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: 9.2 did a good job though. And 9.3, while not addresing anything systematic, it got Irelia out of mid for good and nerfed plenty of problem Champs. Overall DMG is still to high but if they continue we could end on a pretty enjoyable game.
Yes the 9.2 changes are definitely a step in the right direction, but they proposed further changes to “systemic damage“ outside of those 9.2 changes, which is what i’m talking about. There was even a whole post with their plans and talking about what’s causing “time to kill” being significantly lower, but then they just went quite and haven’t said anything else for weeks. Imo the 9.2 while are definitely good, but damage is still way out of line..
: They nerfed ignite, they nerfed every damage rune or scaling runes, they lowered a little offensive stat and buffed a little defense stat, they nerfed every top pick that goes into this (the one remaining I can think off atm is xin?), items have been properly nerf (tiamat cost increased notably), ADC item are weaker even with the new recent changes... Like no dude, they really did stuff about this. Maybe they didn't go "SO GUYS, I AM GONNA DROP A BIG NUMBER NERF ON DUSKBLADE BECAUSE YOU ALL HATE IT AND IT FEEL GOOD" because the item isn't such an outliner anymore and it was a lot of different things. Hey, one of the actual problematic stuff in lol is possibly aftershock bringing too much resistance early XD
Yes those were in 9.2, they said they’re nerfing ignite, smite and some small rune adjustments in 9.2, then in 9.3/9.4 they were going to do bigger changes in terms of lowering “systemic damage” If they said the 9.2 changes were all, then fine. I wouldn’t be asking what happened to other proposed changes, but that’s not the case, And this is the second time it’s happened. Also those small changes are nowhere near enough, damage is beyond out of control, drastic measures are needed here. Nerfing ignite is just correcting their mistake from season 8, damage was already insanely high before they even buffed ignite.
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: Every time I see a riot isn't doing anything post I'm reminded that even though they release patch notes showing they are trying to do the thing the general consensus wants there will still be a decent chunk of vocal people claiming they do nothing. Hey we lowered ignite damage, some damage in runes and slightly buffed the defense runes. Riot you didn't do anything! Like what do you expect riot to just drop a nuke on the game and hope they survive the explosion? Hell even if by some act of Morgan Freeman they managed to make the current batch of people screaming at them happy the batch of people who want the complete opposite are going to come in and the hyperbolic rage post followed by the doing nothing post will resume again!
Lol they said those ignite and small nerfs were the first changes with more to come.. They even talked about it for several weeks, and kept saying “more details next week” but they just gone quite about it. Your example is stupid, they didn’t say they’re only nerfing ignite + the small runes nerf, they themselves said they were doing more than that. Maybe if they didn’t promise something then not deliver, then i wouldn’t complain about them doing nothing. Mind you, this is the second time it’s happened. Idiots like you that come onto posts trying to throw others in with some “group” of people that you think exists, is exactly what is wrong with the boards. You’re an idiot, so don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about, and quit trying to tell people what chunk of vocal people they’re a part of.
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Meddler (NA)
: What we'll likely do in 9.2: Adaptive (Slot 1 and 2) :: 10 >>> 9 [AP: 10 >>> 9, AD: 6 >>> 5.4] Armor (Slot 2 and 3) :: 5 >>> 6 Magic Resist (Slot 2 and 3) :: 6 >>> 8 Changes look pretty small individually, given it's narrowing the gap between offensive and defensive runes from both sides we're expecting it to be larger than it looks though, especially since in a number of cases it should also result in people swapping from offense to defense. E.g. not just 2 x 6 AD and 1 x 5 Armor vrs the same, but more cases of 1 x 5.4 AD vrs 2 x 6 Armor.
