: We all know, that Annie is most attractive of them all, and will always be. Unless they make her grow up.
\*Insert Chris_Hansen.jpg here\*
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: As a straight guy I'd go with rhaast. Daddy rhaast 10/10
Unlike Kayn, Rhaast can knock people up.
: I'd say lissandra, kalista, and camille are unattractive. Elise is horrific to every arachnophobe. Jinx is iffy. Her face is cute but she's way too skinny; anorexia is a personal turn off and project jinx didn't help at all. Evelynn's true form is pretty messed up even though her trap form isn't. She should probably be a half point each. Nidalee and Shyvana probably need a half point in other as well. Ori feels like she should be in the other category IMO but I can see some reasons for keeping her put.
I've given defenses for some of these elsewhere so I'll try to be brief for them. Kalista: The art on her classic splash makes things look worse (I'd say that the nearest analogue is Pyke(7/10 with notable flaws and the skins seem to emphasize their power more than their aesthetics) so as it stands, I will leave her where she is.) Camille: Looks basically like the attractive female champions but with grey hair, and the skins emphasize her attractive traits Jinx: Excluding PROJECT: Jinx (I'll explain that below) the rest of the skins either show her with her waist twisting or side-on to some degree, as such, her classic skin is the best neutral look at her physique, and she is thinner than the rest of the female champions, and with a slimmer waist, but I'm inclined to believe her aesthetic is supposed to be 'cute' and 'tomboyish' and the skins do seem to emphasize this. As far as Elise is concerned, she is definitely portrayed as attractive (Just look at the necklines in the Classic, Blood Moon, Super Galaxy, and Lotus Blossom(Have to look at it in-game, as she seems to be doing a backflip in the splash art) skins), regardless of an arachnophobes reaction to her. Lissandra is in much the same boat. Regardless of personal opinion, she is portrayed as attractive. While her classic skin is mostly neutral, Bloodstone Lissandra is doing a pose that looks like it was taken from the Hawkeye Initiative, and apart from the Classic and Program skins the earliest her neckline stops is approx. halfway down her breasts. Which is notably odd if this design is not supposed to be attractive in some way (It could be a joke, like 'look at this ugly person dressing in sexy clothes' (nearest male analogue would be Zilean or Gragas in a tight singlet and hotpants (You're welcome)) and regardless of any problems I personally would have with a joke like that, there are three problems with that I can see with that reading. 1: Lissandra in generally portrayed as a serious character and a serious threat 2: she isn't ugly enough for that joke to land 3: A joke like that would be more of a 1 skin gag as opposed to a consistent character trait) I'd also contend that Orianna belongs in the Monstrous Humanoid category, as across all her skins she is definitely portrayed as feminine, compared to say Anivia who is portrayed as a bird across all her skins. If Anivia had a bunch of harpy and angel based skins (bird and humanoid) then she would also belong in the Monstrous Humanoid category. PROJECT: Jinx On one hand it gives her some rather impressive thighs, and on the other hand, Jesus Christ that waist. I feel like there a whole papers that could be written on that splash art, but I'll try to be brief. The posing looks awkward at best: she's standing with her legs apart and twisting her entire torso perpendicular to them, which would make her already thin waist look much thinner. Her jacket coming in front just before her body starts to widen leads the brain to assume her torso just goes up at its thinnest point (I think it is slightly transparent, if you read the lighter triangle in the bottom left as having nothing behind it, it looks better. Not good, but better.) Thanks for dealing with my wall of text! :)
Ackelope (NA)
: personally i'd include shen in "attractive human", he is masked, but his physique is pretty toned and physically attractive i'd say, and other masked, yet nonetheless good-looking dudes (jhin) who were included in "attractive human". also, maokai should probably be in "other". He's more tree than humanoid, and "monstrous" should refer to monstrous humanoid. one more thing, I feel that viktor should be considered as a human, he's modified with electronics and shit, but still very much human in overall shape/physique, unlike, say, urgot.
