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: Nobody ever got banned for being unskilled. It was a useless report option to make people feel better. The punishment for playing poorly is, and always has been, losing the game.
The punishment for playing poorly is, and always has been, nothing. Just fuck your teammates over
: OP, you're level 11 though. That's how it is in low levels unless you were playing on a different account. In which case, maybe you should jungle instead. And some players are just like that, you have to deal with it.
Idk what makes you think this is a main account. I just got perm banned on the forums on my main. Your entire match history is 3v3 bots so you shouldn't even bring level up. I'm D4 on my main and it happens even with these D2 junglers. Happens most in Plat because these guys think they're hot shit hitting Plat 4 in 500 games with a 48% wr.
kurdt911 (EUW)
: How to deal with that?
I'll give you a response I get all the time when there are trolls. muTe tHeM aNd rEpoRt tHeM aFteR tHe gAmE. as if anything happens to them. as long as they didn't flame you can probably count on nothing happening to them.
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