: man this means i need friends lmao XD but yeah the meta is as I would title it "Who has the most CC and Burst Meta" although I've seen some people who would probably argue its "whoever has the most of the new op champs wins meta"
: revert malzahar (and aurelion sol) I
oh no a champ that can't 100-0 someone at lvl 2! Change him!!!!!
: The assassin update introduced longer burst windows. The buffs and overall meta shift that followed said fuck those windows. Those burst windows still exist, they were good reworks, but they are just blatantly ignored because it only takes half of an assassins kit to blow someone up right now. Also imo revert these reverts or rework them properly {{champion:7}} {{champion:107}} .
The fuck do I care about burst windows if I die in .79 seconds?
: Nobodu actually wants to build team comps. They all want to go Camille, K6, Trist Mid, Kaisa, Pyke and then wonder why every game feels like a stomp. But Riot is at fault too. Because all they do is overbuff these selfish picks who should never EVER be the core of any meta. Like K6, Eve.
who the hell wants to be the punching bag in the burst meta?
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mack9112 (NA)
: What are your computer specifications? Compare it to required minimum specs of the game.
You can run league on a pile of wet socks and still get good results...
3rr0r0001 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=HP Crookshanks,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QWZQ2zcK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-13T15:57:55.483+0000) > > Normal matchmaking is garbage. so it's permanent thing? And it won't stabilize?
Normal matchmaking IS garbage.
: I think Qiyana is a cool champ, but wtf is that ulti?
I hate her. She has so much friggin stuff crammed into her kit and her ult is just the worst to deal with.
KSGHook (NA)
: As fun as the preseason looks, it doesn't look as fun as if Riot started punishing inting and afking
They don't care about people ruining the game experience, that isn't where they make money. Addicts and impulse purchases are where the fucks are given.
: arguably, but it's not the only instance, look into the 'Hunt' event between rengar and kha'zix and suddenly those stats don't seem as bad
a 4th evolution point and bonus damage? Yea pfft who needs that garbo. The liss, sej, ashe one gives you a floating crown over your champ...
: Ekkos needs one of two things nerfed.
Nothing more fun than watching ekko get a massive chunk of health back and do a huge aoe.
Kivolan (NA)
: What Is Being Done to Address Mobility?
Done to lower it? Nothing. It won't be fixed. Mobility makes flash plays and flashy plays makes LC$.
: Hey folks. Sorry for the frustration around that feature. We're discussing what the best options are to get a toggle that allows you to go back to the default music. I'll keep you posted :)
THIS IS WHAT REDS RESPOND TO?? Eh not surprising, people might not buy skins with dumb features. Gotta bring in that dolla bill. Fuck the rest of the game.
: Still no option to disable camera zoom so I can use my scroll button for a hotkey without worry?
But how will you zoom in on someone to see how kewl and badass their skin is and go buy it for yourself?
JPlayah (NA)
: Magma Chamber when?
That map is long dead. It might come back if they find a way to monetize it though.
: Isn't it about time to fix the client?
That would require Riot to care about the playerbase.
: Honestly can just get a completely fresh/new client at this point?
And have riot admit that they are incompetent? Good luck mate.
: Aram is unplayable
Riot doesn't care. More accounts is more potential cash made.
Prep yourself since twisted is going down, they'll all come from there to aram
: > [{quoted}](name=xelaker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gipFRkn5,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-11-11T16:04:56.190+0000) > > you don't need health if you smash the other person to death... You can't reliably smash the other person to death if your HP is too low to take the risk.
: I'm going to refund True Damage Ekko if you do not add a way to mute the in-game music.
I'd refund it because I gave the pos riot money and further encouraged awful business practices and monetization of garbo.
: Promo games have to be troll on purpose
An advanced equation finds the most 30% career winrate players and puts them on your team.
: Getting ward skins from loot box..just sucks.
inb4 Riot's fan squad gets in here and tells you that Riot is better than jebus because they give you free garbage.
The real reason not to grind rank is the morons that only play league once per year to get the rewards and have no idea what's going on and are rusty as hell...
: It's the first day Senna's out. Unless you played her in PBE, you're not ready to play her in ranked
She isn't THAT wild difficult to figure out. Besides most ranks have people that should be like 4 ranks above or below it in every match anyways...
: Yes and no. It gives no HP, thus making its users weak against burst and easy to pressure(this includes off waves). I do believe it will 100% be a problem though because there are champions who can mitigate its HP issue through their trading patterns. Kled, Renekton, Kennen, Pantheon, Camille, Irelia, and _maybe _Riven. The common theme between these champions is that they all have an easy time initiating one-sided trades. Who cares if your enemy has 250 more HP than you when your one-sided trades leave you unscathed? You taking a single successful/one-sided trade with this item essentially means it then has more worth than any HP item BECAUSE that item's HP is now gone while you still have your lifesteal and strong all in. Renekton's usage of this item worries me most of all. Due to how his trading pattern works, an unfed Renek can take 30%+ your HP without giving you a window to respond. As of now, he dashes away like a coward after making these one-sided trades. That's because he has nothing left after that. BUT with this item, not only would he do more DMG while you're stunned thanks to lethality and attack-speed, he'd also be able to trade autos such as a Tryndamere, Irelia, or Kled does. Maybe Garen is also a monstrosity with this item, idk, but it seems to have positive synergy with him. Attack speed strengthens his spin, innate tankiness means lifesteal is more effective, and his passive regeneration allows him to recover even if he isn't allowed to lifesteal off of waves.
you don't need health if you smash the other person to death...
