: You bought almost every skin in the game. Did you ever buy the chests to unlock skins?
> [{quoted}](name=Sonnington,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tkdczaEp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-19T02:32:32.905+0000) > > You bought almost every skin in the game. Did you ever buy the chests to unlock skins? Before the Loot system I bought skins I wanted from the weekly sales. After the loot system got added I started to get the 6k RP orb bundles. Upgrade the skin shards to permanent with orange essence for the skins you don't have then reroll everything else.
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: Sooo.... I bought a new Sett skin
\*Laughs in Warwick main\* https://i.gyazo.com/6f06f801f3c5631b420a5c23d42cd124.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/e93eda8507d2a40d03a962dc8eed8b5b.png https://i.gyazo.com/94266ca68c49e7027827ba12cea18fa7.png https://i.gyazo.com/60af68583483fd4d44d32e18e2b27331.png
Zyniya (NA)
: So what your saying is if I spam enough games this silver 3 adc can become diamond? lmao?
You just described 90% of female league streamers...
Kai Guy (NA)
: > It's been years since consistent performance outweighed spamming games to get the rank you want. I can link you to folks who struggle to hit gold in 1k games.
Link plz. I think I just found my new fetish.
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Naalith (NA)
: Riot's justifications for several preseason changes don't make any sense
"We don't like that junglers get to permagank without farming" Instead makes jungle camps so worthless and dragons so OP that the most optimal way to play jungle is by literally only clearing bot side and permaganking bot lane.
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: Dear Riot, my shop is always empty. Please read.
lmao you think Riot cares about their biggest customers? As of next season when you re-roll a Prestige skin you won't even get the loading screen border unless you grind 100 Prestige Points and buy it. https://i.gyazo.com/aebc8015543109ae1d2f9bfc463074dc.png
: The reason a slower meta will always be better for viewership over a fast meta
Agreed. I'd much rather watch teams handshake farm for the first 15 minutes of every game like we had for years. That was a fun viewing experience.
: Would be nice to see the older Hextech Skins get updated to today's Quality Standards
: Frankly, Riot, you should be able to CHOOSE what skin you get out of the Honor 5 capsule
Update: https://i.gyazo.com/48f848baf335562ed048a2cd79a6196f.jpg Thank you Riot for making it take me three years to get 2 skins through the Honor system in spite of the fact that I have had Honor 5 every year since the system was introduced.
: EA vs Riot: The Story of Two Lies
Yeah. LoL kinda slipped away from us in a few stages. 2012-14 people basically argued with the OG Rioters until a bunch of them quit or stepped into other roles. 2014-16 they started balancing more heavily around competitive players. 2016-18 was basically Riot making big changes while blatantly ignoring feedback only to have to walk-back the changes until people were happy. 2018-19 was really bad for the LoL community. A bunch of Rioters got me-too'ed. The Pax fiasco happened. The players let Riot get away with selling us a sub-par Ultimate skin. Then we let them get away with selling Prestige skins. Worst part is that this game is just a pay check to the guys who founded this game. Like, was Marc Merril always a %%%% or did money change him?
: What are you on about?
> [{quoted}](name=Get Ogre Here,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bfxctEMe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-27T03:21:03.076+0000) > > What are you on about? http://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/08/pbe-preview-star-guardian-2019.html#more The Star Guardians appear to be corrupted. People are disappointed because the point of a Star Guardian skin is that your favourite champion is dressed the same as the other star guardians. This means Riot has players in a position where they'd be willing to pay additional money to have a 'real' Star Guardian skin for their champion as opposed to these Corrupted Star Guardian skins. We all know Riot doesn't have the decency to release these as rewards, as much as I'd like to think/wish otherwise. This all assumes that Riot actually even has the brain power to think of all this - it's just as likely that these are just the Star Guardian skins that we get this year and we're all just gonna have to be disappointed together. After all, Riot doesn't think very deeply about decisions that they make nowadays.
