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Salty Nami (EUNE)
: Lore of Jinx
Necrit, but asmr...and female.
: Alright it all goes back to the pre-Great Rewrite days. Back then, the Targon Lore was one of the lores that people thought needed the least amount to transition into a post-League world. There was a conflict that had nothing to do with the League: The Solari and the Lunari. And it had a pretty interesting base concept for it. Leona, representing the Solari, was a good person. Her dialogue was filled with notes about protecting the weak, and her lore was about defying tradition to create a better world, even at the cost of her own life. She was pretty close to LoL's paladin equivalent. Opposite her was Diana, a vengeful and angry woman who backed the Lunari. Decrying the Solari as a corrupt institution, and murdering people for her message. So it seemed like a simple Good vs Evil debate. But there was one hiccup. Diana was right. The Solari was a corrupt institution that suppressed and possibly committed genocide against the Lunari in ages past. So this black/white conflict turned into an exploration of how a good person can be on the wrong side. Or how an evil person could stand by truth. And those who found this fascinating were ready to see this developed. Then there was Pantheon. Pantheon was a soldier. He needed some work, as a character. There was something there, if you read into his interactions with Leona in her lore. Showing Pantheon as being a traditionalist and Leona’s childhood friend. But it needed to be developed. Then the lore hits and... it involved none of that. Diana no longer sought out the truth about the moon on her own accord. She just sort of stumbles upon it, because the Solari elders sent a child to go read books they didn't want her to read... because reasons. Leona, the paladin, swaps personality about 4 times throughout the course of her lore. She starts out as a noble soul. She stands up against the traditions of her people to do what she thinks as right. And gets rewarded for it. So you'd think following through that line of reasoning she should become more caring. Because that's how stories/people work. You get rewarded for behavior you follow that behavior. Instead when she's an adult and she sees Diana, and she is literally fantasizing about killing her. So, the opposite happens. Despite Leona’s vindictive nature and desire to kill, Diana kills the Elders. This should prove to the zealous Leona that Diana needs to be put down. Then at the end of her lore in a few sentences she gets possessed by an alien and suddenly no longer wants to kill Diana. She only wants to talk. This would lead the reader to think that the alien is making Leona nicer. However, once we get Leona’s short story, we have Leona literally pushing against the alien to not smite the bandits with the full power of the Sun. So Leona just flops back and forth from moral to immoral based basically on what the plot demands, in a way that makes her seem vindictive to her old fans. It certainly reads like Leona was fully on board to slaughter innocents that disagreed with you, only for the space parasites to come take over her mind and make her do what they want. More annoying still, that old actually interesting conflict between Diana and Leona gets brought up, recognized and then entirely discarded. Diana no longer wants to purge the Solari. She just wants to go learn things and get supporters. Leona doesn’t want to avenge the Elders. She just wants to talk with Diana. The conflict that people waited years for got resolved with a literal Deus es Machina. And then we get to Pantheon. Pantheon needed the most work of the three original champions. Well first off, what did Pantheon fans want from Pantheon lore? Not much really. We just wanted a Spartan. That’s really it. Give us a Spartan, make him badass. And how did they do? Well, it started out not too bad. We see a young boy living up in basically the Agoge analogue. We see a budding rivalry, and friendship. It’s actually a pretty good story, culminating with Atreus screaming alone at the top of a mountain, his only friend dead in his hands. This is, in my opinion, the single most powerful moment in the entire Targon lore. Then they ruin it over the course of the next paragraph. The skies open up. Apparently, the gods were waiting for Pylas to die because they’re assholes. They completely take over Atreus’s body, because they’re assholes. It even has a whole two paragraphs describing how totally dead Atreus is now. Because the gods are assholes. Now, Atreus probably is going to come back, as Jaredan mentioned a few days after the lore was released. Which just makes the whole situation an annoyance. No one wanted to see Pantheon turned into a space parasite. And a pathetic one at that. The next lore update was Sol. Where