I think I might change my mind yet again on where Shen and Zed belong. Their physique is emphasized in a few skins (and you can see their biceps between armor segments in others), and the faces of both Pulsefire Shen and the Galaxy Slayer Zed concept art are attractive. (Although there is the argument to be made that of the masked characters for whom this discussion is necessary (Jax, Jhin, Shen, and Zed) Jhin is portrayed as almost sensual; whereas Jax is a grandstanding champion; Shen is a noble shinobi; and Zed is portrayed as more of a contract killer). In hindsight, Maokai would belong in the Other category, as only by a rather broad definition would he belong in the humanoid section. (1 head, 2 arms, two legs, bipedal) I would disagree with you on Viktor though, while he is a human with augmentations (like say Camille) his presentation (excluding Prototype Viktor (A skin whose draw is that it's a human Viktor)) is mostly to make him seem more robotic than human.
: Oh, this is cool. I did something very similar to this for a psychology of gender class, but I excluded monster-based champions and looked solely the representation of males and females in League of Legends in both game models, splash arts, representation (number of), as well as things like facial disfigurements and body types, as well as many other things.
That sounds really interesting, and like it had a lot more work put into it. Although I would claim that even the monstrous ones merit some discussion, such as how on the whole the animal-men (Nasus, Renekton, Tahm Kench, Wukong (starts out at a roughly even mix, but the skins push him towards looking more bestial ), ect.) look more animal like than the animal-women (Elise, Nami, Shyvana, Soraka, ect.). I can't really blame you for not going into that though.
: Illaoi...attractive? Some people have...interesting standards. Jinx? Hello, malnourished much? YIKES. Camille: robo-grandma? iG is attractive, Program decidedly *not*, Coven I suppose is. Base isn't. But yes, most females do fall into the "attractive" category if by that you mean just "normally healthy/not visibly overweight/middle aged/etc.".
Illaoi is honestly a difficult case. While I do find her attractive, she is noticeably different from the other champions that are supposed to be attractive (Fun-time activity: go through all the splash arts for the female champions and try to find something that looks like a muscle (Nightmare mode: Thighs and calves don't count)). That said, I believe I will move her to Unattractive, as it doesn't seem like her portrayal is intended to be attractive. After some time looking at the splash arts, Jinx does not appear to be malnourished. She is of a slighter frame than most of the others, but not greatly so, it's more likely that she was made to 'cute' rather than 'sexy'. Given that, and that the skins seem to be consistent with that portrayal, I will defend her placement. Camille's age is not emphasized by the splash arts, she looks more like a typical female champ with grey hair (more like a Qiyana variant than a female Swain). This is also apparent in the skins; compared to the skins of the older male champions (Ryze, Gangplank, Zilean, and Swain) which all (with the exception of Young Ryze (a skin specifically meant to be a younger version of Ryze)) keep the champions apparent age roughly the same, Camille's skins all keep her looking roughly the same as the other female champions (on the older edge like Lissandra, but not really what one would call 'old'.). (Also, her lore, despite having her be 80+ years old, makes it clear that because of her augmentations, she ages very slowly (the exact quote is 'time passed for Camille without age' and she gets he major augmentation at about 27 (25 her father dies + 1 year later + many months))) Given this, I will defend her placement.
PepijndM (EUW)
: Kayle seems to be counted twice. Also, I feel your standards could be slightly higher ;-)
I've fixed that up. I would appreciate it if you could mention any specific instances where someone got in due to my low standards, so i could defend their placement.
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Op must be from some sort of alternate parallel universe where Kayle was a dude.
Or he might come from some strange reality where it was a joke.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I think many will find Jax and Zed somewhere on the high end of attractiveness.
Honestly, Jax and Zed are difficult. On the one hand, they are portrayed as somewhere from buff to swole, and I could see eithers personality pushing them over the edge, my instinct is to put them in Unattractive, as I have trouble reading the lack of maskless skins as something other than a quiet statement that their appearance is irrelevant. But if I did that, I'd have to put Jhin in Unattractive as well, and I do not want to be killed by all 4444 of his fans (also, I'd agree with them). As it stands, my two options are to exclude all masked characters that have little discernible physique from the listing, or to put all of them into Unattractive, but let Jhin out due to the sheer power of his voice.