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: For sure. I've run into this kind of situation a few times more and aside from the 5-20 minutes of agony as I'm held captive in a game I'm getting used to it. I'm hoping a lot of it has to do with elo so as I rise through the ranks again I deal with it less and less^.^
That used to be the case but hitting a higher rank isn't the saving grace that it used to be. 3/4 seasons ago Riot would LP clamp players who were sitting on =/<50% WR so that they couldn't climb until they improved and corrected their win rate (and therefore MMR). Nowadays it's almost like MMR doesn't exist. The number of players who shit out thousands of ranked games at a 48-50% WR and still somehow hit Diamond IV just from going through the motions game after game (someone like luxxbunny is a prime example of this - she has 2-3 accounts hardstuck diamond IV with thousands of games on each).
Sarabjot (NA)
: LEC not showing what teams are playing and the score, but show the sponsors/Riot in-game purchases
It's almost like LoL Esports has ad breaks between games the same way traditional sports have ad breaks between quarters/halves/innings. What sport shows the score during an ad break?
: To be fair, the matchmaking in OCE has always been dogshit and the players have always been mindblowingly toxic (barring the advent of server launch, those were good times). But yeah.
OCE was fine for a few years. Pretty rapid decline alongside NA for the last couple of years.
: Downvoted for saying fortnight.
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: Ahh maybe that’s what it was. I did say f*** about 10 times in that ten minutes of brutal trolling xD ah well lesson learned. Any suggestions as to how to deal with that level of tilt/trolling? I honestly felt like sitting in fountain for ten minutes in a ranked game.
Just mentally concede the game. The game is lost, my team isn't going to suddenly improve, I just need to chill out until the next game and hope my next team is better. That said, I haven't played a single game of LoL in well over a month for this exact reason.
: I'm not sure how, but they pulled it off
Pretty sure there's a tiered blacklist of words you can't say, and the associated punishments for saying them and it's a mostly automated system (sometimes you'll cop a punishment for a word taken out of context). But it's basically Permaban > Time Ban > Chat Restriction based off what you say. Can't say for sure what the words are because it's constantly updated, has never been shown to the players, and it's made region-by-region. (E.g. dropping the C-word in OCE means nothing because it's basically slang here whereas it's a much nastier insult elsewhere in the world).
devotephere (EUNE)
: Remove most of the RNG out of teamfight TACTICS!
Am I the only one who doesn't have an issue with the RNG in TFT? I feel like it doesn't even matter. I think maybe 1 in 6 games I actually get screwed by item RNG but I hit Top 4 for my teamp comp anyway.
: I love League, I played it for 10 years. But you make me want to quit.
Same. Been playing since 2012 and haven't touched actual LoL in probably close to 2 months (I still play the occasional TFT/ARAM/Coop vs. AI). I own every skin in the game and that investment still isn't enough to keep me playing. I feel much better focusing on my study and BJJ+Gym training.
: Why does Warwick not have a Blood Moon skin?
Riot refuses to do 'obvious' skins. They'd rather release stuff like Dunkmaster Ivern or yet another Lux skin. When they announced skin variants at the end of last year I thought for sure we were getting a Candy Cane variant of Candy King Ivern for Snowdown.
Reav3 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=aYgz5mUf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-12T04:45:11.139+0000) > > Yeah, I like Qiyana's base splash, but even I can admit the background is garbo. I don't know why they made it an explosion, what purpose does that serve to support her theme/personality? The Battle Boss splash is great. The Goal was to sell her high moment, which we found through playing her and from playtests, was her Ult. The Splash is supposed to be right after she ults a wall and it explodes
idk man you guys really missed the mark with her base splash. Her in-game model is better comparatively.
: Keep in mind, Qiyana may have been rushed out early since China leaked her existence I believe. Possible the stories weren't ready yet. But just a theory, not positive.
Riot works pretty far in advance - Qiyana would have been in production for close to 12 months. If Riot had any good stuff prepared for Qiyana and Ixaocan it would have been >90% done by the time it got leaked. Fact of the matter is that Riot thought they could come up with some piss poor lore for Qiyana and Ixaocan, relocate a few Kumungu champs to Ixaocan and call it a day.
