: > then gang up and report invalid reports don't do anything. it doesn't matter how many there are
and they as a team gang up and report me. Thats why I got a 14 day ban for my chat.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DoranShieldOp,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gbpUmAcQ,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-09-27T00:11:55.652+0000) > > it's enabling cause you can't talk back to them lol Except that you're allowed to talk back to them Go ahead and have a long af conversation with them But you aren't allowed to break the rules
I posted logs; did you see them?
: banned for defending myself
I got my post from last game i played but you can't see whats going on or what is being said to me. first 9, 10 was me trying to get them to stop arguing with each other, FYI. Here is why i was banned: Game 1 In-Game xSHHHxNteamclown: no pings huh xSHHHxNteamclown: pls ff aT 15 IF YAll going to be toxic xSHHHxNteamclown: yall argueing blitz been mid 3 times xSHHHxNteamclown: morg team game xSHHHxNteamclown: pls stop\ xSHHHxNteamclown: u are all weird asfuc xSHHHxNteamclown: you shouldnt play a team game if u dont realize so player have harder times xSHHHxNteamclown: but we were all there xSHHHxNteamclown: morg dont ranked xSHHHxNteamclown: SUCKY ADC ISNT WHY WE MAY LOSE ITS TOXIC CONVO xSHHHxNteamclown: TOXIC CLOWNS IN A TEAM GFAME CLASSIC xSHHHxNteamclown: U TOXIC xSHHHxNteamclown: she will be reported but all this clown talk xSHHHxNteamclown: is why we lost xSHHHxNteamclown: no u harrassing them is why we lost xSHHHxNteamclown: some champs are late game champs xSHHHxNteamclown: like our whole team xSHHHxNteamclown: but be toxic and blame xSHHHxNteamclown: she is xSHHHxNteamclown: y ou dont know all adcs need farm xSHHHxNteamclown: and still talking shitt xSHHHxNteamclown: kk noob xSHHHxNteamclown: why play a team game xSHHHxNteamclown: u are clearly going to lose alot of games xSHHHxNteamclown: just by convo xSHHHxNteamclown: thats who im talking to xSHHHxNteamclown: says the person throwing shotss at teammates xSHHHxNteamclown: from start xSHHHxNteamclown: u dont want to compete when your teammates flames u xSHHHxNteamclown: FYI xSHHHxNteamclown: everyone went down hill after morg flamed entire team xSHHHxNteamclown: that was epic Post-Game xSHHHxNteamclown: i hope so cause shes a toxic flamer
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: I have a feeling you're probably retaliating, not defending yourself. Defense of YOUR self would only involve talking about yourself. If you insult someone in reaction to someone insulting you, thats retaliation, not self defense. Self defense would be like when someone calls you trash, you say "no im not". Retaliation to someone calling you trash would be like "shut up noob" lol. You never have a need to talk about someone else when defending yourself. It involves defense of YOU, not offense of another. Also, in the real world, where self defense involves actual physical altercations, self defense would be eliminating the threat. I think applying that to chat, eliminating the threat would be muting.
What I am referring to in my discussion is how a whole team turns on you cause of the champ you pick. And because of my pick, not 1, not 2 but the whole team flames you. This flame comes in the form of conversation and game-play (ie letting enemy 2v1, 3v1 you because they don't like your champion and THEN flame you) You guys are making it seem like in a TEAM game I am suppose mute the team.
: **AHHH SHIT, HERE WE GO AGAIN** self Defense is not a reason for flaming. Post logs, and we can see if you really “defended yourself” Self Defense is: “Dude im trying my best shut up” “I’m fucking trying” “Can you please shut up and play” Self Defense is not: “Stfu f***ot” “Fuck you, you piece of human trash” “I hope you fucking die”
So how about you tell me how to get the chat and I will show you. The only thing I will call some one is a clown; like my name says and that's after I have had enough of the belittling and harassing. The things you wrote do not come out of my mouth(Self Defense is not: “Stfu f*ot”, “Fuck you, you piece of human trash”, “I hope you fucking die”) "EVER"
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Post logs I seriously doubt that you just "defended yourself" You're allowed to defend yourself, feel free, it ain't gonna change anything, but if it makes you feel better we ain't gonna stop you But you aren't allowed to be toxic while "defending yourself" How is riot enabling bullies? Just mute the person who's flaming you, report them and they'll get punished. How do you call that enabling?
muting them only does so much when you are behind due to their game play. and riot is enabling them by banning me for first asking for help then teammates going full high-school and ganging up instead of helping win the game. if that isnt enabling them to flame then gang up and report idk what is
: Defending yourself against what? Words from idiots? Ignore idiots, they have no power to harm you. When you flame back, you derail the game even more for people who just want to play.
its not just words. its the lack of teaming in a team game. how am I suppose to ignore them when their game play is affecting my game experience. and on top of that they are flaming
: banned for defending myself
how do you not help a person then flame him/her when they do bad against 2v1 3v1 and team doesnt want to help you cause of a pick?
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