While this is a small step in the right direction, i don’t believe this will change much. It’s really not going to help the overwhelming amount of burst. The problem with burst currently, is everyone has access to it, and you don’t need to be fed to do it. Runes give so much free damage, that you start bursting people from 100-0 with a single item. This isn’t how it used to work. You used to need a significant lead to burst people, like being 4-0 and 2/3 levels up, and you had to opt into multiple damage items to do it, this is why it’s so frustrating. Seeing someone who’s 2/3, same level as me with a single item 100-0 me in one combo makes no sense. Supports and tanks can even chunk you for about 60% or more hp through most points of the game. Without being fed or having even built any damage. You need much bigger work to fix this issue. Damage needs to be lowered across the board, even if you added 10 more armor and mr into the runes it will barely help. Burst is significantly higher than it ever was. Also i don’t think every rune NEEDS to give damage, like you can even get damage for warding or being in a river.. it’s absurd, why can’t we get other “effects” that aren’t “free damage” instead for some runes ? Like bonus ms, or “apply a slow on first auto after placing a ward in enemy territory” something like that instead of damage. This could apply to damage keystones as well, do away with the whole “do more damage for doing damage” concept. Or at least significantly nerf the damage if you want to fix this issue. Also i believe AP itemisation was way overbuffed in season 8... Ap is too strong at the moment, you should consider reverting the % passive on deathcap and void staff. Conqueror is also way out of line. This rune really should be reworked or removed. Why not bring back fervor of battle in it’s place?
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Jansuo (EUNE)
: And they have the guts to tell you that the damage hasn't changed much these past years and append the irrelevant total damage dealt chart comparison. Thank you for posting this video. It really sums up the reason why I stopped playing summoner's rift.
The reason the “total damage dealt chart” has remained the same over the years... is because the amount of HP in the game has remained relatively the same.. You can’t burst more than there is hp... If 5 players all up have 15khp? Only 15k damage can happen in a fight.. The issue is how fast that 15k is happening these days, compared to older days, and the answer is: much much faster Rito is too stupid to realise this.
: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
I felt exactly this back when ADC’s were OP and damage was at it’s highest in s8... People were crying “nerf dmg/adc’s” but at the same time “mages suck/bruisers suck!” And here we are now... with the tables turned. Mages and Bruisers are now incredibly broken. I couldn’t for the life of me understand how the majority of boards wanted damage nerfed but also wanted their class buffed.
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: i have a crazy idea... get rid of upfront burst from runes/ items
Idk how anyone could have ever thought “do more dmg for doing dmg” was a good concept.
: Could New Tank Items Ease The Damage Meta?
Nope, buffing tanks resistances won’t stop everyone else from one shotting eachother. Lower damage instead, that achieves making tanks tankier, as well as stopping everyone else from one shotting eachother, unless they’re really fed.
: Towers are just awful now and I hate it.
> [{quoted}](name=PowerBurger,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6prG4nVh,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-29T09:56:54.376+0000) > > Please. Turret lives matter. I feel like the nexus ones should get plating, honestly. > > Oh, and I miss the lasers. :< I remember a few months back when everyone was complaining about how weak towers are, and Riot went ahead and nerfed the nexus turrets even further, so i doubt they’re going to give them any sort of buff.
mack9112 (NA)
: Give it some time meddler has said nerfs are in the pipeline end of season is very difficult to put out large balance changes like that
“Meddler has said” Meddler saying something and Meddler doing something are worlds apart.
Leto GT (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion : Those changes aren't that bad.
It’s not that they’re bad, they’re fine, maybe a little overtuned (plating gold/DH), but the point is they don’t address any of the issues. They’ve completely ignored them and given us a “placebo fix” instead such as “tankier turrets” .. are they REALLY tankier ? Does that extra minute or two really do that much to fix the game’s problems? No they go back to being useless after 14 mins and baron still ends the game in a single push. On top of that they buffed minions once again because apparently we need more help “closing out games” Riot said they’d address dmg creep & they didn’t. It’s incredibly disappointing that they basically lied, and that after such a long wait the “pre season changes” barely had any effect on the game state. People are especially furious because we know this was the one time for big changes. The next chance will be next mid season/ pre season.
