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: Pykes ability to just go out of sight and return fill HP is BAD. Its toxic to the game. There is a reason he is banned so much. We hated it on {{champion:223}} we hate it on Pyke too. With Tahm you can counter it but you cant with Pyke.
It's such a foolish mindset to say you can't counter it on pyke. With tahm the counter is you deal enough damage for him to be forced to use his shield. With pyke you stay in range of him and use control wards so you can kill him. Most support champions can full heal in 5 seconds after disengaging from a fight. After pyke uses his e he should not be escaping you without him using flash. He has no disengage to be able to escape and heal. I have never ever in my 500+ pyke games seen a single person complain about my healing. All complaints went straight to my ult and the fact that i can kill a fed adc solo. His healing is not the problem. This nerf is unnecessary but people like it because they don't like pyke. Saying there's no counterplay is not a valid point to be agreeing with this nerf. High elo pyke is always shit on or un-impactful because people actually know how to play the game. This is another nerf going into the game because people from bronze-gold don't know what to do. Pyke's winrate is not special. It doesn't even break 51%. Even in response to this nobody gives a good reason as to why his healing should be nerfed. People say he can go too deep? Yeah that's because he has a speed boost and a stun-dash. People say that he can't be punished? No thats you getting punished for your poor play. Give me a reason why pyke heal is op. Literally nerf anything else. Remove lethality scaling from ult. Make cooldown of e longer. Give his healing a similar thing to mobas like only heal out of combat. Let pyke build hp instead of hp going to ad. Reducing his healing completely removes pyke from high elo gameplay and makes it so horrible for low elo.
: With due respect, if they're going to keep his damage, he shouldn't be a support at all. He ought to be jungle or mid. That said, I agree. I'd have dialed his damage potential back and kept his healing where it was. Unfortunately, Riot is married to this damage meta...
I can agree that his damage is a bit much and if they were going to try to reduce his impact they could maybe remove or lower his lethality scaling damage from his ult. I thought i added that into main text but i forgot that's mb.
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