we learn that not only are the space parasites not gods, they are confirmed complete bastards. Enslaving their friend in Sol, and Pantheon gets knocked a few pegs down further. The great “God of War” just commands Sol to do her work for her, then gets blown up. Woo. Then we got Taric. Taric was ok. And we get to Zoe. Woo boy. So, the one part of the Targon lore to demonstrate that the hosts of the space parasites is worthy is the ascent up the mountain. Which Zoe doesn’t do. She’s special. The other hosts are mostly humans with some minor abilities granted by their parasite. Except Zoe. She’s an immortal 12 year old with the single most powerful ability presented in the game. She’s special. She bounces into a town scares the local population. Has a group of guards try to defend themselves, which she then nukes from orbit. Apparently scaring everyone and throwing a comet at a town is meant as a warning about a world rune by the town. Sure, she could just use her abilities of unrestricted teleportation to just move the rune. Or she could just say “Hey, there’s a world rune down there. Be careful with that.” But no. Comets and murder. That’s how you send a message. And we’re supposed to be on her side in this. She’s supposed to be an endearing character. She’s special. So that’s enough with the characters. Let’s look at what the Lore has built. First. What are the Aspects? No one knows. I’m also convinced that Riot didn’t know when they released the new lore update. Leona was presented as being possessed by a spirit of the Sun. But Diana was instead possessed by the spirits of all the past Lunari people. But Pantheon is presented as a constellation of stars, which is also war. But in Sol’s lore they’re a race of formerly Runeterran creatures that Sol gave powers to and then betrayed him. Then once the Darkin lore got retconned it turns out that they’re actual anthropomorphic versions of whatever they represent. Twilight is apparently the personification of Change. Pantheon is the personification of War itself. None of that fits together, and doesn’t really make sense. Because it was released with a big mystery that Riot hadn’t finished plotting yet. And the lore ended up being worse for it. There’s also the problem of Targon’s power itself. Put frankly, Zoe is the most powerful character in LoL by a wide margin. Even Sol, the star dragon, there’s little if anything he can do that Zoe can’t replicate with her portals. She doesn’t, because she’s an insane 12 year old mass murderer. But if she wanted to, she could. This leads to problems whenever Targon gets involved in other people’s messes. They seem to have the power to fix pretty much anything. The last Aspect of Twilight slaughtered most of the Darkin with relative ease. But because they’re so powerful these victories don’t feel fulfilling. And it brings up the question: Why haven’t they fixed this problem, or that problem? They’re so powerful they should be able to. But if they do, the story will not have a satisfying conclusion. We want to see Yorick deal with the Black Mist. That’s his story. How terrible would it be if Zoe or Taric popped in and used their incredibly vague magic powers to just heal or stop the spread? It’d be boring. But then again, why aren’t they? The Black Mist is probably the most dangerous threat to the world of Runeterra after the Void. The World Runes may be tied there. But we know that the Aspects view of dealing with that problem is to just blow people up. I’m not going to get into that again. And all these problems and headaches came from what could have been a very interesting and grounded story on right, wrong, religion, power, and war. That those who were interested with the Old Targon lore will now never get. Because everything revolves around the Space Parasites. And I hate them.
> Then we got Taric. Taric was ok. You're a God-damn Legend
CJXander (EUNE)
: Dark Star Jhin - fanmade login
Although it may not fit the character perfectly, from a design perspective it's beautiful. Props to the dedication to the art work.
saltran (EUW)
: PSA: Coin Emperor Tahm Kench has eated 2 persons
Fking Sonic style (Tahm whips up food infront of him, Teleports behind the asians, "Omae wa Mou Shindeiru", Asians: Nani?, Teleports back all before the food lands back on the table.)
HeazonZ (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JoeAnarchy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=GkwH7a6r,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-09-28T09:56:48.617+0000) > > no, the opposite.. the best kind is the one you can't Agreed. That’s why the joker works so well. They don’t need an explanation as it gives logic to something that is supposed to be illogical.
Jokers been explained in a way. He is apparently self-aware knowing that he is in a fictional world hence his actions don't matter.
