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: They did the same thing with the K/DA, made them one at a time.
Yeh they did, first was for an event then i think the next one was for PP and after that they release another for an event so i think senna will be in the shop early jan
: Prestige Senna
Here is my plan. I'm holding my points till the second last day for the reset. If Senna isn't out then I'll use them whoever I want that's already there. I believe she will be available early Jan because i don't see why they would reset then release her when people still have prestige points.
: How many tokens is True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition?
It should be 2k just like all the other prestige skins. If it were to be any differently priced then all the others im sure we would have been informed of it. (if it actually ends up being anymore then 2k I'm seriously gonna be so fkn sad)
: its 4k
> [{quoted}](name=Hobo Champion123,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d58wduKu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-31T01:18:31.120+0000) > > its 4k I really doubt its gonna be 4k lmao
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: When the screen turns black, keep pressing space bar+enter+delete. Sounds strange, but worked for me. I couldn't tell you why it works, I just found it on another user's post. This is not a silly attempt to harm your program in anyway. I'm going to leave this message on all similar forum posts to help out as many people as possible. I hope it works for you as well. If you desire to thank me, username "ARAM is 4 fun yo". :D
Im so mad that this worked wth Im yeeting this computer out of my life
: Qiyana doesn't FEEL like an Assasin
Tbh if you are able to land her R your going to be able to do a lot more dmg. Try and and land her full combo when you can. I do think she needs a small buff for her early game but besides that she is strong. If you fall behind early she obviously is going to lack in the dmg area. Best thing I can suggest is try your best to not engage so much in the early game especially if you going against a strong early game champ , stay close enough to gain XP and and cs when you can, if you struggle with cs you can build {{item:3077}} to make it easier but remember your going have to build dmg as soon as you can. I also suggest when you get your W get the rock ability and hold onto that since it gives you attack speed and more auto dmg (also really good for poke especially against melee match ups) , also good to use to cs with and taking turret plating. (im no pro or anything but I've been playing a lot of games with her and this strategy helps me out a lot in early game as that's my weak area.) edit: Idk why but when i post my comment its changing my words, prob coz i had to translate the page but yeh hopefully this makes sense to some people who dont understand her too much.
: nerf pyke
Pyke nerf next patch hehe excited to get that champion back as a support hes fucking annoying worst thing riot created
: Can we nerf mord already?
yeh please maybe just delete the whole champ all together.
Zixxii (NA)
: AP Qiyana bug with Liandry's
thats crazy lol I'm sad I missed out on actually doing it. This was prob the only good thing about this champ
: qiyana sitting at 32% winrate so far
There is still something that feels wrong about this champion. People say build tank build tank but she wasn't made to be that way. Maybe its her being so squishy its frustrating to play with as well as she does no dmg. I think she needs to be touched up a little because theres no real excitement when playing her.
AhriIsGod (EUNE)
: What the hell rito. Too damn expensive
I find it disappointing that the way to buy prestige points is buying masterwork chest.. like tbh no one buys that stuff really. I consider myself a bit of a spender on the game and honestly thing prestige points should be obtained through spending money on the more expensive skins like the 1820 skins.
: don't think of the ladder as a physical ladder you don't take a step and exert some energy and take another step and after a few steps you are the top think of the ladder as a grind in an MMO the more you play the stronger you get as long as you don't die then you stagnate thats calling getting stuck playing at your peak level unless you decide to figure out why you are dying and start preventing it and thne you level up again and the process repeats im using dying as a metaphor here i don't mean you have to be a kda player to win games or you can't win by being 0/5/0 hell TSM broken blade proved it by being 0/4/0 in a competitive game and winning due to his pressure it doesn't mean you are stuck but it does mean you are going to have to play a few hundred more games to see progress in your ability to 1v9 oh and please don't expect anything from your teams until diamond you will lose your mind if you do
Thank you so much honestly this was really helpful and has changed my overall view on it all :)
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Zeus xD (EUNE)
: Shaco skin CONFIRMED! Thank you Riot!
KIndred skin...just maybe?? idk she gets more plays then Ivern... Just saying....
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: How many tokens can you get from the Worlds Event
They better release some bundle or tokens pack to buy the new Kai Sa skin or I'm gonna be super sad and disappointed ;(
: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7
Can riot pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee think about adding another kindred skin???? I love her so much and I just want to see her with a new skin.
: Can Kindred PLEASE get a Halloween skin on this patch?
> [{quoted}](name=Summonah12369,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NRIj1E4g,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-09T23:42:42.310+0000) > > Can Kindred PLEASE get a Halloween skin on this patch? OMG YESS please give Kindred another skin. A halloween skin would be so cool. But they have already designed the skins and I doubt they would add her into the halloween set ;(
: When to back
I Usually back when I have my wave pushed in and enemy champ isn't in lane. Either I've just killed them or they have back. When they aren't in lane it give you the chance to kill minions, give you extra cash and push a wave into their turret. by the time they get back they have to get rid of the wave and you should be some what quick when buying your items so when you get back in lane the enemy would have finished killing off your wave.
Amphysvena (EUNE)
: All right, now I have heard everything.
Oh noo XD what a troll. TBH that would be pretty annoying having his little turrets just constantly being placed at your turret. please tell me you won that lane hah XD
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: Why are players on the PBE generally a lot more hostile than people in the regular game?
I think the PBE puts you in with players in higher elo and people tend to forget the true reason why PBE is actually a thing so there would be players that take it seriously or not as serious.


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