: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
On necessary items for Disclaimer. The images are descriptions are intentionally left vague. I am not arguing what each item should do. I am proposing an example solution that optimizes for build choice. This solves the issue of most crit ADC building same items. Core Build Item * I like the idea of having two options for crit chance and damage. For example: {{item:3508}} Helps if you use Abilities to deal _tons of damage._ {{item:3031}} Helps if you use Auto Attacks to deal _tons of damage._ Energized attacks. I love the idea. * I do think the stats for these items should be more the same. And have passives be what is different Example: {{item:3094}}{{item:2015}} Siege Increase Energized attack range {{item:3087}}{{item:2015}} Waveclear: Increase Energized attack can waveclear... {{item:3095}}{{item:2015}} Poke: Increase Energized attack damage {{item:3085}} Teamfight On-hit: Defensive Options {{item:3156}} MR + Magic Shield {{item:3139}} MR + QSS {{item:3026}} 1UP + Armor {{item:3022}} Health + Slows {{item:3080}} Sustain + Shield for auto attackers {{item:3812}} Sustain + Damage Prevention for caster Armor Penetration * This has to historically be one of the worst parts of adc itemization. * More options now that ever before, if you can call the later two options... {{item:3036}} Get this one unless they have {{champion:36}}{{champion:16}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:8}} Then get this {{item:3033}} {{item:3031}} True damage = 100%... (because that's totally how it works) {{item:3124}} If you are {{champion:96}}{{champion:498}}{{champion:110}}{{champion:145}}
: Skin Concept -- Lunar Leona (legendary skin)
: bro you've been building full ap cho'gath jungle... pretty sure you don't have room to talk
: Caitlyn Mains Club [Cait]
After deciding to main top and randomly choosing {{champion:39}} I climbed from B4 to S5. I decided to try ADC meaning only play {{champion:51}} . in 4 days i went from 0 to lv 5 mastery. now, about a month later i sit at 190k Cait mastery. I really would love to join this club. Thanks! https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Irelia%20Logos I tend to average a 50% win rate because i am still learning to play safe as an ADC, and I tend to play with team members better than me. Just waiting on IP for name change, I will take any recommendations for new name though :)
: Season 7 demotion
I personally am a fan of a sort of reverse series. I think it would make a very invisible system much more visible to people. if you would hit or fall below 0 lp then you enter a reverse series... win 2/3 or 3/5 to return to 1lp (perhaps with a 3 game shield) or get demoted to 25/75 lp in division/tier below.
: Champion Groups [Champ Select]
Please, this sounds amazing, and I must say it is something I heard certain elicit third party apps add to the game... it would be nice to have it be a part of the default experience.
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I cant even connect to the page.
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