: Deceptive pricing in the store
They can't even say that it's based off the approximate value of all the stuff in the bundle because 200 Tokens is maybe worth ~750 RP, the Orbs would be 1k RP combined, the Summoner Icon would be 250 RP. That's 2k all together. The Arcade Pass itself couldn't possibly be worth 2650 RP unless it grants access to missions that unlock additional content and tokens. Riot is lying to their playerbase. To make matters worse, they completely excluded TFT from the event and Riot has spent the last 12 months nerfing every Jungler I enjoy out of the game so I have no incentive to play LoL.
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Effwhy (OCE)
: TFT: Champion Pool Size.
Curious about 2 as well. I alter some of my comps to take out players who have units I want, but I don't think that they actually get added back into the pool.
: Not getting any progress on my LEC pass
Are they Rift Rivals games? They don't seem to work for the pass.
Zeref (NA)
: List of ALL Champions && their number of skins
tbh remake this list without counting World Championship Team Skins.
: Who is the biggest threat to Runeterra?
The shadow isles. Whatever the fuck created Pyke. Aurelion Sol if he ever escapes Targon's control.
: You mean these ones? https://i.gyazo.com/7d4b1efad79085e56e9aaca020f26c06.png They're all available for purchase to the best of my knowledge. You have to get the whole bundle if you want the Ruby one though.
Hopped on my smurf to make sure I couldn't just see them because I already owned them. https://i.gyazo.com/631f7625c79f0538f077aefab4afa52d.png They're 100% available for purchase.
: Lee sin variations/chromas on the Chinese server?
You mean these ones? https://i.gyazo.com/7d4b1efad79085e56e9aaca020f26c06.png They're all available for purchase to the best of my knowledge. You have to get the whole bundle if you want the Ruby one though.
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: Missing Shaco Chroma
: ***
I mean, that would depend on the BE-to-OE conversion ratio. If the ratio is 1:10 it would take 10500 BE to get a 1350 RP skin (1:15 = 15750 BE, 1:20 = 21000 BE). How much BE does the average casual save up in a month? ~6-7k BE?
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: I doubt it won't be popular. Think about how many League players probably go to DoTA oto play AChess. Now think about if they didn't have to. There are a _ton_ of people who run off convenience and even more that have never even heard of this before.
> [{quoted}](name=ChickenWrap,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3N6tQeyu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-10T17:52:00.335+0000) > > I doubt it won't be popular. > > Think about how many League players probably go to DoTA oto play AChess. > > Now think about if they didn't have to. There are a _ton_ of people who run off convenience and even more that have never even heard of this before. I honestly had the same thought. This game mode is just Riot taking back all their players from autochess.
: New champions reveals feel incredibly underwhelming because of the new reveal pages
I swear the format used to be vague teaser ---> full reveal like 2 weeks later. Now the teaser reveals quite a bit and we get the full reveal like 2 days later and it's all really generic. We used to get really cool reveal pages and extra content.
: Got reported because I said "keep calm, ff15 and report varus"
Soliciting reports is much more bannable than having a bad game fyi.
: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept Designs (Thank you @Kindlejack)
F has my vote or something between current Fiddlesticks (or K) and F.
Voli (EUW)
: PLEASE don't do this. None of the Volibear mains want a horror bear. We want our loving armored polar bear as close as possible to how he is right now. This concept should be saved for another champion. It was also mentioned that the writer of Silence of Damned specifically wrote about a specific state of Volibear that doesn't reflect his state in current League of Legends. It shouldn't be interpreted as his permanent form or how he would appear in game. That writer also isn't involved in Voli's update afaik. I also think posts like this are rather unempathic for the people that have played and loved Voli for years. You wouldn't want your main to be completely overhauled into something unrecognizable. Think about it.
I mean, I've been a Fiddle and Shaco enthusiast for years and I've wanted full-scale VGUs on them the whole time because that they are right now in comparison to what they have the potential to be is a fucking joke. Volibear is going to get a full scale rework because right now he's not even a champion and Riot's not going to compromise that for the sake of the 0.01% of the playerbase who 'main' him (and I was very generous to voli mains when I did that math btw).
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: Is it just me or the Battle Academia event just came and went just like that?
It's like Riot had the skins ready for release then they decided a a few days before they got shipped to make it into an event and halfassed the shit out of it.
Néékö (NA)
: Am I the only one that's afraid of being a support main in this release? Pick off support kill it quick come back too the fight with free gold and stats... If your ahead just pick off any squishy, if not pick on supports(unless their smart and got tanky fast too live threw 7s of aloness..)