: Do you have any actual proof proving that damage has gone up? Because once again, i'd care to remind you, that Riot believes that overall damage has remained the same, the problem is *Upfront* damage, which is what they've nerfed before in Preseason, and have again in the form of Armor/MR runes. Many will say "Yeah, but, they added in more damage in runes too", well counter that with the fact that we already had damage in runes, but now we get a base Defense slot as well.
They reworked DH into a rune that does more burst than pre nerf electrocute + they gave shield tanks a bunch of dmg, & gave everyone the option of taking dmg runes regardless of what tree you’re opting into, but no there’s no proof of it, at all, you right Also for the point about overall damage: yes overall damage will always remain the same no matter how high/low dmg is, because people generally have around the same amount of HP as they did in previous seasons. If someone in a game has 3k HP, YOU CAN ONLY DO 3k DAMAGE, regardless of how low/high dmg is. However, burst damage is through the roof in comparison to previous seasons, and that 5 armor/ 6 mr they added barely does shit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkin Hybrid,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MJQNvT48,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-25T18:49:22.660+0000) > > Honestly I am just wondering the same thing, I get that people care for this game but there are some things that people just need to let go of. > > The only way to fix this game's state is sadly out of our hands, and the company behind the creation of this game along with the employees who are responsible for the balance changes and so on, are all very ignorant. But Riot is more focused on trying to compete with other fast paced games which is causing the game to alienate itself into something that no longer, and doesn't resemble the real League. In a few years or even sooner we won't recognise this game anymore due to the amount of changes that this game has faced, but who knows anymore. > > They are really all about making as much money as possible at this point through skins and so on. If anything I feel sorry for those talented workers (Art/Sound/Lore teams) who have to work and be part of organization with such a bad reputation (Sexism Drama, PAX Drama, etc...). This is how I've looked at all the changes with the game. League of Legends has to compete with the likes of Fortnite, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and et al. for screentime on our machines. Those other games can get wrapped up within 15min, and if PUBG has showed us anything, nobody wants to be stuck in a losing situation for over half an hour with no payoff, which is why they've been speeding it up, making buffs meaningful to fights, squishing turrets to fall over faster, etc. I don't get this sense of entitlement most of the playerbase has where they think what they say should be implemented immediately without understanding that ISN'T how QA for what is effectively a PBE/live patch is :S
This is dumb. Who says League has to compete with those games? League is already bigger than those games (except maybe fortnite) they don’t need to become like them and “compete with them” .. that makes literally no sense. League is nothing like those games. It shouldn’t be trying to compete for the playerbase of those games. It’d be like Overwatch or fornite saying “let’s make our games 40+ mins long to compete for the playerbase of a moba that has nothing to do with our game’s genre”
: It hasn't even been a week since the patch release, calm the fuck down. We're not even a full patch into Pre-Season, and Meddlr's gameplay thoughts are already talking about observing the results of the changes. Edit: I'm Thanos'd, equally balanced. As all things should be.
Lol Meddler talking about being happy with the results of the changes
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: Dark Harvest's slot should be replaced with an entirely new rune.
Just revert it, knowing Riot, they’ll come up with something even more broken than both iterations of it, if they replaced it
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: WTF happened mid season 5 That made riot lose all grip on reality
At a certain point in season 5 we had a tank meta, with low dmg, and games lasting 50+ mins .... people complained .. All we wanted was for things to be how they were in s3-5 before that tank meta.... They went way too far though, and pushed damage to the extreme, as well as making games shorter and shorter and more snowbally with each season since then. All we wanted was to go back to how it was pre tank meta s5, y’know, 30-45 min games, NOT 20-25!
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: Guinsoo's Rageblade now grants Armor & Magic Penetration
Hashinshin gonna be happy with it, he’s been saying for a long time that Jax needs “armor pen” in his already overloaded kit, well now he gets both pen!