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: any reason why aurelion is visible in bushes?
Otherwise you could be sitting in a bush hitting someone with the orbit and be invis. Real question is why are people trying to play sol right now lol.
: "Feedback" haha!
They mean feedback among themselves duh.
: Is Nexus Blitz ever coming back?
It didn't make money, so probably not anytime soon.
DodiBoi (NA)
: Stuck on reconnect after game finished?
Yeah the client is garbage. Also Riot doesn't care if you lost the game, Riot only cares about money.
Warmas (EUW)
: Well that's been adding doran's shield 10 extra health regen so far.
And this doesn't solve literally every single problem in the game?
17171 (EUW)
: One minor change to balance Qiyana
: Anyone think the option to "fill but exclude" would be great?
You kidding me? The client can barely handle existing, you want it to filter stuff now?
Ęsdeath (EUW)
: Na comes from _natrium_ (latin). There are more languages besides English y'know?
There's the door --> Here in the USA! we speak Freedom!
: Ranked Tiers: Did you know?
These facts are neat as numbers, but all I can think of is how awful and wrong the rank like 15% of these people are. Ranked has been busted for so long now :/ (still neat statistics and such)
: because they're devs and people are too busy in Story art and sound section. safe areas. instead of dealing with the obvious problem. you're are not the only one. tons of players are experiencing the influx of losses these past weeks. its obvious whats going on.
Cräfty (EUW)
: A message from a jungler to all lanes!
Meanwhile jung rolls on in and hands the lane double buffs...
: Any chance Azir can get some love?
Ugh he's so awful to play against when he's meta.
: Please make Iceborn Gauntlet Melee Only
Ez loses a fair chunk of damage with iceborne
Violett (NA)
: Chinese company needs to just scrap the game and call it quits. We're 10 years in the making, and other games have like 5-6 maps at a MINIMUM, I get tired of playing Summoner's Rift, every, single, game. You might as well just call the game "Summoner's Rift", because this isn't "League of Legends" anymore.
Tencent company is making money like nuts with league, why on earth would you stop it?
: Happy 10 years!!! Enjoi this client that STILL DOESNT WORK!
: Why doesn't client work
You didn't buy enough skins man.
: Ummm. League is broken. Anyone else?
They finally gave total control to the balance team, whom promptly went about breaking everything due to incompetence.
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: Disappointed in The Pre-Season Changes Because of Problems Not Being Addressed
: Grievious wounds is not so bad for soraka. It's definetetly a thing but if you can spec into some AP or time your healing well (aka before someone recieves damage if they are already hurt or after GW expires on them) you can do fine. Without grivieous wounds healing champs could end up too strong. If you're ahead you must have noticed how strong soraka's healing is, especially if you pick barrier (almost immortal). I think right now enchanters are in a good spot, especially if damage gets nerfed this upcoming season which i think it is
Yeah I'll just heal after the fight is over since gw is gonna be applied through most of the fight, which will likely be over in 5 seconds anyways...
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: because a big reason assassins need so much damage to function is the heals coming from supports, essentially this allows rito to make assassins deal less damage while still being viable :)
{{champion:432}} 230 {{champion:267}} 160 {{champion:497}} 120 {{champion:37}} 110 {{champion:16}} 200 {{champion:350}} 161 {{champion:26}} 1100 (ult) All max level. These look like too much to you? Prob missing some, but you can get the picture here. By the time a support has a heal to max level most assassins can use a single ability to drop that much health. Hell, half of them can auto for that much by that point. You're a bit late to be ragging on the enchanter/healer meta.
: Would melee mages benefit from AP versions of the AD items?
We need less versions of half the busted items in the game.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Ward hopping feels old and outdated anyway. A champs kit should work on its own and should not depend on certain items you need to buy in the shop. Jax and Lee are both old champs. Jax need a complete rework. That champ is broken. Lee's kit is ok I guess but they should remove ward hopping for him too and give him something else for compensation imho.
> [{quoted}](name=BigFBear,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ln0lcweo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-04T18:19:13.223+0000) > > Ward hopping feels old and outdated anyway. > A champs kit should work on its own and should not depend on certain items you need to buy in the shop. > > Jax and Lee are bot old champs. > Jax need a complete rework. That champ is broken. > Lee's kit is ok I guess but they should remove ward hopping for him too and give him something else for compensation imho. heh old jax was getting stats from stats on stats, and old ninja tabi had a dodge % chance, plus his % chance with a stun attached to it.
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