> [{quoted}](name=Néékö,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EVYm9QAV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-31T00:18:04.061+0000) > > Am I the only one that's afraid of being a support main in this release? > Pick off support kill it quick come back too the fight with free gold and stats... > > If your ahead just pick off any squishy, if not pick on supports(unless their smart and got tanky fast too live threw 7s of aloness..) My thought exactly. What can a Braum/Naut/Janna/Nami etc do 1v1? What can a team do without the peel from their support if they get engaged on now?
: Tbh I think Mord’s gonna be boring.
idk why people's first thought when they saw the new R was ulting the enemy adc. I immediately thought ult their support/tank and kill it in the Death Realm while your team engages on their now exposed backline. Mordekaiser won't be any more boring than any other Tank/Juggernaut.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Hey! Morde's writer here. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts! A couple thoughts to share back. First, know that with any champion rework, we first seek to understand as deeply as possible what makes a champion great, what excites players about that champion, and what are the core essences that define who that champion is. From there, we set out to craft their place in wider Runeterra. Any change has the potential to be painful. Know that the folks on the team are all highly passionate players and story geeks to the Nth degree; no change was made lightly, and no expansion or shifted emphasis was done without heavy thought and robust discussion. One of the things I most appreciate about being at Riot is the space and time we give projects to do things as right as possible. Do we miss the mark sometimes? Well, to be human is to err. (Unless you're Mordekaiser. Then you just cease being human. :P) But I am grateful to have teams who are super passionate and knowledgeable all working to craft something to share that excites us and, we hope, the players that love this content. Onto some Morde specific thoughts: 1) Mordekaiser is an extremely accomplished necromancer - a soul of iron will and arcane power, and a warlord of deep intellect. Mordekaiser defied death by sheer force of will - a feat literally no other mortal on Runeterra had accomplished. The ghosts of the Shadow Isles are in the living realm because of a magical catastrophe; Mordekaiser _refused to accept the reality around him_. He gained necromantic powers in the death realm by listening to the maddening whispers of souls and *deciphering an unspoken language* over untold time, teaching himself Ochnun. (I barely learned some broken Spanish after 4 years of studying, so, uh, there's that.) Through those profane whispers, he also figured out how to speak across the veil of death and deceive mortals into thinking they could bring him back and bind him to their will - only to slaughter them all. Once returned, he didn't kill without a plan, despite what his enemies thought: > To his foes, it seemed he cared only for massacre and destruction. Entire generations perished under his relentless campaigns. > However, there was far more to Mordekaiser’s plan. He raised the Immortal Bastion at the center of his empire; while most assumed it was merely a seat of power, some came to know the secrets it held. Mordekaiser hungered for all the forbidden knowledge of spirits and death, and a true understanding of the realm… or realms… beyond. Mordekaiser sought out more arcane knowledge about the dead and about spirits, growing his necromantic powers while doing what he did best in his first life - conquering - all to serve his bigger purpose. He also built an impossible physical monument to his power that has secrets yet untold. And all of that empowered him to harvest souls, grow his necromantic power, and build an army of spirits bound to his will. It takes a necromancer of some power to exert such control. Also, Mordekaiser's rebuke of death was so thorough that he learned how to forge his own afterlife and realm. He is a necromancer not bound to physical totems or phylacteries, but has managed to reject the very cycle of life and death that seemed his destiny. 2) Mordekaiser is the warlord that inspired the entire Noxian empire. Take a look at his quote: "Destiny. Domination. Deceit." You might find it maps to the Noxian / Trifarix principles of strength: "Vision, Might, Guile." Consciously or not, Mordekaiser's legacy spawned an entire culture that emulated his conquests and his philosophies. Yet to him, Noxians are a watered down imitation of his previous glory. At the same time, to every day Noxians, his legacy as a conqueror is of mythic proportions - legends so big, they are hard to believe as history. (A real world comparison is the Romulus and Remus mythos around the founding of Rome.) 3) Mordekaiser is an unstoppable threat and a major force that looms over Runeterra. His first return, when his necromantic powers were new, resulted in a massive period of tyrannical rule that took both betrayal from within and united enemies from without to stop him. Now, he has amassed an army of souls, collected powerful arcane knowledge, and has plans and machinations in place... 