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: No trolls, but plenty of ff's for missions. I did it to people too when we had 4 people and couldn't find a 5th. If the 5th didn't want to cooperate, we simply ff'd and looked again. Sad that it wastes time by forcing you to load into game to surrender but gotta do what ya gotta do. It's just an added hassle for both people doing missions and people playing for fun since they keep having to reset until they find like-minded randoms. Now if the missions required a premade of 5, I could see that slightly fixing the issue. There'd still be people going in blind pick solo and asking for party up & ff for missions that would ff or throw to reset and try again though.
Yea, I can see that...and then there's me who would love to do the missions but stopped caring when going 6 games in a row resetting or wasting my time.
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