: Honestly she doesn't seem actually crazy just a psychopath obsessed with destruction. She seems crazy because casually killing people and burning their houses down for fun seem insane to people who actually care about life and property. She is still grounded in reality as there's no indication that she doesn't know what she is doing. With quotes like "I'm crazy, see, I even got a doctor's note", doesn't really sound crazy as she recognizes that other's see her as crazy. She's also pretty smart, constantly outsmarting Vi and Cait, and even plans out her acts of violence to cause the most amount of effect as possible and get as much notoriety as possible. This is a bit closer to being actually crazy. The Pyro honestly believes he's giving candy to babies and playing music...
Just extremely prone to her whims... okay this works... ONTO OPERATION LORE. (secret project but not so secret anymore)
EdgeLady (NA)
: I assume a few things from Swain's line when he collects a soul fragment from her: "Faces fading in the was all her fault." I've seen someone else who has the same theory as me: that her parents died in an explosion or a fire, she blames herself for it, and developed a massive complex due to that tragedy. There seem to be hints that Warwick and/or Singed was involved as well. Vi abandoning Zaun for Piltover might have been the last straw though, since the Wedding Crasher reveals that, deep down, she hates upper-class Piltovans for not understanding the hardships of the impoverished people of Zaun. Assuming this, it does debunk the theory that Vi is her blood-related sister. They don't look too much alike, but Vi is explicitly stated to be an assumed orphan, or at least abandoned as a baby (I have a whole other theory about who Vi's parents are). However, Jinx and Vi were probably in the same Zaunite gang, and Vi might have even been her adopted sister. She and Vi were definitely close originally, which would explain why Jinx is so pissed at her for abandoning both her and Zaun. Personally, I think her eyes might be naturally red. Akali has reddish-magenta eyes, and she's a human too. There are a bunch of other humans with more unusual eye colors as well, so it might just be a Runterran human thing. As for her original hair color, I'm almost certain it's red or orange-red, especially due to her Odyssey skin. A large majority of her skins portray her with red or orange-red hair (Mafia, Slayer, Star Guardian, and now Odyssey). Even Firecracker Jinx has red braids. Also, her default look has red eyebrows. Since she doesn't seem to bother dying those blue, I think that Jinx is definitely a crazy redhead.
Thanks for the help dude, no sarcastic remark or witty comment to give. Stuffs solid. But there is a theory about Warwick stealing jinx from Vis cradle from day 1.
: Just going to throw this little line out there, do what you will with it; {{champion:50}}: "_Faces...fading in the flames. It was all her fault._"
{{champion:50}} : "_The Girl, She was closer than you thought."_ (To warwick)
: stop trying to dissect her.. she's just the embodiment of chaos.. why can't you leave it at that?
The best kind of crazy is the one you can explain. :P
: My personal theory is that Jinx had a trauma at younger age involving Warwick. Further information here: [The Wolf and the Lunatic](
Ohhhh this'll make for some juicy fanfics *wink wink*
: She saw Urgot by accident while he was taking a shower
*shudders* dark days are ahead....
Lapis (OCE)
: I always assumed that Jinx was albino, and that she dyed her hair blue when it's naturally white. She has red eyes and is said to be unnaturally pale, so yeah.
oooohhhhhh, that would go well with the clouds tattooed on her body.
: She probably has some combination of schizophrenia, psychosis, and multiple personality disorder, her guns being her other personalities. My theory is that after living in Zaun for so long, he guns were the only things that kept her safe and that were 100% reliable in her eyes. So due to her being a high functioning psychopath with schizophrenic tendencies and thanks to Zaun being a pretty grim place deoending on where you live, as her friend's and allies left her because she was odd, died cuz Zaun, left Zaun all together because, again, Zaun, her psyche shattered and created a reality where her weapons were her friends that would always be there for her and support her while the world around her became her playground. She also only dislikes Vi for abandoning her, she actually hates Cait because Caitlyn stole her friend,
Shit its a solid theory! Begone Demon! Only memes and pokes about my intelligence may roam free here. But seriously this is good stuff, almost story-material. thanks :P
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CrowV2 (OCE)
: Lore currency
Thanks for all the help. Just wanted the info if i ever wanted to make a theory or story. :P
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