4) There was a lot of discussion that led to Morde no longer being associated with the Shadow Isles. It was not a decision we made lightly. In fact, I originally argued against it, but came to agree with our narrative lead and lead editor on why it is the stronger story choice. Ultimately, we made the call due to a number of factors: **Death magic and necromancers exist beyond the Shadow Isles.** Runeterra is a big place, with a long history. The Shadow Isles was just one (albeit enormous) cataclysmic event that caused a specific area of Runeterra to become frozen in time, and to have a very specific form of undeath permeate the land. Ultimately, Mordekaiser's old connection to Shadow Isles felt primarily driven by a feeling that we had to shoehorn him into our "ghost faction". In our current storytelling efforts, we're interested in expanding our factions out beyond some of those wide (and as a result flat) characterizations that were made in years past. Another great example of this is how Demacia is more than just "the good guys" faction, as seen in how they deal with their relationship to magic, brought to the forefront with Sylas and Lux's story (shameless comic plug here - go read it!). **Questions of geography / narrative complexity** In terms of our geography, Shadow Isles is far flung from where the Immortal Bastion is. (Yay, Runeterra Map!) While I loved the idea that it took taking Morde's remains across the world to prevent him from returning, ultimately it felt honoring Morde's connections to the Immortal Bastion yielded more rich storytelling space. It also simplified a narrative beat in his backstory, allowing me to zero in on his arc and agency, rather than a moment of denied choice where outside forces moved him, and then an outside cataclysm happened to bring him back. **I wanted Mordekaiser to shed all mortal weakness.** A big guiding star for me was the question, "what makes Morde metal and terrifying and unique?" How do we take "necromantic warlord" and push him to an 11? One answer that excited us - rather than having a physical weakness of his mortal remains, what if he shed just about everything that made him remotely human? To me, his title, "The Iron Revenant," served a lot of inspiration in this regard, and further cemented the pivot away from his remains being a major weakness or vulnerability. 5) For a character like Mordekaiser, who spans massive swaths of Runeterra's timeline and history, his story has large impacts on larger reaching histories and stories we are setting up to tell. Clarifying and focusing Mordekaiser's story in allows us to help make greater sense of many other characters and champs. Some stories are just subtle hints right now, breadcrumbs that I can't wait to explore more fully in other outlets than just Mordekaiser's bio. This leads to some more general thoughts in regards to writing for Riot and League: 6) A huge challenge of being a narrative writer on League of Legends is the space in which we get to tell the story of a champion. In game, the main narrative outlet is a champ's voiceover script - a very specific set of lines, with very tight gameplay constraints on length. It definitely has its strengths and weaknesses as a storytelling expression. Out of game, we have a champ's biography and color story. A bio is, by its nature, more summary than story, more exposition told as evocatively as possible than scene-driven in depth storytelling. Our color stories are also a very specific length, and are crafted to give a very specific snapshot of the champion in action. With a champ that's larger than life like Mordekaiser, this means that there's much that remains untold in full, many details that must be summarized, and TONS of story space that is ripe for deeper exploration in future storytelling endeavors. And honestly, that's part of the joy as well - leaving tantalizing questions for players to ask, to explore, to theorize, and to discover. For now, I have to leave Mordekaiser with his Bio, VO, and color story. But if players are excited to learn more about his history, I hope we'll have more opportunities to expand and explore as we continue to strive as a narrative team to help move Runeterra's events forward in time. Whew, this got quite long - apologies! I hope these thoughts were interesting, and helped to answer a bit of the question "why did his lore have to change?" as well as address some of your feelings that he isn't the epic, metal champ he was! Thanks for reading and caring about Mordekaiser, this game, and our world and story as much as you do, and sharing that with us. :)
TL;DR - We (Riot) made a shit decision, but we thought a lot about it beforehand. We knew the full weight of the decision. We knew it wasn't what the Mordekaiser mains, who only really played him for his Lore and Theme despite being a worthless champion for the best part of 9 years, wanted or liked. But we made it anyway.
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