Mogarl (NA)
: One change I would recommend is making increments bold. I'm also skeptical of Jax and Zed's placement. Shen is in HM while Azir and Viktor are in the AM category, but none of them actually has physical features showing (ok Viktor's physical features are metal, but he's wearing a mask). Zed is likely a fit adult male, and judging by his comic cover doesn't have any exceptional flaws. Jax with his three fingers should probably be in monstrous.
You're definitely right about the bolding. It would improve readability of the list by leaps and bounds. Shen's placement was based on overall portrayal and the pulse fire skin. It is definitely shakier than most others. Viktors placement is an error in judgement on my part. Jax's category is also wrong. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know if I was thinking. On a second look, if Shen gets in, Zed could probably go into Attractive based on the Galaxy Slayer concept art of him shirtless, but I think I'll move them all to Unattractive so as to keep things mostly based on the champions classic skins. When I'm next near a computer I'll fix things up. Edit: Fixed, Then I changed my mind again.
: As you said, maybe your standards are just low but I really have to question an anorexic spirit being listed as attractive in anyone's standards.
Are you talking about Kallista? Because if so, anorexia is a bit of a stretch. Going by the splash art, her arms are a reasonably healthy looking (The blue light does make them look thinner though); what we can see of her legs looks fine; her waist is being seen side-on so a judgement seems difficult, but it looks alright (especially if we take into account some of the other waists can look mid-turn, such as in Lux's splash art). So I'm not quite sure where the anorexia comes from. I will concede that her face is a fair share more austere than most, but I would argue that if falls more into 'striking' than anything else.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Annie didn't register any points, but Amumu does? Why is this? I get that Annie is 10 years old (Well, is now.) but Amumu is a small child underneath the bandages too. How is Rek'Sai not in unattractive monster? I mean sure she's gorgeous but not by human standards, only Xer'Sai would find her appealing. And Illaoi is designed to be an unattractive humanoid as well.
I probably should go and change Amumu to not give points either. (I mean, an out _was_ available to me, but if I don't let Zoe count, then I shouldn't let Amumu count). The only excuse I could really offer is that I half-remembered that Amumu was a Yordle, and as such, didn't trip my underage alarm. Rek'Sai being in Other is an artifact of when my notes labelled the categories as 'Monstrous Humanoid'. Although I would argue that if Yuumi and Anivia belong in the other category, then Rek'Sai probably does too. As for Illaoi, part of me wants to make a joke along the lines of 'If they were trying to make her unattractive then they failed because **_DAMN!_**' Even so, she is different enough from the standard human female template that it does deserve some note. Consider her an Attractive* for now. (Edit: Illaoi has been moved based on what I believe is her intended portrayal)
Daszkal (NA)
: You know, I always see people complain when a new champ is female, but with you listing both female and male champs, it shows there is a lot more male champs than female champs in total. But the real question is why is there still only just 3 female Yordles after all these years(Yuumi doesn't count, she's a cat, not a Yordle)?
Personally, I have more of a problem with the variety within the design of champions from different genders. For example: if you were to tell me the the next champion is female, I'd have an idea what they'd look like (attractive, human-looking, maybe some variety of monster girl) and odds are I'd be right; but if you told me that the new champion is male, that would basically tell me nothing about what they'd look like, are we getting an old man like Zilean? A slab of man-meat like Braum? A twig like Twisted Fate? Or maybe something that isn't even human like Aurelio Sol?
Khâmul (EUW)
: you should get out of your room from time to time and explore the real world.
I'll have you know, I did most of the research for this in the living room!
: Why is Illaoi both monstrous and human?
That is a mistake. I'm on my phone right now so fixing it might take a while (why couldn't my mistakes be further down the list?). Edit: fixed
: I question what you consider attractive.... {{champion:350}} ? {{champion:203}} ? {{champion:34}} ? I guess if you are a furry...