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ƒrostγ (EUNE)
: only her E, rest of the kit is fine
Eh, i used to main her for mid, till they made her into Draven 2.0 with the knives mechanic. Just revert the whole thing. It’s not fun for me as a former Kat main, if i wanted to play Draven’s axe mini game i’d have mained Draven.
: See, at this point, I feel pretty safe in automatically assuming that whoever claims "winning is not fun" is just a big fat liar. Winning, by human nature, feels really fun, and those who actually win don't go to the boards to complain about winning.
It’s not fun, because games are so one sided, it’s hard to lose once ahead. Towers being paper thin, and baron/herald basically auto win games. You barely have to do anything anymore to win. The game just holds your hand and wins for you. Not to mention skill expression has gotten much lower, you don’t need to outplay your opponents outside of the first 5 min. You get ahead, and you get so much dmg, that you just go around mindlessly one shotting How is that fun? Sure maybe if you hadn’t experienced old league. When it was more like a strategic chess game rather than a fighting game where pressing your buttons first to burst = win a fight.
: Mobility Creep should be looked at during pre-season in addition to Damage
They're not even looking at damage, they recently stated that they were now content with the state of damage, after the recent nerfs to electrocute. So i doubt they'll even think about mobility creep.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: "damage creep is a real problem riot"
Honestly, the balance team has no clue what they’re doing, it took them several months to realise damage was too high. Several months of people making posts every single day in boards/reddit, the boards was on fire every single day in regards to damage, and multiple streamers had to make videos before Riot was finally like “damage is too high? We’ll look into it” Anyone who has played a few games this season can tell damage was WAY too high. Everyone’s just running around bursting eachother, even classes that build 0 damage, like tanks and supps are chunking you for a good portion of your health. Yet Rito had no clue, it’s like they don’t even play their own game. It seems as though the community has to be on fire about any balance issue before Riot finally realises it..
: Dear Riot, i havent stopped watching LCS becuase there isn't "enough damage"
You’re completely right, damage creep has removed strategic expression from the game, there’s no strategy involved anymore, anything and everything bursts eachother. It’s so easy to win that any mistake can cost you the game, and this has effected pro play also. Making games extremely passive and boring.
: With the amount of bitching people do, what champs DO YOU GUYS PLAY?
Nah we just bitch about some random game we don’t play. /s
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: One Sided Games Of Season 8
This post is spot on. Idk about the “jungler” stuff. Other lanes decide games just as much in most of my games. However, you’re 100% right about the damage, and room for skill expression being significantly lower. Damage is beyond absurd right now. Everyone is bursting everyone. It’s become like a fast paced fighting game, instead of a stratgic game. I also remember in previous seasons, how you’d be able to tank the majority of damage just by being so ahead in levels, and be able to 1v2 or 1v3. It doesn’t matter anymore. I can be 10-0 on , and i can die to almost anything unless i’m a bruiser/tank. It’s beyond stupid. You used to need a massive lead to burst people. That’s out the window now. Everyone has free burst. EVEN supports and tanks. Back in the day, in the mid-late game you’d be able to ignore the damage of a supp/tank if you were fed, even as a squishy carry. Nowadays the supp or tank will kill you (or almost kill you) in one rotation. The other major issue i have, is how dumbed down the game has become. With things like stronger Baron buff, rift herald and other “win more when ahead” mechanics that almost guarantee that the team that gets ahead will win, you barely have to do anything to win, it’s like the game just auto wins for you once your team gets ahead ..
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Zullar (NA)
: Game State is Terrible
You forgot CDR creep, and resource management no longer being a thing since they removed mana pots and gave everyone infinite mana outside of level 1-3
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >They should give her a few pieces of leaves for clothing.
Haha i was thinking more a long the lines of like Adam and Eve, how they have the leaf on their privates.
: How many months do I have to deal with Jhin having 600 MS after each AA ?
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: When Janna gets visually updated I want her to stay "sexualized," hear me out
They should give her a few pieces of leaves for clothing.
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