK out of fear of demolishing your monitor
Wtf kind of qq thread is this? The other threads at least TRY to provide evidence when they circlejerk, but this is literally just another Fiora thread that's only worse. We have enough shit on the front page about Fiora, just stop.
Thrëat (NA)
: Daily reminder that we need a Solo Q ladder
It's coming, just wait. They've said solo queue ladders are gonna be pushed out by the end of Febuary.
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: Or, we can remove the ability to ward hop.
The problem is that Jax, Kat, and Lee were all balanced around the fact that they can ward jump, and it's an actual part of their power budget. Getting rid of ward hops and leaving them like that would gut them forever. Tbh, removing ward hops and buffing them somewhere else is probably gonna be less fun to play against than they already are. Just leave them as is, finding unintended mechanics like these is exactly what Riot wants from us.
Avios1 (NA)
: A suggestion to Yasuo's Q - Steel Tempest
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yogozin (NA)
: {{champion:53}} Passive: Half cooldown, grants 250 - 1K shield depending on level. Q: Targeted, goes through minions, pulls anyone on way back as well, and imminently knocks them up. W: No slow, More AS, More MS. Gain MR and armor. E: Procs 3 times. Grants AS for those three strikes. R: PASSIVE - Lightning strikes every seconds and also has a {{item:3285}} effect. Gain AP. ACTIVE - Range of lux ult, deal double damage, ignore MR, Silence for 2 seconds and laugh globally for a minute if an assist or kill was gained.. Laugh can stack.
Its funny bc there already is a doom bot blitzcrank
Atuko (NA)
: Can we lower Lee's movespeed?
his high base MS is PART of his mobility. Zed, yasuo, riven, etc all have at least 340 movespeed, its just what they get for being melee. Kalista has 325 because every other ADC has 325.
: For how mobile lee sin is i can't believe
His high base MS is PART of his mobility Every other mobile champion has a base MS of at least like 345
The Fast (NA)
: Yes, his crits are reduced damage, but thats only the case because he crits on every autoattack, which sends his dps skyrocketing. You cannot compare Ashe to Yasuo, their crit passives are completely different and serve to alter their power curves in **very** different ways. Many melee champions have strong poke. Being melee has nothing to do with your potential poke. Mundo, Aatrox, Diana, Ekko, Gragas, and Olaf are all examples of melee champions with good poke in laning. 50% bonus armor penetration is insanely useful almost regardless of situation. Ignoring 20 armor is a lot. That is ignoring 20% of their effective HP (multiplicatively speaking). Worst case scenario is you get the ult damage and cc. Best case is you get some armor penetration for doing exactly what you were supposed to anyway. That ultimate passive is enough allow Yasuo to skip out on building a last whisper entirely, considering his newest trinity force build either makes it his last item or skips out on it entirely in favor of a defensive item(as I normally do). Front liners late game will have at least 100 bonus armor, for a total of 50 armor penetration. The more armor the enemy has, the closer in penetration his ultimate gets to last whisper. I started playing him recently, and yea he's super fun. But every time I play him I just feel bad for the enemy team because I know they have no way around half the shit I do.
Every melee carry champ has ridiculous DPS. Let's take Master Yi for example- he gets true damage on hit and like an 80% AS steroid. That's miles better than crits and a laughable amount of armor pen. You can't counter true damage with thornmail, Randuin's, Ninja Tabi, or just armor in general. The gap gets even wider when you count in Sated + BotRK.
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