If you'll have another look at those specific entries, they added a point into the 'Other' category, which is where I put champions for whom a rating of attractive or unattractive does not apply. I did not put all the female champions I believe are attractive on the list, I put all the female champions on the list and tallied up how many I believed were attractive. It's currently rather late(technically early) in my timezone, but I'll try to make things clearer later.
: I don't get this, why did you count Jinx as attractive human, attractive monstrous human and other all together?
That's just a mistake. I'll go fix that right now. Edit: fixed
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Naono (NA)
: The E was well thought out. It's a very strong in ability. I think the early Mana cost need to go up a bit. The charm on the q.... Hmm... Not sure about that especially at higher ranks, yeah it cost high Mana but still. At that see stage Mana won't be much of an issue. I understand that it's adds to "distraction" theme though. If we were to compare it to ahri's. Well, hers can be blocked by minions. So a way to lessen charm power could be, it charms the first Target it hits. I look back it didn't mention the charms range. I am thinking this champ is support/mid.
Thanks for the feedback, I've made a few changes to the Q and E. I was mainly visualising them as a support, but they could work as a midlaner, given enough skill and a good matchup.
: This is actually pretty good, unlike other concepts where is just pure damage, you can tell what role he is emant to play
Thanks, I was worried that he would be a bit underwhelming, but it's nice that others think it came together well too.
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
Bobo113 (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Hoette - The Craigbreaker
Interesting Concept. A few questions about the passive, does it deal on-hit effects twice? Does IE effect the first strike, the second strike, or both? Q- A fairly straightforward dash attack, nothing much to say here. W- Quick question, can this ability be re-activated to cancel it? Otherwise his Q, his only escape and engage, is locked onto it. E- Intesting enough, just under the Buff section, you have armor listed as 40% reduction, might want to fix that. Ult - Seems like a good version of Yasuo's wall, I shudder to imagine him and Yasuo on the same team. Overall, seems like a good concept, with a decent skill ceiling, and learning curve. Good luck in the CCOS.
: There must be something in the air with gold based champions this month. There are three or four out there right now, and I am about to post one myself. I like the idea of using gold in game for more than just buying items, and this is definitely one potential path to go down, to make gold more meaningful in game. I am also a _HUGE_ fan of champion unique items, and think there needs to be more of them. So thank you for that. The only issue is, the unique item takes up a slot, but does not really do anything. You might as well remove an item slot entirely, and just have a counter like Nasus has for his Q stacks. Which you could do, OR, put some stats on that unique item and make it upgrade-able. Maybe instead of the number of items you can tax increasing at certain levels, you can spend money to increase the number of items you can tax up to a maximum. It is really risky to completely remove an item slot from a champion and will severely put them behind late game. Q is a simple straight forward ability, but I think the amount of gold spent to cast the ability, needs to match how much gold is left behind. Or else people will abuse it and just give their teammates an extra 20 gold. I need a little more clarity on W. Is Eluard leaving behind these zones of move speed buffs/debuffs, or does the zone always stay around Eluard? Or is it both? I think the balance between the speed up, and slow down is really good. Neither one is overwhelming by itself, but at max level, when both are in affect, you're looking at a 50% movement speed difference. Great mechanic! I like the E mechanic, of laying traps and being able to pick them back up. If Eluard picks them back up, does he get a charge back? Or his CD reset for that ability? R has potential to be really strong. Especially in bot lane, with the gold generation items, or Targon's. That sounds obscenely broken to me, the amount of gold being tossed around in the bot lane. Not sure how that would actually play out in game, but it takes me back to the Heart of Gold and Philosopher's Stone days... Overall some really unique ideas, good job!
Thanks for your input. I fixed up the Q, I missed it during one of my revisions. The W is a MS buff, and leaves behind a slowing zone, I've cleared up the description to match that. E does not refund the charge, just the gold. The passive and the Ult are linked, the reason for the lack of an item slot which impacts the lategame, and the ult that can infinitely scale in the lategame, is help keep the infinite scaling from going too far too fast. Also, I have no why there are so many gold-based champions this month. Coincidences can be weird.
