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: Honestly,this has also happened to me very recently (Last week).My game would freeze every 1-5 games and I have to restart it.Uninstalling it didn't work,and looking at the Riot support website for any details to help didn't work because I got too lazy to do what would be recommend.I love League and don't want to give it up.It hurts me to know that this is a problem for many players like me.We shouldn't give up.
same bro. every 1-5 games. League is a really addicitng game but i'm just lucky that this bug is only now starting to occur, at a time where i'm trying to actually study more and shit. If this happened like a year ago i wouldn't know what to do.
: Doesn’t matter what your specs are, the game is breaking for everyone, don’t worry it’s not our fault
: Oh hey my guy. Does it happen most regularly around 1:30-2:00? That or if you hit buttons too quickly. Most regularly alt-enter. If none of those then it still sounds like you have the bug I’ve had for around 8 months. As far as I know it isn’t fixable. I’m sill talking with riot support so I’ll let you know if that’s anything. You are correct in that all the threads are old now. And all the solutions I have tried. The only one that SOMETIMES works is putting your game in windowed mode until after 1:30-2:00. It at least stops it from doing the glitch there which is most regular for me. You can switch back once that time has passed and play normally. Still happens for no reason though. I have shit honor I believe due to all the games I’ve been forcefully ejected from. Big sad. But def try the windowed thing and if not that ill let you know if I find anything from riot about my logs.
mh for me it happens whenever. Sometimes i freeze at 8, sometimes i freeze at 20, idk. I tried windowed but it only seemed to annoy me really.
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