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: For all the players stuck in silver
The whole your ranking is your ranking for a reason or getting a hard time for saying your teammates are bad when you're in the same ranking is an utterly flawed concept, sure if you're saying you're challenger when you blatantly aren't that is incorrect but when you're doing your part and others are doing far less than their part you lose no matter how well you do. Riot's idea of ranked play is 1v9 carry or stay stuck where you are...
: to all the people saying the swain rework is trash
The eternal problem is that Riot makes brainless champions have insane damage and champions that actually take some effort to pull off have such conditional and low damage so you're always going to feel like the latter is garbage when you can pick up something like zed and just roll your face on the keyboard. Champions need to be competitive in this stupidly unbalanced game and swain just isn't.


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