: Here comes [Eluard](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/yQZBYtwI-eluard-the-merchant-king)!
Also, for future reference, can I rework an old concept of mine and enter it?
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] October CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Here comes [Eluard](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/yQZBYtwI-eluard-the-merchant-king)!
: Super unique champ design and I absolutely love it. The only thing I might have an issue with would be his W, where he gets a small bit of free gold for basically free. It's like put $20 on the table and picking it up later. It's still $20. Also, remove the doubled mana cost in his W description, since he doesn't use mana. I would replace it with either an decreased gold consumption and decreased effect, or a halfed (or similar) effect on enemy champions who walked through his previous pile. Also, if he's laying down this gold, similar to his golden bullet, anyone should be able to pick it up. One last thing to say, it would be interesting if enemy champions got an increased gold reward for killing him (normal amount is like, 300 for all champs, maybe make him give like, 325 or 350 or something) Oh, I would also give his ult an active. Maybe he layers on more gold for a huge increase in attack damage (with his obviously pure golden sword), magic resist and armor, but also gets decreased attack speed and movement speed. All around great idea.
Thanks for the feedback. Part of the reasoning behind the W was that you're either using it to catch up to a fleeing enemy, or run from an enemy, meaning that it's somewhat unlikely that Eluard will be going back to stand still for a small amount of gold. Also, the MS bonus and slow halve in intensity with each cast. Also, thanks for catching the mana cost thing, I missed it when I was shifting him to run on PURE WEALTH! I also, slightly nerfed his ult's passive, and gave it an active that fits his ideal role of support: He can now buy a shield for one of his allies (or himself if he's being selfish.).
: > [{quoted}](name=OrionTheHunter,realm=OCE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=yQZBYtwI,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-28T10:53:12.704+0000) > > https://i.pinimg.com/736x/07/85/4d/07854d21a5245b6ad88ca196e5c06e6f--character-ideas-character-art.jpg > ------ > Lore(barebones atm) > Last son of a ruined noble house, an almost destitute Eluard was forced to be either a great merchant, or a dead noble. Over the years, he managed to turn what amounted to a peasants' years earnings, into the largest merchant empire in Runeterra. > ------ > Health: 545 + (62/lvl) > Health Regen: 7 + (0.75/lvl) > Mana: 315 + (35/lvl) > Mana Regen: 5.4 + (0.5/lvl) > Armor: 22 + (2.4/lvl) > Magic Resist: 30 + (0.5/lvl) > Attack Damage: 56 + (2.75/lvl) > Attack Speed: 0.625 + (3%/lvl) > Attack Range: 450 > ------ > **Passive: Heavy Pockets/Sales Tax**: > **Heavy Pockets**:One of Eluard's item slots is taken up by a purse displaying his current wealth. This item cannot be sold. > > **Sales Tax**: Eluard imposes a tax upon 1/2(11)/3(18) items in the shop, gaining 10% of the gold from the sales of that item. > Cooldown: 420 seconds. > > **Q: Golden Bullet**: Eluard's next basic attack is an heavy, golden bullet dealing 30/40/50/60/70 + 110% of his AD as magic damage. The bullet bounces off the target and can be picked up by anyone to gain 40 gold > Mana Cost: 65 > Gold Cost: 20 > Cooldown: 12 seconds > > **W: Coin-Field**: Eluard scatters gold behind him, gaining 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% movement speed for the next 3 seconds, and creating a zone around him that lasts for 3 seconds and slows enemies by 10/15/20/25/30%. This ability can be cast again within the next second for double the mana cost, at half the potency, this can be done twice. If Eluard stands still in the area for 1.5 seconds within 10 seconds of the cast, he gains 40/(20)/(10) gold > Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 > Gold Cost: 20/(10)/(5) > Cooldown: 20 seconds > Range: 200(radius) > > **E: Gilded Bear-Trap**: Eluard lays a trap that lasts for 20/25/30/35/40 seconds and roots enemy champions that walk over them for 1/1.15/1.3/1.45/1.6 seconds. If Eluard stands still for 1 second over a trap within 10 seconds of it expiring, he gains 90 gold. > Mana Cost: 50 > Gold Cost: 60 > Storage: 1/1/2/2/3 > Range: 400,80 > Charge Time: 30/27.5/25/22.5/20 (Affected by 50% of cooldown reduction) > > **Ult: Golden Armor**: Eluard's Armor and Magic Resist is increased by a percentage equal 0.5/0.875/1.25% of Julio's held gold. His passive can delay the items he THINKS the enemy team might be building. Interesting. http://store.steampowered.com/app/70400/Recettear_An_Item_Shops_Tale/ Ornn builds items. Eluard owns an item shop.
Kind of, it's less delay, more discourage, as buying duskblade when he's taxing longswords is basically giving him 140 gold. I added a sentence to the passive to make it clearer.
: I think creating a champion that uses abilities based on gold is a really cool idea. However I'd be careful with the "Heavy Pockets" passive, losing an item slot is very dangerous (also, I could be missing something, but isn't wealth(gold?) already shown in an area. Or are wealth and gold separate things.). I'd recommend more power into the item (e.g be able to upgrade the item), and perhaps another way to gain increased gold. And maybe you could even cut mana on him altogether (and if gold and wealth are separate make wealth in his resource bar). Just a couple of thoughts, keep up the good work. God bless! NdelokRojo
The reason for the Heavy Pockets passive, is to give the enemy an indication of how much his ult is increasing his stats by. Will take the mana costs out.
: What I mean is why would you like to see this champion in the game, what will it add to the gameplay? What role does it play? Why would this be addded/what would it fix/counter?
He would be either a toplaner or support, with his ult, his tankyness scales into the late-game, and it would be a champ who is very concerned with gold efficiency, as he is choosing between defensive scaling and the item.
: not enough info
I'm not entirely sure what you mean.
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: "definitely not star guardians bundle"
Does this mean that there's hope for Star Guardian Mundo?
: Spirius, Wielder of Guardians [Champion Concept]
Vasul:Decent enough healing, no hard cc, decent enough poke. Emrin:Decent enough tank, decent disengage, fair poke. Minor points, Vasul's W seems too slow to be a decent cleanse, and the ult seems either too braindead, or useless for any teamfight that breaks out across the river. All in all, Spirus seems like he's the Kayn of supports, slightly worse than other picks at any one job, but can be picked early without much consequence.
: Harpos feels much better now! Good luck in the CCOC.
Thanks, good luck to you too. I'll just try to forget that I didn't get around to leaving a review on your champ before the judging started. Sorry.
Could be worse, you could have tried out Teemo top.
: This is my 'Good Neighbor' review for Harpos, the Secret Keeper. Overall feel: Harpos is surely a mixed bag. While at first it may seem as if Harpos is relatively simple in design, it's main strength presumably is within how tricky you can be. What I don't find enjoyable only lies within the ultimate - it seems to lack any sort of flavour, and it is pretty much a Blitzcrank ult with a double downside. I would pick Harpos to just pick down on one or two enemies, and he is probably decent to straight up worse in the other matchups. So, I'm going to say that he's a major counter to some, and gets stomped by the rest, so I'd advice either picking Harpos last or never. That's not to say the champion isn't good, it's just that the use is very limited. Now, let's discuss the abilities one by one. Abilities: Passive - I feel mixed emotions. While it may be useful to fend off invades, the range is massive. I'd say there's no counterplay and most junglers would struggle ganking a Harpos unless they're playing an Evelynn. I kinda get an Aurelion Sol passive feel, since it also makes the champions unable to hide in brush. Q - Probably the ability I like the most, I do like the 'channel' interruption triple damage mechanic. What I do not know, is if it is instant, if it has a channel time or if it's a skillshot or not. The ability may be broken if it's just straight up Viktor-Q-esque. I'd expect more details within the abilities, the little details especially make a huge difference. W - A Fizz E in disguise, I'd imagine something could be done to ensure more strategic use, other than escape. Since your movement speed is lowered, I'd say that walking through walls for 3 seconds is also plausible, although this might look like a Shadowstep with a downside. E - I don't really understand the ability. Some more details and a grammar fix might help. What does Harpos drain? R - Blitzcrank ult with a double downside, with a HUGE cooldown. Mixed emotions yet again.
Thanks for your input. I was getting worried for a little while about the lack of feedback. Harpos is supposed to be something of a hard counter to certain champions, while being tricky enough to provide enough utility and evoke enough rage to be passable in other match-ups. I agree that the ult was strictly worse than Blitzcranks. A list of changes mad in response to this review: I've cleared up some of the language and formatting to clarify some of the harder to parse abilities. I've made the passive slightly different so that ganking isn't as impossible. I've separated the Q into 2 parts to avoid having point-and-click hard cc. I've bumped the ratio on the W so that it shifts to an increase in speed earlier, and let its cooldown decrease with rank. The E is basically unchanged, just made clearer and given formatting to match Lee Sin. I've changed the ult to have a wildly different hitbox (reversed cone!), and added a missing mana ratio.
: > [{quoted}](name=OrionTheHunter,realm=OCE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=rAqIvqKe,comment-id=001200000000,timestamp=2017-09-14T06:13:43.098+0000) > > Not to be difficult, but the character is HARPOS, not HAROPS. Oops. That's an embarrassed Djinn. I'll fix that when I get a moment. Apologies.
: > [{quoted}](name=OrionTheHunter,realm=OCE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=rAqIvqKe,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2017-09-13T07:11:42.651+0000) > > Entering [Harpos, the Secret-Keeper](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/BArqMGl7-champion-concept-harpos-the-secret-keeper) Confirmed!
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=rAqIvqKe,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2017-09-13T15:29:54.567+0000) > > Confirmed! Not to be difficult, but the character is HARPOS, not HAROPS.
: Laumo, the Stonecursed Singer
First things first, I love the idea that teams will thrown into disarray when Mr. Lamb Lamb is in their midst. Now, the kit: Passive: On its own it would be a good ability for a tank, but for a Juggernaut, a class whose biggest problem is getting to a fight in the first place, it is a fairly substandard passive. Maybe if you move the tenacity effect from the W to the passive at 10 stacks it would work better? Q: Fairly basic, auto reset that lowers enemy attack speed, movement speed, and gives a Black Cleaver effect. Seems slightly overloaded but not really a big deal. W: Damage reduction aura that seems a bit large late game (37%), followed but tenacity but. This abilty is odd in that it feels like it belongs to a tank as opposed to a Juggernaut, and the tenacity effect that only kicks in after it's finished, which seems tacked on rather than part of an ability with a clear purpose. I'd move the tenacity to either the passive, or to the beginning of the ability. E: Not much to say, line of damage with mini-rumble-ult, although the range is a bit large. Ult: Seems to be specifically designed to screw over Master Yi. I approve. All in all, the kit is a bit muddied wrt its goals, but I do like the character.
: [CCOS] Concepts & Creations Champion Contest -- CLOSED. REMEMBER YOUR REVIEWS.
Entering [Harpos, the Secret-Keeper](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/BArqMGl7-champion-concept-harpos-the-secret-keeper)
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Tahm (NA)
: The actual adc buff we need
downvoting to get closer to 16
Drugoth (NA)
: When you're supporting so good...
Doubly so if you're Zilean and chose someone else to ult instead of you.
: Can we not be forced to equip icons for events?
I for one am choosing to ignore this round of quests to revel in my URF icon while playing ARURF. I'm fine with missing out on what basically amounts to a lottery ticket.
: How you found your main
*Crawls out from the undergrowth* I found my main {{champion:26}} when I got him in ARAM, and built him full CDR. I have never had more fun ruining someone's day than I have had with tanky-CDR Zilean.
: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
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